Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Maxie" on "Disaster Date"

RIGHT Before tuning into GH I saw Jen Lilley on MTV's "Disaster Date" playing some under-aged internet girlie. ahahhaa.

Liason having beers, Jason is still being an IDIOT. He's jealous of EWAN? Ugh."He'll have to answer to me" stupid line.

Starr's singing--what you think? I don't think KA has a bad voice at all but GH fans don't like her. 

WHAT IS THIS PG TEST!!? Oh please let ConKate be preggo with WTD--and she is! This is such the Jessica story that was on OLTL. (she didn't know who the daddy was because of her DID). Only in that story, her sister also had a baby, and DNA switches were all around.
Wait until you SEE WHAT HAPPENS!! Double Blind Switch to KICK MY HOPES IN HE HEAD!! Good Gravy.
She's hysterical Pregnancying-- is that a word?OMG  she's 17 and thinks she's PG. You know Sonny's getting another kid somewhere.  Or Dante's her's. Great. BTW, on OLTL Jessica went back to the age of 17.

Johnny and Carly are so cute..I like 'em...and I like that he's taking over the boat. He needs to redecorate though. 

Sam leaves her dragon behind. 

WEIRD DAY. That's all I'm saying.


  1. Kate and Ewen: Kate is freaking out because she thinks she is pregnant, and who is the father? And who is the mother?! Freaked out Kate is fun! :) She takes a pregnancy test, and she finds out it is POSITIVE! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! :) She said something that a teenager would say, she says we only slept together once how could this happen? Ewen looks at the pregnancy test, and it's negative. She looks again and she sees positive. She says she is only 17 years old! DOH! A teenage Connie! YAY! :) I'm disappointed that she isn't pregnant. :( I really wanted her to be pregnant and Johnny is the daddy!!! No baby Z! :( Karen! hysterical Pregnancying! I don't know if that is a word! I don't care I love it!! IT'S OURS! :)

    Liz and Jason: Jason tells her that he got 2 men to beat up McBain, so it's his fault the baby died. Liz says it's not your fault! Gee Liz, why don't you bow down to his greatness? They play pool, and they talk about Ewen. She tells him about their date tomorrow. Jason says he better treat her right, or he will have to deal with him! Awww! :)Oh come on Karen! He isn't jealous. They are friends. That's what friends do! :) They protect one another. :) Hey behind the bar, there is a guy with his shirt open! :) Liz and Jason also talk about how Sam watched and did nothing when Jake was kidnapped!!!

    Sam and McBain: Sam goes into her hotel room. Wait a minute!! Sam that is McBain's room!!!! Did the writers forget that it's McBain's room? ROFL! She gets dizzy and he helps her. Sam says he will never forgive Jason for having men beat him up!!! Don't worry Sam! As soon as you find out your baby is alive, and that he is Jason's, you will forgive him! I love Sam's shirt!!! They talk about his sister.

    Sonny's place: Michael and Sonny talk about Kate. Michael wants to apologize to Johnny when he accused him of something he didn't do ROFL! Sonny tells him not to! :) Later McBain shows up and wants to talk about his sister Theresa.

    Metrocourt: Todd is back! YAY! He talks to Carly. They talk about Johnny. He can't believe that Carly forgive him. Todd makes fun of him ROFL! He makes fun of the Port Charles newspaper! He sees the headline of Luke and Anna, and thinks he can do better headlines. And he says some.. The best one is, to Err is Spencer, to forgive Devane! ROFL! Carly leaves, and Starr shows up. She wonders what he is going to do now that he is going to live here. Todd does something to the paper. It says Port Charles Sun! Cus he scratched out press or whatever it said, and put down Sun! :) Is he going to buy the paper? :)

    Haunted Star: Starr sings!!!! Yeah Karen some people who watched OLTL don't like her singing. I don't think she is bad! Altho I think Blair is better, but Starr is good. Johnny has tears in his eyes! :) I was thinking that he will cry when his baby is born. But as it turns out, there is no baby. :( Later Carly and Johnny have a moment awww! :)

  2. Carly is just a OLD BORING version of Lulu.I am glad he is teaming up with his REAL love Lulu and Carly will be jealous and maybe see that she is just a OLD replacement for his real love Lulu.

  3. Karen, I think Starr is a better singer than actress. Of course I think she's an awful actress. I didn't think her singing was bad at all.

    Am I crazy or wasn't there a big deal made of the fact that teen Sonny and Kate never had sex? I swear I recall that from when Kate first appeared several year s ago.

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  5. Hi all, I wasn't watching when Kate and Olivia and Dante all first came on GH. Is anyone out there bored enough to fill in the backstory for me?

    2Cents--you are right about his supersperm!!

  6. Starr sings fine, I would rather hear her sng than act And I hated her character on OLTL too, not just GH.

    Kate has a third person in there? Yikes. I wish this storyline would just go away. It has become tedious now. I'm sure Kelly wants it to end, all that crying has to take its tole on an actor.

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  8. CaryN...Kate came first. She showed up in a rainstorm and 'accidentall' ran into Sonny, her first love.

    FF a few months and Sonny went to Bensonhurst to recoup cuz Olivia for Sonny & Kates wedding, and Olivia never left Pt Chucks. She went from an auto mechanic in Bensonhurst to a Mgr at Metro Court.
    Thus her presence resulting in the disclosure that Dante was really Sonny boys son. Make sense?
    Probably not but that is it in a nutshell!! lol

    I don't like Starr or Blair singing, and guess what? Blair is a coming!

  9. I also thought young Connie was a virgin. So now she is reliving her pregnancy from Sonny at age 17, which is really why she went away? Will that be the story? I think Sonny's hinting that he didn't see Connie again after age 17 leads to us believing that her traumatic event took place then, rather than at their wedding years later. Anyone with me on this?

    Also, forgive me, but I don't think Starr can sing. I have no musical talent, and am not one to judge such things, but she sounded breathy and off-key to me, but maybe that's just me.

    Jasam leaving their little dragon doodads behind, boohoohoo, that was very sad.

  10. I hate Jasus/roid boy more and more each day.

  11. The backstory is that Kate DIDN'T have sex with Sonny back in the day. They spent A WEEK Yes A WEEK talking about it, alone in a dang room at Wyndemere during the Black and White Ball.
    It's seared on my memory

  12. Thanks Cents and Karen. That's what I've come to understand since tuning back in to GH. Maybe Connie and Sonny didn't have sex. I wouldn't put it past Cartini to end up saying Connie was raped (probably by Deke), had a kid, and blocked it out. The real truth to DID is that it's rooted in childhood sexual trauma. So, just getting preggers at 17 is not really enough to justify the DID. Raped by your boyfriend's abusive stepdad...maybe!

    I think Cartini inherited this story and are trying to deepen it so it would make sense to why Kate has an alter, and be realistic to the disease. They treated it well and honorably at OLTL.

  13. Loved Liason scenes! Loved Liz bringing up Jake's kidknapping! Enjoyed the pool session and her talking about her date with Ewan, LOL.

  14. I think Kate was raped when she was a teenager.

  15. The difference between Jake's kidnapping and Sam's baby is that Sam's baby supposedly died. Sam did help rescue Jake when he was kidnapped by the Russians.

    To me, I'm just not seeing any remorse from Jason about the baby's death. He says he's sorry, but the Jason I've watched over the years would be losing it if he inadvertently caused the death of a child.

    Everyone knows Carly would be out for blood if her child died because of Soony or Jax's actions. Remember, Carly shot Tony Jones in open court and hated Sonny after Michael was shot in the head.

    Also, didn't Jason and Liz break up over her not being able to risk her children's lives because of Jason's business. I wonder how she would react if Jason set something in motion, and her child died. Maybe then she could fully understand how Sam feels.

    It would a much better story if Carly and Liz didn't uphold Jason's actions and supported Sam's feelings for a little while anyway.

  16. Sorry, Sam did do something that a lot of people would not forgive, but jason and Liz finally forgave her. Remeber after Sam's desperate antics resulted in her hiring gunmen to frighten Liz and her kids in a Park , Jason threatened to kill her. He mest have forgiven Sam , as he married her. Now he has done something that she finds she cannot forgive him for. Will Sam forgive Jason in time? I still think Sam will chase down baby daddy jason once she gets her baby back.

  17. The story will get worse when Sam forgives Jason just as easily as she got mad at him.
    Sam's child has not died. He was kidnapped. Just like Liz's was when Sam watched.
    Not justifying Liz because I am sick of all three of these women sticking up for Jason all the time when he is (most of the time) in the wrong. Carly already has her head too far up Jason's butt. They can have each other. Both Sam and Liz deserve better.

  18. 'Also, didn't Jason and Liz break up over her not being able to risk her children's lives because of Jason's business. I wonder how she would react if Jason set something in motion, and her child died. Maybe then she could fully understand how Sam feels'
    Either way why is Liz allowing herself to be Jason's fool again? Hasn't she learned? She makes herself available for a man who only wants her when he gets dumped or him and Sam have problems.
    He uses her, and it is apparently fine with her fans.
    Liz:GO HOME to the kids or make a clean break and go sit with Ewan.
    Jason uses you and you let him.

  19. I think Liz and Jason were just together as friends, he spoke about his relationship and she spoke about her new relationship, and they seemed supportive of each other, that's all I saw.

  20. Liz and Jason were friends first and that's what the writting team is bringing them back to which is fine by me because I think Liz deserves better in a romantic partner.

    While I think Jason deserves all the hate that Sam is throwing at him. We all know that the wonderful acting and cries and screams are gonna mean nothing when Sam finds her baby and finds out Jason is the father. Everything that Jason has done he's done before and worse to others but she was fine with that until it affected her perfect world. No one deserves to be "raped" or have their child kidnapped/die but this is also what you signed on for when you decided to be the ride or die chick who married a mob hitman. Like I said she has every right to feel this way it's just falling on deaf ears because we all know the end game!

  21. It is nice to see Michael acting normal, and I'm glad, at least, that Starr can sing better than she acts.Now if they limit her to that she might be "takeable."

    I am also hoping there's not another Sonny spawn coming out of the woodwork sometime soon. Maybe Kate had an abortion when she was 17 and that's the traumatic event. she then rejected her Connie personae and became Kate.

    I simply saw jason and Liz being supportive friends too. And I was pleased that Liz at least mentioned the fact that Sam should forgive Jason because they'd both made mistakes; i.e. Sam watched the kidnapping of baby Jake. Too bad she also didn't mention that Sam had a thug with a gun terrorize her AND THE CHILDREN in the park. Sam seems to have conveniently forgotten that too.As have most of her fans. I could never understand how Jason could get together with her after that.

  22. Jason uses Sam and she lets him. Guess what , she will let him back in to do it again after the baby reveal, LOL :) . They are endgame as per writers with their faux dragon figurine drama :). What will really make me laugh is if the writers decide to write that the figurines are returned to Sam and Jason, LOL. Then , it must be love, eyeroll...

  23. Jason uses Sam and she lets him. Guess what , she will let him back in to do it again after the baby reveal, LOL :) . They are endgame as per writers with their faux dragon figurine drama :). What will really make me laugh is if the writers decide to write that the figurines are returned to Sam and Jason, LOL. Then , it must be love, eyeroll...

  24. Honestly, I'd like to see Sam move on with a soon to be single McBain. I'd like Liz to move on with Ewan. And for Jason to be alone as Sonny's lackey. Which is what he's been for years now anyway.

  25. Just now watching Wednesday episode and I must say...
    Elizabeth is so right!
    Sam sat by and watched jake kidnapped and said nothing.
    Watched elizabeth and jason suffer not knowing where he was, still she said nothing!
    That was so much worse than Jason having Mcbain beat up.
    Not that agree with what he did, especially since I like John.
    But what Sam did was unforgivable, what Jason did was not!
    Karmas a bitch is my opinion when it comes to Sam.
    That is another reason why I am furious that the baby is really jasons.

  26. Please let Tracey and Luke get back together! Just don t like him with Anna. She is SO ugly anyway! I hope the writers make Luke realize his true feelings for Spank!


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