Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Surgery: The Puppets

This week had GH doing a total DID on itself. Three days  of really mind-numbing nothing-ness and two days of decent dialog with a few twists thrown in. GH can be great and it can be a drag. The stories are still choppy and great pauses seem to fill the air between the goodness.
Get ready and find your scrubs because here we go-go! 

First puppet is Trey-- he who visits his Dad in Atlantic City on a regular basis, supposedly flying down every other day to have conversations with him cell-side. (Must be racking up those frequent flyer miles!!) FINALLY he realizes he can talk on his  phone and Daddy asks him TELLS him to "marry Kristina"!! Like it's the 1900's and Trey can just make her marry him. LOL. NuXtina suddenly becomes chaste when Trey goes in for the kiss however, and her guts spill about Keifer. Not a fan of that wooden delivery. I don't know enough or care enough about Trey yet to empathize with his 'struggle' and that's why I say he should have been a cocky go getter not a limp pawn in the empire. 
Second puppet is Dr. Ewan--and I take it by twitter some people were surprised at this. I wasn't because of the spoilers, and for Whatever. I do find it interesting that Jerry and he are meeting at Wyndemere. The next puppet will be Jerry-- and I'm hoping he's being controlled by a Cassadine. (or David Hayward but I already told you that wish!) 
Jax is coming back and who knows how that's going to play out. I can only hope he takes Joss away to Sydney  OR stays in Port Chuck and really goes for the jugular. I was personally surprised at Ingo's willingness to return given his last stint (and mini-rant on Twitter) but I guess fences are mended and he's back in the saddle for a bit. 

The first part of this week is a blur-- and I think it involved coffee bags, couples rehashing old angst and Sam breaking into Todd's safe.  Todd and Johnny sparring-- Carly "catching" them yada yada. Luke's taking a break in his hospital bed and so is Olivia. Heather's gone and stupid Steven Larz is hopefully out getting some brain-cells transplanted. Even Patrick's in a hospital bed!  
I've found a new prop to obsess over--Todd's orb of ...bones? Sea creatures? Cork? What? I've named it "Heathen" and I think it  might come to life and start eating people soon. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  "You're Fired" --lol it was the only time I was surprised! Loved Todd's dance with Sam and then the note. Heh. Plus, Sam wore white which in itself is a shocker!

RUNNER UP: Sam and Alexis. Enjoyed the dialog...and the fact Alexis was like, "If you want a divorce, you got it'!  

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  ConKate+CoffeeBags=Coma Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Did I Enjoy the Shawn/Alexis (Shexis? Alawn?) scenes at the bar? Eh... contrived and not really my thing. We've done the strip pool. It was funny once now? Whatever. Mac behind the bar was a nice touch.  I hope we see him again before the month is over.  Lante had some good dialog but those two have just run the marathon for me. It's been whiny Lulu since day one on that marriage/relationship. Natalie left John (who was in the old Webber/Scorpio house, btw!) and he got all breathy and is going after Todd. (which has happened on OLTL about 90000 times already!)

Coming up: You know Jerry's working for someone else--and hopefully it's who I think it may be. Everyone will be getting sick soon and PC will be in crisis mode. Heather will be back.  I should be more excited than I am-- but it seems like this has played out for eons on other shows.  Sam's baby still has to be found and The paternity switch revealed. Ho hum. 
Where's Felicia?
Where's Monica? 
Why is Josslyn in summer camp at age 3? 
Will Morgan be recast?
Will Robert come back and join the entire Aussie conclave? 
Why in the heck would Jerry Jacks want to kidnap Robin and make everyone assume she's dead? 
Why Switzerland? 
IF Todd fires Sam does ANYONE work at Crimson besides him? 
How's Dolores' "Undercover" work coming?

Well, Batman, hopefully these questions and much more will be answered on the future episodes of GH!   Ratings were pretty flat last week--not a lot of movement. I keep waiting for them to go up to where OLTL's were before it got canceled. I do know that GAA is pulling in about HALF of the ratings that OLTL did last year. I hope ABC is just miserable over that fact!! 

Thanks again to Lisa W's General Hospital Caps. Without them this would be a boring blog. Plus I wouldn't have gotten that fabulous shot of Heathen on Todd's credenza!

Alberta Enjoying The Sonny!!

Note: I was at Vanessa Marci's Gagoo Jammie Launch last night on Staten Island. I was good fun-- met Maurice, Vanessa and Suzanne Wang and a few Twubbers from online! I'll do a blog about it when I get home--here's a sneak pic!


friscogh said...

Sam looked great in white.

Who is David Hayward? Another OLTL import?

AntJoan said...

OMG, YOU REALLY WERE AT A GH EVENT ON SI!!????? I wish I woulda know, I so woulda been there. MB and VM are my favorites, plus I would have gotten to meet YOU, THE WUB QUEEN!!

Please let me know next time you plan to be in my nabe--in advance, so I can buy tickets!

Are you still in SI? I'm going over there this morning to shop at Trader Joe's, we can meet for breakfast!!

My2Cents2 said...

Can't answer many of your questions but Monica & Felicia are sitting on the top shelp in the linen room. Close by, but not to be seen.

New Jos on her way, hopefully Jax will take her with him since Carly doesn't have time for kids.
I don't imo see Jax as staying long. Didn't we get this excited before with Robert, Felicia, Monica, etc?? Jax will be no different. A few scenes stretched into weeks. I hope I am wrong though.

I wouldn't hold my breath on Morgan coming back anytime soon.
If they didn't bring him home for the summer, who knows if we will see him again.

For me right now, the best scenes are stolen with Todd in the lead.

This baby storyline has to pick up. Has to!!!!

Jason is an idiot. DAH.
On soo many levels. I wish they would stop writing him like they are.

PM61 said...

"Did I Enjoy the Shawn/Alexis (Shexis? Alawn?) scenes at the bar? Eh... contrived and not really my thing. We've done the strip pool. It was funny once now? Whatever."

You nailed it! It wasn't original at all, and it seems like they are pushing Shawn and Alexis together because of TJ and Molly.

Why the writers never gave Mac and Alexis a chance is perplexing. Maybe now that he's tending bar and not playing Mr. Commissioner, Alexis will see his edgier side, which might pique her interest.

Oh and by the way, if Mac and Felicia were so hot an heavy for their reunion, where the hell has she been? I love RC and his writers, but continuity is not their strong point. And you know what -- I had completely forgotten Mulva's undercover work til you mentioned it!

David Hayward! "PANT, PANT" OMG the sexiest bad boy in the history of AMC. I miss Vincent Irizarry like the wind!

BTW, I bet My2Cents and I weren't the only ones who noticed that every time Jason was on screen this week and encountered Liz or Sam, he got this stunned look on his face -- like a teenage boy who has to give an oral report in front of class and realizes he has an uncontrollable boner. LOL. I also wish they'd stop writing him that way. C'mon is he Mr. Macho Hit Man or some doofus?

And it was nice of you to go to VM's charity event. Congrats on meeting Maurice and Vanessa.

dar said...

Personally I have no idea who Hayward is and don't want to know. I am confused enough trying to keep the back story straight on the OLTL characters. ENOUGH!

Maria said...

I agree with dar...GH has enough villians to choose from. We don't need to drag one from another show! We have enough imports now eating up airtime. Personally I hope Jerry (who I really like) is working for Faison. Hopefully Scorpio fans will finally get their payoff with a Robert return to defeat Faison!

Elizabeth said...

My mom and I were talking about the Jerry thing the other day, and we thought it would be great if it all goes back to when Helena and Faison kidnapped Lucky and made everyone think he was dead. This could have been going on for a long time, opening the door for the returns of a lot of people, which i know is something that has been rumored.

This week's stuff was really bad, and it got to the point that when I had to call Verizon to re-up my cable plan on Thursday that I really didn't care that I was missing almost the entire show. I was more concerned with not being able to get my Hallmark Christmas movies now that I've lost The Hallmark Movie Channel. :(

As for Shawn and Alexis, I'm all for it. I thought they had chemistry back when they were testing him with Carly. The strip poker was not original, but it was good way to get Shawn shirtless. yum.

Di said...

First let me say that bony thing reminded me of a condom plant someone once gave my son.It was hilarious and came with a little poem. ( Not a real plant obviously, but the "leaves" definitely resembled this one.)

I also think ratings were down because it conflicted with the Olympics this week. Swimming was on at the same time, LIVE here, and I opted for that and watched GH later at night.

And wasn't Laura held in a hospital in Switzerland for many years? That makes me suspect that it's definitely the Cassidines behind this. Helena, most likely.

And I find that Mac has way more chemistry with Alexis. I wish they'd gone down that path. their eyes light up when they are speaking to each other. Shawn is so boring.

And I hope Jax rescues Joss from Nursery Camp.

Anon said...

One thing about David Heywood that GH folks do need to know is that Anna was married to him for a bit during her time on All My Children. They even had a baby together but the baby died right soon after it was born. David, and his evil ways, sabotauged the relationship from what I can remember. Guess there are some bad boys that are even too bad for Anna Devane!

Love4dogs said...

Atlanta?? Isn't Trey's father in Atlantic City??

disciple said...

I don't believe there is very much doubt about the Cassadines being involved in the Robin situation. It's inportant to note that they have said many GH vets are returning, and Cartini has already said that some people we believed to be gone forever would be returning. Alan and AJ being the two biggest rumors. If that storyline is related to the Robin storyline, which is the impression that i get, then David Hayward doesn't make sense. Cassadines and Faison do, simply because nothing they do has to actually make sense. But this is what I think... It's not Helena holding them. And its not Stavros either. My theory, (or at least what i think would be great to watch) is that its actually Nikolas. Maybe he's lost it. Maybe he's been losing it for years. Maybe he's holding Robin, Alan, AJ, Stavros, Georgie, Jake, and... Lucky. Yes, Lucky. Does anyone remember Lucky's final scene. He's in the graveyard and turns around and says "What are you doing here?" with no sense of shock, meaning it wasn't Laura or Siobhan. My theory, or at least the way I'd write it, is that Nikolas took Lucky then. I thinkhe's holding some surprises . BTW, if I'm not mistaken, Laura and Scotty went to Switzerland didn't they? Could be something there. Of course, this is mostly wishful thinking, but if written right, it could be thoroughly entertaining, especially if all of these were revealed over several months.

Elizabeth said...

disciple, i love that idea. Nikolas would be a great surprise bad guy.

kdmask said...

Shoot AntJoan, I didn't realize you were there! No we are home already. takes about 6 hours-- WE LOVED Staten Island and the Hampton Inn/Hilton Garden. Perfect place to drive to and then Ferry over to NYC. We will be back!

kdmask said...

David Hayward is from All My Children

soaplover said...

On Joslyn's camp: could it be day camp? There are such things as summer day camp for 4-5 year olds. Churches sometimes have them. My oldest, who as a toddler, couldn't wait to go to school, went to day camp.

I didn't mind the slowdown this week; all soaps need a few slower days to make the 'event' days more exciting. And they may have figured people were watching the Olympics.

Di, I don't remember that Laura was held for awhile in Switzerland--I think it was Leslie. I could be wrong, but Stefan had taken Leslie after everyone thought she died in a car wreck and kept her away from all loved ones until L&L rescued her. She had been drugged regularly so didn't go back to doctoring, but she did a lot to raise little Lulu.

Looking forward to seeing Jax.

cooks7570 said...

I loved Dante and Lulu this week. I guess the fact that Dante and Lulu have not killed peoples makes them boring. I cannot believe the writers over the years have made Lulu so insecure where
relatinships are concerned. I liked the shows this week.

mosbp said...

Laura and Scotty went to France...

Di said...

Soaplover, you're right. It was Leslie. I knew they held someone there.

kdmask said...

SoapLover, I would agree but it was NIGHT TIME... Alexis was playing strip pool at Jake's/Floating RIB

sonya said...

Karen!!! YEAH Todd's orb or whatever the hell it is, I am distracted by it!!! :) It COULD start eating people!!! RUN PEOPLE RUN ROFL!