Monday, August 27, 2012

Panic at the PORT CHARLES!

OMG.. I raced home and got behind a TRAIN that never  ended and then a 99 year old driving about 20!!!! PANIC!! 

Finola did that recognition so well--and she doesn't have a ton of botox so it was priceless. She was so good at conveying that sorrow. 

DAMN IT! The patient wasn't even anyone!! It was the doppelganger scenario! ;/ She did have black nail polish on-- Anna was so devistated. "You stole a jet"?? NO, Tracy gave it to me. 

Jerry talked enough.  LOL... it went on forever. Then, he just turned it off. Then on again..then off... then on to say You'll be DEAD. BOOM! 

Carly and Jax chug water while trying to figure out how they could poison the entire town. Actually everyone is drinking the water. Jerry wants MONEY for the antidote--it's all about the money. 

Liz is so stupid.  Ha... GOD RUN Liz!! duh. Don't just stand there talking to Satan-Ewan. 

JOHN catches him in the garage!! and then ST. JASUS has to come  in too? COME ON... ugh. WHY always  WHY does he have to save the day--and with a bigger gun? LOL. 

Olivia is wondering if Jerry was a hallucination or real..LOL. Steven Lars is quoting FEDERAL Law about what Jerry did. WTF... Like he'd know about any laws. He can't tie his own shoes! 

THE REVEAL of the VILLAIN was a the end of the show!! And it was someone mentioned  but not as shocking as I'd like it.  A LOT Of people aren't going to even remember him. If you don't, that's Duke Lavery, Anna's old love--and husband. He died 2x on the show--with different faces. LOL. He first came on in 1986--so it was awhile ago. 


  1. Switzerland: OH MY GOD!!!! DUKE LAVERY?!!?!?!? NO WAY!!! What's he doing there?!?! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is behind Robin being taken?!?!?!!?!?!?! WHAT THE?!!?!?! I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When that lady brought up how hard it was to see Anna, I thought it was Faison!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!

  2. Alright, the show hasn't aired yet in my area but I couldn't resist trying to find out the surprise. I've semi-recently watched the Duke stuff on YouTube and loved him, so I'm happy to see the original actor return to that role. I can't, however, picture the real man as a villain who would kidnap Robin. Is it possible that they are going for the angle of someone having had surgery to look like him, just to get under Anna's skin?? I know a lot of people won't care or be interested, but I am watching the show live today for the first time since early this year!

  3. I said Duke Lavery was coming back as Ian was asked about it on twitter and he was coy and tweeted that he'll never tell. he just left Days of our Lives. I actually liked Duke Lavery as he gave Robert a run for his money and married Anna. Robin and Duke got along great so i don't understand his involvement. I still think someone else may be pulling all the strings. Anna will kick his ass. Robert would kill him if he is the only one behind it.
    Loved today's show. Ewan did reveal his involvement and he all buut admitted Robin is alive in his last comment to Liz. Wow! jerry makes a good villain.
    If you go back and watch Duke Lavery and Anna on you tube you will see how steamy they were together. Duke would flirt mercilessly with Anna making her so uneasy, LOl. Can't wait for sparks to fly.

  4. Duke, Love it Love it Love it!

    Although, i can only hope that he isn't really a villain and that he has taken Robin to Switzerland to protect her and get her better before reuniting her with her mom. Anna and Duke back together would be awesome! Then let Laura come back for Luke, and let Tracy have her own love.
    Thank you Ron and Frank for finally bringing back another old time GH FAVE...let's keep 'em coming!

    For the first time in many years, I actually watched the show LIVE as well. I usually DVR it and then watch it while I work out each night, but I could not wait today.

  5. Not the best of surprises. I LOVED Duke Lavery back in the day, but it has been 22 years since he was on GH. I bet ALOT of people have no idea who he is.
    Though he was trending worldwide on Twitter.

    Now everyone who even touched water will get sick. Since everyone was drinking a glass of tap water at the time, they are all going to die!!!!!!!!

    Liz's kids are safe, on vaca with Audry. (Would have been better if they were with Lucky)

    Now to me it looks like Oliva is safe, because she looks like she has not showered in a week and was screaming at the site of water earlier.

    Liz and Steve are certainly related, too dumb to exist. Ewan very guilty.

    Now Jason asks Patrick, who hates Jason because he blames him for Robins death, to check on Liz. So instead of going to see his daughter, Patrick goes to Liz's. Of course being the damsel in distress she is being manhandled by Ewan and needs his help.

    McBain somehow figured out where Jerry was and called his new BFF JASON?? Who proceeds to beat the s**t out of him.

    And how did Jax know where Jerry was?

    Anna was awsome today and I felt so bad for her.

    Why doesn't someone pay a fortune for the antitode right now and than use it to make more?

  6. I think I broke the sound barrier getting home today. Sonya I thought it was going to be Faison too. My, my man Duke is looking good. Please let there be a good reason why Robin was kidnapped. A Duke/Anna/Luke triangle sounds good.

    Remember Duke was a mobster so he has a dark side. Wonder what he has up his sleeve. I think he could kick Sonny's rear.

  7. Damn! I haven't watched yet and couldn't help but peak! DUKE!!!! But, Duke was good!? He loved Anna, why Duke why??
    Oh, Karen, remember when Jason and McBain were at Windermere and Ewan burst in? It was McBain that had super reflexes and had his gun aimed at the doors. Jason just stood there. I remember thinking damn some hit man you are Jason! Considering Jason's history with Jerry, I'd let him be the hero today. But, I have to zip it and actually go watch the show now!!!!

  8. Article on Duke Lavery.

    FIVE WEEKS before he is on again :(

  9. I too watched it live for the first time in years.
    Duke is hiding Robin for her safety.

    Karen I noticed Anna's face as well. She retained character instead of hiding behind plastic surgery. GOOD for HER!!

    My question: Did Joe jr really poison the water like he was suppose to??

  10. Great twist. But Duke has to be working with someone while working against them. There has to be a bigger villain behind it. Helena or Faison could still be in it.

    And Karen, right on- why the freak is a soulless killer like Jason always BETTER than the villain du jour, and why is McBain pals with him?

  11. Duke! I was happy about that. I remember their story-line in the 80's. He was also on Twin Peaks and I think two other soaps (DOOL & PC). I am fond of the actor. We'll see where this goes....

  12. I will be supper pissed if Dante doesn't get to be a hero in this storyline too.

  13. Okay I'm calm! ROFL! Now on to the other parts of the show! :)

    Metrocourt: Tracy talks to Joe Jr about Alan! That Jerry is still alive and that Alan is dead. Joe Jr wanted to know who Alan is, so Tracy explained and explained how Alan died. Tracy talked about Alan a lot today. I was thinking are they going to show Alan today? Is he alive?!!?! :) Carly is upset and asks Jax if he knew about Jerry being alive. Jax had no idea!

    Liz's home: Ewen basically admitted that he is working for Jerry!! Liz is all upset, and Ewen is about to have a huge bowel movement ROFL! He grabs Liz!! LET HER GO EWEN!

    Alexis's home: Oh! Alexis is wearing a sexy shirt!!! :) She is upset and wishes she was sick instead of her kids! She wants to protect her kids! McBain is there. He knows about Jerry! There is an FBI file on him!!! McBain says that Sam is stubborn and she denies it, but then admits she is ROFL!

    Switzerland: The nurse lady found out that Luke isn't who he says he is, so he has to admit who he is. Anna is looking all over for Robin. She stumbles upon someone. A young girl who she thought was Robin but isn't. So now, Anna is in trouble! She could go to jail, but Luke got the lady to let them go. And then of course, there is DUKE! :)

    The hospital: Olivia and Steve talk about Jerry. Steve talks about the FBI. Olivia is worried about her son. Jason talks to Patrick about Ewen.

    Jerry, McBain, Jason, and Jax: When Jerry gets on the airwaves to explain what is happening, he keeps coughing, and then he gets off the air. He doesn't want anybody to know he is coughing and that he is sick. While he is talking, he gets cut off by McBain! Jason is there too! More McBorg bonding. :) McBain lets Jason beat the crap out of Jerry. Jerry isn't going to say anything to you, you idiot! Jax shows up!!

    Gary Johnson said...I think I broke the sound barrier getting home today.
    ROFL! I hope you didn't speed! :)

    Sonya I thought it was going to be Faison too.
    Faison could STILL be behind all this! :)

    Andrea said...Article on Duke Lavery.FIVE WEEKS before he is on again :(
    What?!?!! NOOOOOOOOO! :(

  14. This is why you should always drink bottled water or booze.

  15. Jerry didn't turn off the show--John and Jason did. Jerry said 'Hey, I wasn't finished... ' I guess he did turn it off to cough though.

    I think they use Jason to clean up these tricky messes because Jason can do the illegal stuff--like kick Jerry around--which cops could not. He has none of the boundaries so he's needed in such situation.

    Todays show was so tight, so suspenseful and tense...great production, pacing, all of it. The fight was staged well, and the sight of Lavery just quick enough for everyone to mutter OMG!

    Loved when McBain walked in as Jason was pulverizing Jerry and said, 'Whoa, Pace yourself.'

  16. OK, so all of a sudden everyone in PC is watching TV at the same time? And drinking water? And then Jerry speaks, and every time one of the actors watching says their lines Jerry pauses, then he resumes when they stop speaking? And then everyone finds Jerry? How cheesy can you get?

    I couldn't believe Duke, what a surprise, I haven't seen him in decades, as I don't watch the other soaps, and didn't even know he was on any other soaps until I read it here today. So, it was strange to see him, decades later, but I knew it was him.

  17. AntJoan said...And then Jerry speaks, and every time one of the actors watching says their lines Jerry pauses, then he resumes when they stop speaking? And then everyone finds Jerry? How cheesy can you get?
    No that's not what happened! :) They all pressed mute so they can say their lines, and then when they are done, they pressed the mute button to unmute. :)

  18. DUKE!!! Wow, that was cool. I still hope and suspect Faison is behind a lot of this. And how/why does Ewan tie in? I think he's just Jerry's pawn, but why? Maybe Duke is Ewan's father????

    OK, I'm finding one mega loophole in Jerry's craziness. If he want people to pay for the drug and give him money, why on earth did he just hand about a million dollars cash over to Todd, just so he could take to the airwaves for 10 minutes? Why wouldn't he use that money for the antidote? And how come he couldn't just break into a news station and get on live TV instead of giving Todd all that money? That was just weird/poor writing, I think. But other than that...super excited about the show.

    OK, who's safely out of town? Audrey and Liz's boys; Trey, Krissy, Starr, and Michael are all in Vegas; Spinelli is in Alaska; Luke and Anna are in Switzerland. Spinelli/Slim to the rescue!! They were so cute together during the Heather/Anthony stuff earlier this year. I'd like to see more. :)

  19. I have to admit that with all the spoilers I read I was taken by surprise with Duke but really thrilled. Don't really think he is a bad guy, though. These are the kind of storylines that I always loved and the cast involvement has been excellent. Funn how usually everyone drinks bottled water and they were all drinking tap water, LOL. Really like the blossoming Tracey/Joe relationship a lot. Brilliant idea to pair them. FH was great yesterday as usual, and I agree that her natural looks are so admirable. Ethan and Liz scenes great and so subtle on her part when Ethan began to unravel. Love Jason working with John, and then Jax showing up. They really need to keep Jax forever. I'm a big cynic but yesterday was excellent.