Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The End of the Morgan Era...

He was born a Quatermaine but became a Morgan by the dashboard light. (is that in poor taste? Sorry). We've lived with Jason for 21 years now and it's time for SBu to fly away. With this regime change you could kind of hear that door creaking open... then his house sold. What say you? Happy? Sad? Won't tune in? Good riddance? St. Jasus has been SUCH a part of GH it's amazing he'll be leaving. Think of all the air time with a giant hole to fill. No more Liason/JaSam fights (that would be relevant, we know you'll always have arguments LOL). Carly's going to hurl. I told you in Sunday Surgery if he goes I want him going gruesome, final and ironic.  A little Fronkey twist? 

From TV Guide:

TV Guide Magazine: There's buzz that you and James Franco and [former GH exec producer] Jill Farren Phelps have teamed on a TV project.
Burton: Yeah, and it's looking great. Jill went off and did that telenovela Hollywood Heights [at Nickelodeon] and James did a day's work there. Suddenly he decides he wants to make one of his own novellas through his production company and we're like, "Huh?" So the three of us collaborated on an idea and came up with a really good one. Jill will EP it, I'll produce and star in it and so will James. We'll be able to get a lot of great cameos and guest stars because of James' connections. It'll be a fun show to do.
TV Guide Magazine: So then it's sold? It's a done deal?
Burton: [Laughs] Uh...actually I'm not supposed to be talking about it.
TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of Jill, she's now over at The Young and the Restless. Would you do a role there?
Burton: Listen, Jill is one of my dearest friends. [Laughs] I'm never going to say never because , as soon as I do, I'll be popping up over there! Here's the thing: As cool as it was to know I had a nice, cushy place to go every day with GH, I think it's going to be just as cool to not have a nice, cushy place to go every day. I like not knowing what's next for a change. I'm jumping off a cliff in a total leap of faith.

Steve on Twitter:
Morning.Just wanted to thank all of you for your support over the years.You are amazing.It's been an incredible 21 yrs of my life.THANK YOU
Thanks for all the luv.I know it's difficult for some.It is difficult for me.I luv the cast and crew..it has been home. Hoping to tweet ltr

So there it is. 


  1. Every time Jason blows his nose, a little sliver of that car comes out.

    If it was up to me (and it is probably good for everybody that it isn't), Jason would have been the last of the big three I would want to leave. Prefer him to Sonny or Carly.

    I think there's a 0.00 chance of Jason REALLY getting killed off. Maybe a fake Robin-type death though, where he does something heroic so everybody can once again bask in the heavenly glow of St. Jason. Also, if Jason dies, or "dies," then Monica will have buried her husband, both of her birth children (Dawn and AJ), and both of her adopted children (Emily and Jason). Yikes.

  2. Viewers are going to start rumors as to why he is leaving.
    Can't anyone except the truth??
    He is NOT going to another soap.
    He is retiring as well as he has other business and has something in production with JP & Franco.

    Guy has made enough money, let him enjoy his life...I wish him the best.

  3. Skeebob, your comment about Monica is actually the first thing I thought when I heard that he was leaving. I don't really care how exactly they explain his exit, but just please don't have Monica mourning yet another child. I heard that she will be taping some scenes soon. I hope it's not for a funeral. Even for a soap character, that would be too much.

  4. When Steve Burton 'pops up' , as he put it, on Y&R, I will be laughing.

  5. Actually.. I think Carly will be perfectly fine without St. Jase. This regime is writing her as if Jason isn't her Alpha and Omega.

    I mean she'll snot for 2-3 days make it all about her, but she'll have Todd's shoulder to cry on and I think in her usual self-absorbed fashion she'll move on quickly.

    Sam will be hurt the most, imo, and I am not a Jasam fan. We'll get 3 minutes of Monica's pain, which I frankly don't want to see, her losing yet another child.

    Overall I'm sad to see SBu go. Yes Jason as of late has a been a huge douche but at one point I loved the character, as did several others. Even looking at all the blog pics today I'm like "good gosh that man is fine, look at those baby blues!"

    So yeah, I'll miss that...

  6. 'TV Guide Magazine: There's buzz that you and James Franco and [former GH exec producer] Jill Farren Phelps have teamed on a TV project.
    Burton: Yeah, and it's looking great. Jill went off and did that telenovela Hollywood Heights [at Nickelodeon] and James did a day's work there. Suddenly he decides he wants to make one of his own novellas through his production company and we're like, "Huh?" So the three of us collaborated on an idea and came up with a really good one. Jill will EP it, I'll produce and star in it and so will James. We'll be able to get a lot of great cameos and guest stars because of James' connections. It'll be a fun show to do.'

    Where does it state SB is going to Y&R?? That is how rumors start.

  7. I don't want them to kill off the character of Jason Q Morgan or recast it.

    It would finally be sweet justice indeed if Jason and Sonny were led off in handcuffs and actually did hard time. Enough of glamorizing criminals!

    I am sorry to see Steve Burton go because I think he could have taken that character in a different, better direction--if he had ever shown any inclination to do so.

    It would be great if Jason ended up in jail while Blackie Parrish gets paroled and returned to PC! C'mon John Stamos--wouldn't it be more fun than yogurt commercials? LOL

  8. I hope TPTB use this as an opportunity to break up Sonny and Jason. It would be awesome if Jason finally comes to his senses and realizes he has been completely used by Sonny Sonny setting him up to take the fall and Jason turning states evidence against him and the organization down and going into the witness protection program. Everyone thinking he is dead.

    PC can finally be free on the mob and we can move on.

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  10. Torn...Like most people I really loved Jason at one point. I remember him with baby Michael and the early Liaison days and think he was just so great. But like a lot of people, I've gotten tired of him, the JaSam stuff, and I really got turned off after the rape/paternity thing. I just felt it wasn't in character. Jason LOVED Michael like his own even though he knew AJ was his father, and he HATED AJ as much as he hated Franco. So, well, I digress. What I wanted to say was...
    ...I hope he finds out the baby is really his and he "dies" in some ultimate sacrifice to save the baby and make sure Sam gets him back. That would help redeem him a little at least.

  11. Oh, so sad, I met SB twice, once when I was on the GH set, and once, backstage, at Rascals (in NJ). He is an AMAZING guy, he was soooo warm and friendly to me, he even said that he remembered me when he met me for the second time ('tho I truly believe he was sayin' that just to be polite).

    He will leave a HUGE HOLE in the show, ending, for good, the hopes of 3 wished-for (by me)scenarios: 1) Jason remembers his old self and reunites w/the Quartermaines; 2)Liason; or 3) a happy reunion w/Sam and their baby. Now, sniff, none of these things will happen, I am very sad!

  12. Um, sorry, this is NOT about SB, but, Karen, how can PC be a county? Would't it be in Erie County?

  13. Why do you say that about PC? Did they say something today?? It would be in either Erie or Monroe County.

  14. I know this may not sit with some folks, and believe me I'm struggling with it, but the ultimate departure would be for Jason to somehow betray Sonny and for Sonny to kill Jason. I love them both, but that would be a heart breaking end to daytime's longest running couple. And then open the door for Sonny's exit, because Carly would kill him.

  15. AntJoan was, I believe, referring to Dante's first scene today, when he was talking to the cops. He said "county of Port Charles" or something like that. Maybe Port Charles is in Port Charles county, like Los Angeles is in Los Angeles county. If they can make up a city, they can make up a county. Or maybe Dante was supposed to say "city" and he messed up.

  16. I'm okay with less mob storylines, but I had always hoped to see Jason become a Q again or at least grow closer to his family. No Lila, Alan, Emily, AJ, Skye, Ned, Lois, Brooklyn Dylan, etc. The Q's are an important GH family, and I hate to see them keep fading away.

  17. I'm sorry to see SB go, however I do understand him wanting something challenging and new. Maybe Jake will really be alive and Jason will take him off to an island to raise him safely...they can walk off into the sunset as father and son. . . and then Franco walks behind him with an identical son that looks just like Jake.

  18. MICHELLE!! did you read my tweet today about Breaking Bad-- ?? OMG!! YES!

  19. mixed feelings about this.
    I'm happy the hitman with a heart of gold is leaving. The got too much airtime and a mobster shouldn't be a hero.
    But it's going to be so weird watching GH without Jason! I'm sad Jason's 1st born died for no good reason. Now his 2nd child will probably be raised by another man... talk about a sh**y legacy for a character.

  20. Hmmmm, me thinks Steve Burton will go to Y&R with JFP and Genie Francis will go to GH. Not trying to start a rumor, just a hunch.

  21. Don't forget Monica also lost a grandson she didn't even know was hers.

    Watching the show yesterday, I was being very nit picky. Why did Carly call Johnny before she called Michael and Morgan to make sure they were safe? I understand why Todd went to Carly before calling Starr. Because he didn't think Jerry was for real and he wanted to hear about it from Carly.
    I know that Josslyn was in the other room, but wouldn't Carly want to take her to Alexis', so just in case her and Jax got sick, there was someone there to watch Joss?
    Why would they put Jerry in a cell instead of interrogating him more? They are wasting time.
    it looked like Todd was reading from the cue cards when he was shaking hands with Jax, but he was hilarious as always.
    I am excited to see how Jax and jerry are connected to Ewan though. Ewan looked CRAZY with that bat!

    I ff'd the entire wedding scenes.

  22. Thanks, Skeebob, yes, I was referring to Dante's first scene where he said "Port Charles County" or "the County of Port Charles." PC is not large enough for its own county--Brooklyn has its own county--Kings--but we have, like, 4 million or so people.

  23. I will not miss having a "Hit Man" who does Sonny's dirty work. Sonny should be ashamed that he took a brain-damaged kid and turned him into a souless killer.