Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reminder: Daytime Emmys Tonight!

Starting at 8pm/EST on HLN !! If you miss it, they are re-airing it again at 10pm!! GH has a ton of nominations!! I will be live tweeting--@wubsnet

Also, Watch this fun Tony Geary video on AOL...


  1. Industry experts are predicting "General Hospital" will win several trophies including Outstanding Younger Actor, Supporting Actress & Actor, Lead Actor and Best Show.

    Personally, I would be very happy to see "One Life to Live" nudge through to a few victories but unfortunately, they have very few nominations.

  2. I asked before, how do I find the station? I've not heard of it. Also, no one seems to have commented on my info about GH moving to 2 on Sept. 10, followed by Katie Couric. This is in NYC, I guess it's different elsewhere?

  3. We're getting it here on CNN, AntJoan, and CNNHD.

  4. Don't forget: Michael Muhney is NOT nominated for any awards.

    But he WILL tweet something very unprofessional after the ceremony.