Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Straight Jacket Suspense

That's right...I said Suspense. (Which I don't think I've said in conjunction with GH for eons!!!) You all know I was out of town last week so this surgery will be short and sweet. If you don't want to know the rumors of the "mystery patient" don't read the next part ok? 

Rumors abound about the Mystery Patient. Many have said they know--some have said they are sure. I am sure it's NOT Robin. These are a few of  the contenders:

Emily Q: same size as Robin-- same hair-- and would be an ideal choice to have vanished to the clinic after the Black and White Ball. Jerry injected  Nikolas shortly after.  Odds: 30%

Brenda: also same size, hair-- although I think this rumor is premature because she's just left and wouldn't be a shocking discovery...who would?  Odds 10% could be... 

Lucy Coe.  Yep-- the hair fits-- Lynn Herring would add to the "parade of vets" coming and also usher in the next arc of the story.  Cartini has promised (or at least eluded to) a Nurses' Ball as well. Odds: 50%

Of course, the "mystery patient" could just be that--some chick that looks like Robin but isn't.  Just a loss leader that will lead to the REAL patient.  Odds: Unknown 
Frank V said big surprise MONDAY so-- I'm hoping for the best.  The day player angle was the one I had first heard--that Anna would think Heather was mistaken but the REAL VILLIAN would be exposed because of the doppelganger. (Great word or what?!) 
Here's the clip:
What do you think? 

I have to say Thursday and Friday's shows were awesome in their dialog and movement. Just a darn good soapy time. Great to see Ingo back as well. Tracy was having some fun and Jane looked like she was enjoying herself.  I wish St. Jasus wasn't the one figuring everything out but what are you going to do? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Ewan's Devil Face. Now, I know Lante fans will be all up in arms after their heartfelt stuff but that scene with the face took be completely by surprise (even though I knew Olivia had hallucinations) and made me jump. LOVED it. (plus it's a bit hysterical lol)   Photo thx to Lisa LoCicero Online.

NOT the SCENE of the WEEK:  Pass...didn't  watch enough to have one!  Don't faint!! I'm sure if I would have seen Mon-Wed I would have picked  Kristina with Trey if they were on.  

RUMOR OF THE WEEK: (new item) yes, I'm going to do a rumor patrol of the week if anything is good out there. This week had everyone talking about Steve Burton leaving the show. He hasn't signed yet so who knows. Like I've said, I want him to die an ironic death--maybe involving a monkey. :giggle: 

AWESOME references to Chloe and the music box -- hints of Cassadines of old. Jerry on the airwaves and giving Todd the bucket of money. Them showing "The Chew" and Todd lamenting the demise of soaps.  Jax is back. Three or four shirtless guys on Friday. All classic. 

Only one day to wait!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had a fab day. Drank some awesome Gold Margaritas that were hand poured-old school. Wings...Cesar Salad. YUM. My fave cupcakes from a local bakery! I had gotten an iPhone for my day awhile ago and I'm in love with it so much. WOW.. I tripled my texting in a month !! (and I don't have unlimited--YET.) 

Next week should be big fun for us! 


  1. Tracy got her groove back :)

    I think the patient will be a red herring. (pun intended). I think as Anna is leaving the hospital with Luke, the camera will look through a window and see a patient in a straight jacket who we all recognize. OR perhaps a doctor/nurse who turns around after heading anna's voice and the doctor/nurse is someone we recognize.

  2. You picked a good week for vacation, because up until Thursday/Friday, it was very slow moving. We saw lots of Krissy, Trey, Joe Jr & Starr.

  3. i think the mystery patient is a mislead to throw Anna off her trail. All they have to do is lure her to a room witha woman who fits Robin's description whule Robin ain't there. i still don't see how Lucy would end up in a mental institution unless her fabrics gave her a mental breakdown LOL

    As for Nikolas i believe Jason said that Jerry injected Nikolas with a toxin after the metro hostage crisis thing and in exchange he was supposed to help him escape. i remember Nikolas being injected at wyndemere and that was way before the black and whilte ball. The MC crisis was in early 2007 and it was still winter. the black and white ball was in november and Jerry was helping out the people who were stranded on the island during the text message killer idiocy.

    Ooooooooooooooh I have never seen tracy Blush that much! so what do we call Tracy and Joe? Jacy? oh me likey!

    Thursday and Friday were the best shows.

    Notice how the sjows flowed without Kate abd her same Joe Jr and her baby dialogue? Even Sonny was more interesting with his one liner " yeah and Mary had a little lamb. move it along" LMAO
    i will be the first to admit Karen that SKate now bores me to tears. am forced to FFWRD them.
    These days i hope that Carly will just walk in and interrupt them so that we can have some CarSon hilarity. Lawd Kate is as boring as watching paint dry yikes!

    Jason/Spinelli and Sonny were fun fun fun

    Jax/Carly/Joss were Love

    Jax/Johnny were very interesting!Then Carly came in and both guys said they were behaving ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

    Jerry/Todd were fun too!


    "Tom and...........Jerry?" oh ahahahahahahahahahahah that was hilarious!

    Dr.Ewen' face was scary good. Even i got shocked! Anyone notice that when tyou look at the devil features you see Jerry too? Would be interesting if Jerry?

    Now am so bored with Jason and his cape solving the problems of the day. i mean come on. Saving Elizabeth> the idiot barely paid attention to his wife. i bet Sam finds out last about Jerry ugh!

    Best part about Thursday and Friday, we did not have to sit through Sam and John talking about the dang kiss LOLOLOL!! Thank you Jesus!

  4. Karen- I watched the coming attractions, and if the X patient id a former GHer it's Nat Livingston because her face in profile, always was very flat, and so is the gal on the bed. So I say it's Emily Q.

  5. Lucy could easily be in a mental institution, imo. The last time we saw her on Port Charles she believed she was a vampire slayer. Imagine the look she could give John McBain (the former Caleb Morley, vampire on PC). I would love this since it would give another nod to those of us who watched both soaps.

  6. I think Fridays episode was the best I have seen since...
    I cant remember, it has been that long!!
    But I loved it.
    It actually left me excited for Monday and the upcoming s/l.

  7. I hope the mystery patient isn't Emily!!! The person that Anna sees in the preview, It looked like Emily. If we have the nurses ball next summer, I'LL DIE!!! Ewen as the devil was very CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I fear the mystery patient is Emily but hope it's Lucy.

  9. There were ups and down this week, but it ended with a bang.

    With the color/long hair, size of the patient, it could be Emily - Not my favorite character so this would not excite me. And we would need Nicholas to came back too or really what is the point.

    I don't think that it is Lucy Coe, because they just mentioned her being an current editor of a magazine this week. So why would she be stuck in a hospital - and wouldn't someone notice?, since she is clearly NOT presumed dead. (Although rumors abound that Lynn Herring is coming back).

    They have too much invested in this ConKAte story and I don't think RC would have played it out like this if Brenda was coming back like this. Though it would be awsome to see Sonny turn around at the alter with Kate and just walk away with Brenda.

    I really really want it to be Georgie, But I'm sure that it is just wishfull thinking - but it would be amazing with Kirstin/Maxie, Felicia and Mac!!!! (Ryan Chamberlain would be the villian and then Kevin would come back WITH Lucy)

    I hope the patient will be a red herring, and not someone we know. and the real Monday surprise will be something out of the blue. Like AJ being behind everything and him having Jake in there to get back at Jason - You took my son so I took yours.

  10. So I take it the majority thinks it Emily??
    I hope its not Helena. Because we knew she was alive!

  11. probably a doppleganger ;) oy. I HOPE NOT

  12. kdmask said...probably a doppleganger ;) oy. I HOPE NOT
    Emily already has a doppleganger!! Remember Rebecca? :) I hope there isn't a third one out there!

  13. For some reason the lady on the bed looked like Tea. Idk. But i do kinda hope its Emily. I might be her only fan. could it also be someone from another show. what if its greenlee. how dark is her hair?

  14. I seriously doubt it's Emily or Brenda. Emily not only had lighter hair, but she was also about 5 inches taller then Robin. Also I think that if Brenda comes back it will be to ruin Sonny's wedding to Kate.

    It is probably just a red herring, but we'll see...

    I agree that Ewan's devil face was scary/funny and I liked it!

  15. I have the photo of the girl. I can tell you who its not if interested in knowing. Let me know I don't want to post it in the event someone truly wants to be surprised. Although, this photo got out, who know hot legit it is.

  16. Darn! Deb, I hope you're wrong on that photo. If it is Emily great! I hated how she left the show and her and Nik need their happy ending since the Emily cancer story. Honestly, without reading anything, I pvr'd Friday and watched the show in the evening and I hit pause and play and I thought Lucy Coe....
    Happy belated Karen!!!