Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is it Vacation Time Yet?

I should have taken this week off. I'm sure when I take my real vacation the show will be awesome.

NOW? Not so much.It's not bad--it's  just....blah.

Lulu and Dante: More whining about their marriage. Put me outta my misery already. I get marriages have ups and downs but geeze--- they are as bad as angsty  JaSam with the complaints! I know the dialog was good-- but I don't know what my problem is. Maybe it's the fact they haven't been on that much and when they are, it's the same ol' sheeze.

Ewan? Eh..whatever. You know you're bored when the guy that has a main character hostage makes you yawn!  

NuXtina makes me laugh--because she's just so in need of acting lessons. Sorry but she is. The Keifer story didn't move me a bit. If Trey was a cocky douche this story of him wooing her for his father's revenge might be entertaining. Trey is just--bland. If you saw OLTL we need a brash Ford brother right about now. 

Split screen dialog with Sonny/Alexis/Jason/Sam was ok. That's just juvenile! You kiss McBain, so Jason kisses Elizabeth?" says Alexis.


  1. I agree Karen, new Kristina is laughable. Trey makes me sleepy. These characters are awful. I didn't watch OLTL so I'll take yor word on a Ford brother. I have to admit I'm a Todd and McBain fan makes me wish I could jump in a time machine and watch OLTL. Losing that soap has brought these characters to GH and that is a bonus!

  2. Liz and Ewen: Ewen in on the phone with his boss! WHO IS YOUR BOSS EWEN!?!! :) Liz really likes Ewen or so she says.

    Floating rib: Back and forth between Alexis and Sam, and Jason and Sonny UGH! Liz shows up with Ewen and she can't stop staring at Jason! So much for Liz saying she likes Ewen. Ewen thinks Liz is staring at Jason because she is concerned about him, and they are friends. NO EWEN! SHE HAS FEELINGS FOR JASON! Sonny asks what is going on between him and Liz. Jason tells Sonny all about the kiss between McBain and Sam and then the kiss between him and Liz.

    Alexis and Sam: They talk about Krissy and Joe Jr Jr Jr, and Sam and Jason. Alexis wants to know if Sam wants a divorce, and if she does, she will represent her. Sam is confused right now. As Alexis is about to leave, Sam says if he will help her with her parking ticket, Alexis says no and that this is a lesson to learn about staying someplace to long! ROFL!

    Lulu and Dante: Oh Karen I thought this was a great scene with them! Lulu is afraid of forever! She thinks things will fall apart with them. Poor Lulu! Yeah I can understand her being scared. I mean she didn't grow up with her parents! She grew up with her grandmother. Her parents didn't raise her.

    Krissy and Joe Jr Jr Jr: They were going to have sex, when she stops it. I was thinking no Joe Jr jr jr! She is a virgin! Then she talks about Keifer. Oh yeah that's right! She lost her virginity to him! I forgot about that. No Krissy don't bare your soul to him! He is using you!!! She talks about how Keifer beat the crap out of her and that he is dead. She doesn't want to sleep with him just yet. She has to make sure she is comfortable with him. He understands. When Krissy leaves, Joe Jr jr jr calls his dad,and tells him he doesn't want to hurt her, but her father insists and Joe jr jr jr agrees. Krissy had old school eye liner!!! Awesome! :)

  3. i didn't see much of GH today because I was busy re-negotiating our cable package (is FIOS considered cable or satelite?), but what i saw made me want to fall asleep. it was awful.

  4. Someone posted here awhile ago that they could see NuKristina reading the lines in her head. I totally agree. She is so unnatural.

  5. I'm tired of characters on GH saying Jason and Liz shared a child, like it's the only bond between them. They've been friends for over 12 years.

  6. Her is what doesn't make sense to me, ( not that soaps are suppose to make sense, kids aging 20yrs in 12 month time...) buttttt EWen was knocked out almost DEAD from ConKate, who the hell was watching/kidnapping/in charge of Robin when Dr. mcEwy was in a coma? Robin has been gone for.ever NOW we are led to believe he's got something to do with it, well I suppose since he worked with woman in white who couldn't remember her name the gets killed off after 2 months...if Cassidine isn't behind it I don't know WHO is...but since Crazidine thinks Robert Scorpio is Ethans dad it goes to show she's giving payback to his other kid...Robin!

  7. in your spoilers-who in the heck is Aiden?????

  8. Best part about today was the Lante scenes. I do think they've rushed things a bit in telling their "marriage is hard" story but I think it's because they're not on enough for us to be connected/invested in it. That being said I thought their scenes were fantastic and true to life.

    Didn't really care much for the other fluff. The Sam/Alexis, Sonny/Jason/Liz/Ewan stuff was so repetitive. Same dialogue we've been hearing for weeks just in a different location. Move. Forward.

    I can't deal with NuKrissy's terrible acting nor can I deal with Trey/JoeJr storyline. I don't care about any of it. Means nothing to me. FF. lol.

    Screamingeagle - Aiden is Liz and Lucky's son.

  9. I think things start to heat up the end of next week. So nap, vacation, fall cleaning.......

    NuKrissy is horrible. I don't think the storyline is so bad if the right actress was in the role.

  10. Though they weren't all that exciting, I did like the Lante scenes - nicely acted and well written. I agree about NuKrissy - horrible actress and expressionless. She really needs to go. At least Lexie A. could act. Liz looked beautiful yesterday. Liked the Alexis/Sam scenes. NLG just always brighten things up. Where is Anna - on the way to Switzerland? At least she didn't take the five minute express flight.