Monday, June 11, 2012

God, Ewan has a whole roll of gauze on his dang head!! Jason had like 1/4 of that amount!! LOL Not that I care. Just an observation. Liz and He Kiss.  :SIGH: 

EZ PASS! That's correct--we have those in NY. yeah for doing homework.

GO  SAM...GO SAM!! :dancing like Ellen: GO SAM! GO  SAM! You tell him!!! Jason go away.   She was now saying exactly what we said on Twitter everyday. LMAO --they took her dialog from twitter!!! I'm so happy she slapped him and told him to Get out. Bye Jason you ass!

Heather talking to herself -- SO OLTL!! YEPPER!! She's going to let us know just how she switched the DNA results. They did that on OLTL a lot. It's for the 6 year olds that need help figuring out what happened.

BYE MATT. You were so wasted on this show. 

OMG PORNO Rick should have come over from Llanview for this because HE'D BE HYSTERICAL. 

David Vickers the dog should have ripped the DNA results out of Heather's hand LOL


Brender said...

Boy, I cannot wait to see Sam telling off Jason...FINALLY!! Come on 5 o'clock!

sonya said...

The hospital: Liz and Ewen. Zzzzzzzzz. He is discharged and they kiss. Zzzzz. Steven Lars walks into Ewen's room and catches them! ROFL! Liz kicks him out! ROFL! Steven Lars made the scene better. :) Meanwhile Heather is walking around with that dna test and thinking back of her switching the dna results. :)I LOVE YOU HEATHER!!!! Steven Lars tells Heather to stay put! ROFL! Jason and Sam scene. She kicked him out of her room!!!! WOOT WOOT! Liz sees Jason. Jason tells her, that the baby died, and that he lost Sam!

Spinny and Olivia: They are talking about Heather trying to figure out where she was the other night! ROFL!

Floating rib: Felicia and Mac were about to kiss when Maxie shows up to interupt them because she is sad that Matt is going to jail! Matt and Patrick show up and Matt is going to jail! :'(

Alexis's home: Kristina is all upset and wants the cameras gone!!! The sleazy guy who started all of this, showed up!! He is manipulating her!!! Alexis shows up and wants the cameras gone. The sleazy guy said he is going to sue them! Alexis tells Kristina not to act like a spoiled brat! DOH don't say that!!! Kristina says let the cameras roll! DOH! Now you did it Alexis! Hey Karen! I love Porno Rick! Kristina's sleazy guy is hot, but Porno Rick is HOTTER! :) Damn I miss Porno Rick! I miss David Vickers and David Vickers Jr! (the dog)

Anonymous said...

Watching Sam today I felt like I was in church, wanting to shout out "preach it sister", "amen", and "hallelujah".

As much as I am disliking Kristina's reality show I was wishing the cameras were there when Sam was giving Jason his smack down. How great would it have been to had the broadcast to all the residents of Port Chuckles.

Speaking of Kristina's show it is obvious the producer Tres has it in for Sonny. What IF Tres was AJ Quartermaines son? That could make this otherwise blah storyline interesting. If Sonny can have a whole team of kids he did not know about why can't AJ have one?

Will Smith has a son named Tres as well I think.

The scene with Liz, Ewan and Steve was fun...nice seeing some of these under utilized GH characters getting some screen time. And was it just me or when Ewan was shirtless and bent over did he flash butt crack?!?

The scene with Mac, Felicia, Maxie, Matt, Patrick and Spinelli was also a nice one. Felicia and Maxie seem to have mended their relationship quickly. What I dislike is that it seems like they are now making Matt more likeable - just in time to have home leave. I will miss his relationship with Patrick, one of the few sibling relationships on the show. God knows Patrick could use his brother right now.

Interesting that Matt only got 5 years. Does this mean they could have him released early for good behavior and bring the character back just in time for Robin's return?

When is the last time we saw Sonny? Again, amen and hallelujah

david said...

I was reminded why Dr. Ewan was on this show (his body, not much more)

Never a big Kelly fan, but she threw Johnny Bravo's cojones to the wall today and was spot on throughout. Finally, a woman on this show standing up to a mobster and getting the upper hand. I really liked her today. Still, didnt see any guilt in Jason's eyes. If this doesnt get an emotion out of the Borg, nothing will.

Steven Larrrrrrs, "I'm supposed to be watching you". Really? Then why is this the first scene where we have seen the two of you appear together in weeks? Bad son. Bad. Bad. Bad son.

Felicia and Mac near kiss. For those of us watching "back in the day" I think we all were cheering. I remember the two of them together. I didnt think she could be with anyone other than Frisco, but they had chemistry. (Back then all the successful couples had to have the same first letter in their first names) I am hoping they work together on some kind of case together as private eyes.

Speaking of cojones, Alexis finally remembering that she owns the house and that Troy Boy has no right to film in there. I have been screaming this at the TV for days. The boy doesnt have a leg to stand on and Alexis finally shows signs of good parenting. But since the cameras are still rolling she should kick Kristina out of the house and have Anna come to the house and remove the people and the cameras for trespassing. It's called Tough love and Kristina needs to be taught her lesson.

Heather, Heather, Heather. Crazy psycho and I wouldn't have it any other way. There are a few daytime actresses who have made their marks as legends across the daytime landscape and Robin is definitely one of them.

I dont understand how they can air a show called General Hospital and not have any OLTL characters today. (no VIctor mention either.) Seriously? GH with only GH characters? What are TPTB thinking?

My2Cents2 said...

I found the entire show a bore and uninteresting. FF thru Ewan & Liz, thought Spinelli was out of line he wouldn't give Matt and Maxie a chance to get close.

Positive? No Sonny Kate or Starr.

love2chat402000 said...

Loved that Liz got some loving. Long overdue! Liked that Steve teased her about the kiss with Ewan.
The rest was dull and predictable. Sam telling off jason to little too late, YAWN....We know she will run back to Jason as soon as she gets her baby back and finds out jason is the father.Boring.
Why do these writers feel the need to flashback so much?! It's annoying as the audience is smart enough to put together what Heather did.

Di said...

I found the flashbacks a little condescending too. But then again TPTB think we're all a little dumb. We're not supposed to even remember the history of our favourite characters.

I also think Alexis should throw Kristina out of the house. She signed for them to film in her home; let her go out and get one. There's a limit to parental patience and Alexis is too smart to not know that Kristina has reached it. I'd make sure any funds she has from the family are cut off too. Go be a reality star girl.Earn your own money.

My2Cents2 said...

ditto Di on Alexis throwing Krissy out. Whose house is it again?

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Liz, Ewan & Steven scene was cute but E&E do nothing for me. Bring back Ric *sigh*

soaplover said...

David said: he didn't understand how they can air a show called General Hospital and not have any OLTL characters today. (no VIctor mention either.) Seriously? GH with only GH characters? What are TPTB thinking?

Well, David, you did notice some posts here said the show was boring today? lol.

What's amazing is TPTB giving Maurice a vacation after nearly ten years of being on every damned day!
Hip Hip Horay!

MatchboxGinny said...

Loved hearing Sam finally FINALLY being "Sam" again. So glad she finally laid it on the line with Jason.

The reality show thing with Kristina is quickly becoming ridiculous since the addition of Mr. Manipulator the producer. Once again, the writing is just so overly obvious. Why do they feel the need to spell things out to us like we're children? Same thing with showing the flashbacks of how Heather came to change the DNA results. What a tedious waste of screentime...move on with all the characters you sideline constantly.

The Liz/Ewen scenes would have meant so much more if 1)Ewen had a connection to PC and 2)if they would show them more than once every three weeks. Major fail for Ron and Frank. Hope they fix that mess and others fast.

cooks7570 said...

I didn't mind the flashback becaues it told us how Heather did the switching of the dna test. I loved the show today.I loved Sam telling Jason off but I still do not like Jason or Sam. I do miss Dante and Lulu and I hope their storyline starts soon.

rebeccakeen said...

The episode today sucked ass and was boring and stupid as hell.The show is the worst it has ever been and RC is the worst writer GH has ever had in it's entire history.It will probably get canceled next year.

glennash3 said...

I'm curious how Carly and Liz will react when they find out what happened to Sam's baby. Everyone knows Carly would be out for blood if it were baby that died. Remember, how she laid into Sonny for sabotaging Jax's plane and hated Dante because he turned Michael in to the police for Claudia's death.

I'm a big Jason fan, but I compare him to Luke now. Luke made a choice to drive after drinking and a child died. Jason made a choice to beat up a cop and a child supposedly died.

I know both Carly and Liz will lift Jason up like it wasn't his fault the baby died which will tick me off to no end.

I agree with other posters that Jason doesn't seem that sorry. I remember when Jason cried over the break up with Robin and Sam. He shed a tear or two when Sam's daughter died, but with this baby nothing. He doesn't even seem that upset that he's lost Sam.

If Jason gets to happily move on with Liz and ends up getting her pregnant, how is that showing any remorse for hurting Sam. How is Jason redeemed in any way?

I was hoping for more from this storyline, but so far I'm not seeing anything to get excited about.

screamingeagle said...

after reading all these posts I can agree with most of what was said. What I don't understand is why Sam can't figure out what Jason's job is. She married him knowing what he does for a living. He beat or had McBain beat up on orders from Sonny. Since Sam left Jason how was Jason to know she went into labor. I guess among Jason's other talents,Jason was suppose to be a mind reader and have ESP.

Andrea said...

Woo HOO Sam FINALLY found her backbone. Jason deserved to be told off, he has been a total jerk. He should has stood by his wife.

BUT as soon as the truth about the baby comes out Sam is going to go back to the doormat she has been for the last 10 years. Jason will be forgiven for everything and Sam will sit on his couch until her butt permanently adheres to it.

sonya said...

David says, (Back then all the successful couples had to have the same first letter in their first names)
Hahaha yeah they sure did! I don't know why tho, but I actually like it. :)

AbsoluteLunatic said... E&E do nothing for me.
Yeah me neither. Zzzzzzzz.

Bring back Ric *sigh*
YES PLEASE!!!! I want my Ric!!! I will ALWAYS Have a special place in my heart for Ric and Liz!!

LSV422 said...

I also am so glad Sam finally told Jason off. He was still saying "your" baby. Now if only she can use some of those PI skills and realize the babies were switched. Liked the E&E kiss because for once there was something unexpected. Alexis should throw Krissy out. Can't stand the new actress already - old Krissy was really smart and this one is a dimwit. She sticks out like a sore thumb. Old Krissy wouldn't have been this malicious -pissed yes but not enough to put her sisters through this acenario. Sad to see Matt leave (wish it was Spinelli) and getting tired of Maxie. Loved Mac and Felicia!

Brender said...

Ok, I loved Sam finally giving it to Jason. It will have to say that as soon as Sam finds her baby and find out it's Jason's, she will forgive him and they will be a perfect family again. BOO! I love how a woman FINALLY told Jason off for being a jerk. Carly can't do it. Liz has tried, but has always apologized or forgiven him. eyeroll. They are writing Jason in a corner now.

Loved seeing Liz and Steven interact like a brother and sister would in that situation. I thought the kiss with Ewan was cute, but it would have meant more if the writers actually showed them together more... We probably won't see them together for weeks again. Liz will be off talking Jason up and Ewan will be talking to Kate/Connie.
Alexis finally showed them brass balls. Now do us all a favor and yell at Kristina. Be a mom. Stand up for yourself. Kick the girl out and teach her that being a spoiled brat gets you nowhere.

Andrea Gaona said...

I loved the show. My favorite part was Liz and Steven Lars. I have a brother, and that would be how he would react! Loved it.

I also thought Sam did an excellent job today. I am glad she is getting some backbone and telling Jason off. I love Jason, but he's been a jerk lately. I don't see her coming back to Jason even after they find out about the baby switch.

renegade_killerbee said...

So now TPTB are wanting the "death" of Sam's baby to be all about how roid boy realized he loved the baby a little too late and that none of this was his fault.

I swear I wish I could buy a filter to insert in my cable box to phish out any Steve Burton scenes so I don't have to watch that douche bag of an actor and his even bigger douche of a character.

Andrea Gaona said...

I thought this was a no actor bashing zone? You can criticize Jason all you want, but why go so far as to call Steve B names?

I don't understand how people who constantly complain about a show or actor, just stop watching? I have done it tons of times. GH has not been good many times, but I've never had so much hate for an actor.