Friday, August 17, 2012

Systemic Inflammatory Response

Well,  Jerry finally said what it is-- which could mean Jerry is incubating a virus or creating an antibobdy.  or it has to do with the autoimmune disorders--which Robin has. 

Now, Ewan told Jerry yesterday McBain and Jason were at Wyndemere. Why the hell would he go there with Junior now? Makes no sense. 

Johnny in the chapel..all guilty and Starr hears him. Whoops, people have to not talk out loud to themselves on soaps lol. 

Carly had a good moment with NuJoss... although come on, the kid didn't even have an ice or alcohol bath or an IV bag. Why didn't Dr. SteveStupid call a specialist? 

I TOLD YOU it would happen just like it did.

Nice editing today.
I could have lived without the prayer circle. 


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  2. I was kinda hoping that during the prayer circle they would be praying for some better acting.

    I said it before, and I said it again, "Where's Bobbie?"

    This whole thing reeks of Ice Princess to me.

    ps. HI KAREN!

  3. What a great show today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    The hospital: Carly leaves a message to Jax! YAY! Ewen freaking out. I really think he needs his diaper changed. Liz defending Ewen to Jason. DOH! Joss and Alexis so very sick! Joss is so sick, that she has color in her cheeks ROFL! The chapel was a great scene!!! Starr, Michael, Trey, TJ, and Shawn in a prayer circle. Loved it!! Oh oh! Alexis and Joss are about to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Molly! Oh no wait, they aren't! They are okay! :) Fever has broken!!! Oh and let's not forget about Johnny going to tell Starr the truth about what he did to her family! He was just about to tell her, when Michael shows up!

    Wyndemere: Jerry in riddles. Joe Jr wants him to stop. Jerry gets a phone call from Ewen, while Joe Jr is on the phone with his son. Jerry tells Joe Jr what he did to Joss and Alexis. He put something in them for them to be okay! Because he is going to release something in Port Chuckles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. "This whole thing reeks of Ice Princess to me."

    Three decades on, that's considered one of GH's finest hours, storylinewise. Is this a positive or negative comment from you, because it sounds negative.

  5. Cosmo.

    Well. Not really negative. Or positive. Kinda neutral.

    But someone wants to erradicate the citizens of Port Charles. There is a Cassadine link. Just reminded me of Mikkos and yesteryear.

    How about "shades of"? Is that more neutral? I really didnt mean to be pos or neg, just kinda neutral and that it has some inklings and is reminding me of the past.

    I do remember the Ice Princess storyline. Isnt that what brought us Tiffany and Robert? I have been watching since 1977.

  6. I thought the show was great today. I didnt need the prayer circle but I thought it added a great element with the voice-overs while watching the hospital room scenes.

    Side note: Karen, what about the prayer circle annoyed (my word) you enough to mention it twice, as I saw you mention the same thing on twitter?

  7. OK, I ROCK, I ROCK!! I said yesterday that it was an innoculation for Joss and Alexis, and that Jerry would unleash something on PC. I want my props!!

  8. Karen:
    Laura Wright and Haley Pullos,chad and even Brandonalthough i could have done without the leave the door open for Starr to come in LOL! so obvious! I was so annoyed by that scene and Brandon dragging his feet? LAWDY! LOL! were amazing today! We could have done without the over the top prayers at the chapel coz really, when was the last time anyone prayed on GH? ROTFL! So unnnecessary. Made Shawn look like a former pastor.
    Nice touch having Carly call Jax.
    NuJoss still kinda creeps me out and makes me laugh with her facial expressions.
    NuKristina needs to take some serious acting classes along with ehr pal Trey! Lawdy!Even NuJoss outranked them with her "am thirstly line"
    It was kinda stupid having Jaosn all concerned for another kid once again when he barely gave a damn about baby cheeto. but his cape is ready to go onto the saving spree along with McNostrils and his hip holding gun totting stunt LMAO!
    Now would have been the time to have bobbie and Morgan back home!
    And WTF? Shawn was not even shawn goign to check in on Carly & Joss? How absurd? smh.

    Ok am going to be honest and ask this! does anyone remember the freaking monkey virus? This is so monkey virus 2.0 but with a bad bad badly done beginning. the plot is not even there. And what the hell is Jerry angry for at the PC residents? Jax and Carly can give him all the money he wants!
    Hey if he ended the D.I.D noonsense by taking out Kate i'd be happy at hia point coz my boy Sonny in the Kate cocoon looks more of an idiot that he ever was before!and i rally hope it's true that it's Connie he weds ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

  9. antJoan i'd like to congratulate you but unfortunately Jamey Gidden's had spoiled that already in his Jerry scoop.................

  10. Karen:
    i did see an IV bag for Joss as well

  11. Drama! Drama! Drama! It's a soap so this is a good thing :) I enjoyed today's show. Yes the editing was great. Enjoyed, Liz sticking up for Ewan to Jason and saying she can take care of herself. Even though we know Ewan is the bad guy, it was just nice seeing Liz tell Jason to basically eff off.
    The hot topic of prayer circle....I think it was a good idea. Here you had the outsiders looking in feeling powerless and when there's nothing left to do in dire circumstance, you pray. What annoyed me was the token mobster pouring out his soul out in the chappel this time was Johnny, not the usual Sonny. I found myself praying God would strike him down with lightening, now that would be some drama!
    I think many speculated on the whole vaccine thing with Alexis and Joss. Anyone who's followed Jerry knows he has a soft spot for them.
    Bobbie is probably healing somewhere from her latest plastic surgery procedure. I loved Jackie Zeman back in the day but, if she were on screen now, I would find her altered appearance as distracting as our translucent NuJoss. I miss the character of Bobbie and think they should address it and at least give her a proper respectful send off. Instead of letting us think she's floating around somewhere in the hospital or just off when everything happens!

  12. Ant Joan you DO ROCK!!!

    Good show, Carly, Molly both ROCKED.
    Liked the prayer....people turn to prayer these days in this messed up world.......

    Starr GO AWAY!

  13. Thanks, My2Cents, I thought I had figured out the plot, I guess a lot of others did, too, but I WAS right. . . . I still think Jerry is unleashing this on PC in order to motivate Robin to come back and find the cure (for him). However, I guess that doesn't explain why he had to kidnap her, even if he had wanted to keep her safe to find the cure, he could have innoculated her, too.

  14. Ant Joan, Maybe Jerry took Robin so she can't save the town?

  15. Mospb..good thought.

    Aunt Joan..I read your idea first so for me, you win! I even posted it on my blog. So thank you!!

  16. I liked the prayer circle and the scenes with Johnny talking to God.

    BB did an awesome job in his scense with Starr, but KA needs to take some acting classes and learn to cry or at least learn to show some emotion.
    It reminded me of when Hope and Cole did die, her acting in it was forced and unbelievable.

    Dont get me wrong, I like Starr with Micheal But I dont think KA is a very good actress.

  17. How odd. My post disappeared. It wasn't controversial. Just comments. Hmmmm.