Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Who did  you see? 

I saw someone lookin' at me!


sonya said...

Karen! ROFL! Is that all you have to say? :)

Alexis's home: Alexis teases Krissy about Joe Jr Jr Jr. Sam begs her mother to help poor wittle McBain!! Sam told Dante that you don't know the whole story. Ohhhh okay so, it is okay for McBain to hit Todd, right Sam? I get it now. Joe Jr Jr Jr makes out with Krissy.and does some swimming.

Kelly's: Ewen was going to tell Liz the truth, when he got a phone call. He ignores it and again is about to tell her the truth, when Liz gets a phone call. It's Steve! Steve says Olivia is awake and is looking for Ewen!

The hospital: Olivia is awake, and calls Steve, Steven Lars!! ROFL! Steve says his mother is the only one who calls him that. Oh oh! Is Olivia going to turn into Heather? :) Ewen and Liz go see Olivia. Olivia asks Liz for a mirror. I'm thinking she isn't going to see herself is she? I WAS RIGHT! She saw Heather hahahaha! Again I ask, Is Olivia going to turn into Heather?!?! Ewen wants to tell Liz the truth, but then Jerry leaves him a message not to tell Liz anything! Ewen doesn't! :)

Haunted Star: Gee. Star is BFF's with Joe Jr Jr Jr, and Johnny!!! Johnny wants to know what the big ol secret is! She keeps bugging Starr about it but she won't give in.

Police station: Heather calls Todd on the police phone so Todd's phone doesn't say crazy is calling. :( Heather taunts McBain, and Sam!!! Heather has to go to Ferncliff!!! :)

Manning Enterprises: Todd is so great with one liners!!! I love HIM and his one liners!!! :) He says he has started a McSam club, McSam forever! ROFL! And that he got hit by a door nob. And the door is beautiful ROFL! And then he talks to Heather about Ferncliff, and about how she should go to Saint Ann's at Llanview! That the nuns are blind, so that if she has a tea party, they won't know about it ROFL! Dante tries to get Todd to drop the charges for McBain! ROFL! Todd won't do it!

AntJoan said...

Did anyone else notice Nukrissy's mangling of the English language? Her Mother is an attorney, she should know basic grammar. PLEASE bring back LA, even if you have to pay her millions. . . .

My2Cents2 said...

I liked todays show. It has promise.

Todd is priceless with his condesenting comments.
He is a HOOT. I enjoy him more here than on OLTL.
Nice to see Carly today. I don't like her scenes with Johnny.

Olivia has been sleeping for 48 hours?? I thought it was more like 2 weeks, but who am I to say?? Oyyy she looks in the mirror and see's Heather! LMAO! Her and Konnie should get along well.

Why is Heather egging on Sam?? Does she think she will go unpunished for switching babies??
Still there scenes are priceless. As was John & Heather today!

mosbp said...

Anyone else notice that Liz went into Kelly's to have breakfast with Aiden and when she left with Ewan it was getting dark outside?

Today's show was pretty boring, except for Todd's comments about Tomas- lol!

Tammy Wynette said...

AntJoan -- I couldn't agree more! Bring back Lexi Ainsworth and let her return sans contract and on a recurring basis.

Lindsey Morgan is an okay actress but she is NOT Kristina Davis.

MatchboxGinny said...

MOSBP - I noticed that huge mistake too! No time had passed from one episode to the other yet instantly it was night time, yet Kelly's was still serving breakfast, coffee cups on the tables and Liz's scenes still had her cutting up pancakes while Aiden was eating. It really bothers me when the producers miss important things like that. It's like they think we won't notice.