Monday, August 13, 2012

Lulu's carrying around that PEE STICK which is a tradition on GH lately! LOL A Lante baby would be adorable. 

Kate and Sonny in his TINY little restaurant. I wish ConKate would have smashed a cake.  LOL LOVED Max in his outfit. 

Jerry is saving Alexis thank goodness. I wish that was a tattoo gun not a needle lol. I saw Joss' hands moving when she was "out" LOL. Johnny and Carly are oblivious during their sexcapades and Joss is gone! He's saving Joss too---I believe that is either a vaccine or an antidote so they don't get whatever he's unleashing. Or someone else is unleashing. 

OMG... JaSam is cryin' AGAIN. That's all they have done since FOREVER. blah blah wah wah. The writers need to just stop with their angst already. NOW IT'S "Should we divorce"?? 



    I sobbed while watching their scenes today. Never was a JaSam fan, however, I can't deny their love for one another. I thought KM knocked her scenes out of the ball park today. Now that is GOOD Soapyness!! Great entertainment!! Now what Jason turns to Liz as 2nd place and Sam turns to McNostrils for the thrill?? Call me old fashion, but as of today, I really LOVE JaSam together.

    We're having a baby! Ron don't hurt it. Bring it into this world safe!

  2. Theme for today, shirtless men! YUM! :)

    Carly's home: Johnny is shirtless!:) Carly went downstairs to get something. :) Oh she has handcuffs!!! Hahahaha! She is going to put them on Johnny. They go upstairs, while Ewen grabs Jossy.

    Sam and Jason: Oh now we have another round of should we or shouldn't we merry go round. This time it's should we or shouldn't we get a divorce? Okay Jason will have the divorce papers tomorrow. Oh but wait NO!!!! Sam wants to go to marriage counseling. Jason agrees, but then Sam says that will torcher you!! Say what?!?!!?! Shut up Sam! UGH! Sam can't forgive Jason but she can't stop loving Jason either! Please writers stop!!!! Jason is about to leave, but Sam stops him and they hug. They kiss. Oh is this a goodbye kiss? Oh they are showing flashbacks of them from the past. Yup! This is a goodbye. They showed Jason shirtless in the flashback. :) After the kiss, Jason leaves, while Sam cries. McBain!! Sam needs you! :)

    Sonny's "restaurant": Max and Milo are there to get ready for the dinner for Sonny and Kate. Milo thinks the dinner for Sonny and Kate is fish! Max says they aren't having fish! And then hits Milo in the back of the head! ROFL! Sonny purposes to Kate, and she says yes. Oh oh! I'm not looking forward to the wedding!!! I'm afraid there is going to be another cake murder!!! :'( No Karen!!! No smashing cakes!!! What is wrong with you? ROFL!

    Wyndemere: Jerry has viles of liquid, and he has a needle!!! He shoots Alexis with the needle!! Then Ewen comes with Jossy and Ewen shoots Jossy with the needle! Ewen thinks the needles are bad, but Jerry acts like Ewen is misunderstanding the whole thing, and he doesn't have time to tell Ewen anything! What a waste of a good Jerry and Alexis chemistry!!! Aww writers why can't you of had Jerry redeemed!?! Maybe later? Well anyway, Alexis wakes up and says what happened? You don't remember Alexis? She says I hate this place. ROFL! Then she walks away! :) Oh and Karen, I saw Joss, eyes move while they were closed. :) Yes I also saw her hands move. She must have been dreaming! ROFL!

    Carly's home continued: Johnny comes down handcuffed ROFL! He wants the handcuffs off because it's cutting off his circulation. Carly takes the handcuffs off and goes to see Jossy, but OH NO SHE IS GONE! Johnny and Carly look all over, and then Johnny finds her at the swings sleeping! Johnny thinks Jossy sleep walks ROFL!

    Dante and Lulu: Dante is shirtless. :) Dante thinks Lulu isn't feeling well. She has like a small fever. Lulu brings up Maxie, Dante finds the preggy test, and thinks it's Maxie, and thinks Patrick is the father. Oh Dante! You are an idiot! Why would Lulu have Maxie's pregnancy test? Think man think!!! Lulu tells him she is pregnant, and his eyes almost pop out of the sockets! ROFL! He starts choking and then starts to take a drink and then spits it out hahaha! He jumps her and kisses her haha. He is so happy he opens the door and yells out to the niehbors hahahhaa!

  3. I agree 2Cents. Dante and Lulu are the couple that is supposed to be normal, so lets let them be the first to have a normal pregnancy and delivery. PLEASE!

    I have never been a Sam fan because they brought her on to fill the void of my girl Brenda, but KM did great today! I do like her with McBain though, so I'm not too upset with the breakup of Jason and Sam.

    It's sweet that Jerry is trying to protect his neice and Alexis of all the people.
    So, this thing that is going to rock Port Charles will only hurt the women? I'm intrigued, so dont mess it up writers! Please don't make it like the toxic balls. Worst writing ever!

  4. If Guza was still in charge, would Lulu be falling down a flight of stairs next week?

  5. david said..If Guza was still in charge, would Lulu be falling down a flight of stairs next week?
    Yes he would.

  6. Karen i think Jerry thinks he is giving them the antidote but oops someone beats him to the punch

  7. Kerinah...very observant and I bet you are right.

  8. i skipped through SKate and the over the top proposal with no food to eat LOL! I even sat through Lante coz Dante made more sense than Sonny today with his 10,000th proposal. I still think Connie is going to be pissed off and i would not be any happier. Kate must have had a secret lobotomy if anything so if Connie plays hard ball with SKae so be it!
    I hope Carly reaps Jerry a new one for injecting her kid with a substance he was sure was an antidote.
    Carly and johnny were too cute. Lulu and Dante were cute as well.
    I Fast Forwarded through the blah blah of JaSam coz it was the same dialogue from friday but the montage made me cry.

    Johnny begging Carly to take the cuffs off becasue the blood was flowing elsewhere meaning his privies had me cracking up so dang much! ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

    LMAO Joss's eye lids trying to stay shut.
    Am glad Jerry is back but we need to move the plot along.

  9. LOL Sonya, Guza would have her and Dante go visit Tracy then she's fall down the stairs.

  10. I actually found the JaSam scenes today painful to watch. I wanted to shout, "Just make up your bloody mind, Sam!"

    I admit to FFing through a lot of Sonny and Kate too, although I did enjoy seeing Max and Milo again.

    That dear little girl. I saw her hands move too. She was so good. Can you imagine having to lay quiet all through that scene? And it probably took more than one take.( I can see why they had to replace the other little one.)

    I'm also assuming that Jerry has given them both something to protect them from whatever will be unleashed later. He said he was "taking care of them."

    And why was Carly calling Dante and getting all flustered. If she thought her kid was kidnapped she should have called 911, not wait around to see if she can get ahold of an off-duty detective. Time is of the essence in case like that.

    The highlight of the day for me: The look on Dante's face when Lulu said she was pregnant! And I thought he was actually going to choke

    And yes, PLEASE leave this little baby alone!!! Have it be born healthy to two happy parents. What a break from tradition that would be.

  11. I guess I was the only one who wasn't moved by the JaSam scene. While well acted it was the same old same old. Every time the "break up" we get one those montages with that damn song playing. Then low and behold they end up back together. I wish they would just find out about the baby and get it over with! Lulu and Dante aren't my favorite couple but their scene was cute and I agree with everyone on hoping that Lulu breaks the mold and have an uneventful and normal pregnancy.

  12. I don't know why KM does not want Jasam to end, I would think she would be exhausted by the constant crying, I know I am. Hopefully Sam will less pathetic without Jason. I We need more McBam their chemistry is palpable

    Lulu only held on to the stick for a day. Then she told Dante FIRST. They were excited! How refreshing. No who is the daddy story here! Lets hope that this baby does not get snatched, switched or injected with a virus, - since there are no DNA results to tamper with.

    I hope Jerry and Alexis have more scenes together Love them. Too bad he is a psycho.

    Joss - shortest kidnapping ever. Why didn't Ewan or Jerry just sneak in and inject her during her nap? Carly was certainly occupied.

    Todd is on tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I think Connie should lay in wait and have Sonny shot at the wedding. Payback is a bitch!

  14. LaTanya, you were not the only one not moved by jasam scenes. Jasam scenes are the same boring nonsense, droning on and on about their love but not willing to forgive. If you can't forgive your husband/wife then you have no business being married. Marriage has many pitfalls and you must learn forgiveness or you won't last a day. Sam was never Jason's first or one and only ( he married Courtney and asked Liz to marry him before he ever married sam) and Liz is 2nd to no one. The mob became Jason's first love after Robin introduced him to Sonny.
    Kelly Monaco , of course, would want jasam together as she gained the most screen time with the jasam( jason/mob being front and center) storyline and became a main character under the Frons/Guza regime.She goes back to DWTS to promote herself smartly and gain opportunities, and continue being a main character on GH. KM made no secret years ago of wanting to work and be paried with Steve Burton. I think Sam and McBain are hot together and have more chemistry and KM looks less tired and more relaxed with McBain.
    Anyway , still not convinced the writers won'twimp out and put jasam back together when the baby daddy reveal happens.

  15. So ... Lante baby = Grandpa Sonny!!!!!!! haha, I'm loving that. Maybe his new baby making days are ova

  16. Carly and Johnny...a nod to Fifty Shades? I'm just not a fan of these two together.
    Got to give these smart new guys credit where credit is due. They broke up JaSam but, with respect and to the fans of this couple, they deserve that! I was never a JaSam fan. Today did nothing for me personally but again, not a fan. I felt more last week when McBain told Sam he'd miss her not once but, twice. Credit to Kelly Monaco, the lady can cry and cry she did! We need to see that these two can shine out of the JaSam spotlight. I think they can.
    I have to agree that Jerry is actually trying to save Joss and Alexis from something. Jerry is an interesting animal but, in his own way he does seem to "care" about four people we know of, those four being, his brother, his mother, his niece and Alexis. I think the upcoming reaction is an exaggerated version of the flu shot. Sometimes you get sick after getting vaccinated.
    Enjoyed Lulu and Dante's normality. If they are going to due something to her pregnancy or baby. I'd like to see something real like Lulu gets that God awful pregnancy rash, PUPP or PEP. Or the baby has Downs Syndrome. Anyone remember the tv show Life Goes On with Corky? Or deal with Autism down the road. Real life can be just as dramatic and challenging for many people out there.
    Sonny and Kate, meh. I watched only because of Max and Milo. Kelly, Sullivan's hair is looking much better lately. The crazy dialogue was loaded no?
    I think a funny Sunday Surgery would be to throw out current storylines and say to us posters, "How would Guza eff this up?" kinda like SNL's Coffee Talk. Discuss....

  17. LaTanya, I wasn't moved either. I haven't been a JaSam fan since she went off the rails and allowed Jake to be kidnapped. However, that section was interesting in that if you pay attention to the quality of the film from the Early JaSam period and compare it to the High JaSam period you can tell when HD started being used. The quality was so much better.

    I do wish they would pick up the pace with whatever it is that is going to cause the women of Port Charles to get sick--I also want to know why it is only the women that are going to succumb.

    Also, I want to know what Jerry is holding over Ewan's head b/c he doesn't seem the type to be doing this stuff if he had a choice.

  18. Did anyone else notice that Jason said he had been through divorce once before with Brenda? Sorry- he has been divorced twice- I guess even he forgot about Courtney!

  19. kerinah said...LOL Sonya, Guza would have her and Dante go visit Tracy then she's fall down the stairs.
    Hahahha yes he would! Guza would probably have Lulu fall down the stairs a lot! Just like Carly used to! :)

    mosbp said...Did anyone else notice that Jason said he had been through divorce once before with Brenda? Sorry- he has been divorced twice- I guess even he forgot about Courtney!
    ROFL! No I didn't notice.. I don't have a problem with him forgetting Courtney. It's about time he forgot her! Everyone seems to have forgotten her. :)

  20. I've never been a Jasam fan either, but have to admit I was boohooing yesterday. Kelly did a great job. Loved seeing Max and Milo but passed on the proposal stuff. I noticed Joss's eyes moving as she was trying to keep them shut, too. She might be a little older, but will never have the talent of the little girl who plays Emma, who is remarkable. Lulu and Dante were so real - well played and written.

  21. Finally. The end of Jasam. Most boring couple ever paired on a soap. Hope the writers keep them OVER, but it's a soap so you know they'll be playing it up and mixing up the couples even more. I would have LOVED it if they snuck in the scene when Jason told Sam he would KILL her if she ever brought pain to Liz or Liz's kids again. That would have been priceless!! hahahahaha!!!

    I'm really looking forward to McBam. Absolutely love their chemistry, plus I'm looking for some fun and love in the afternoon not boring, whiney coupling.

    Loved the fun Lante scenes. So adorable! Hope we get to keep this baby. So tired of dead babies on GH.

    Carly (mother of the year) and Johnny. Handcuffs....LMAO!

    Max and Milo - Yay!!!

    I muted Sonny/Kate. Can't stand them. I see no chemistry, I only see awkwardness.

    Jerry...oh Jerry. What evil shenanigans do you have planned for all of us?? Can't wait!