Friday, June 15, 2012

"The Key is Under the Scotch"

Why did Lulu think it would be ok with Dante if she partnered with Johnny? I mean...he's her ex and a mobster. Gee, Hmmmmmmmm.

Kristina. Not happy, don't like her. This Reality show thing--how did they get into Sonny's?? Geesh. He was fun giving them pastries and trying to be all nice. Still don't like NuKrissy.

Luke and Anna. Another NO COMMENT. NO. THANK YOU!! Today they just spider monkey-d each other!!

Ewan seems like Mr. BusyBody--not a therapist. ConKate left her baby boy in a dresser drawer. Um, Emma was left in a tree soooooooo, which is worse? LOL.  Then Connie/Kate talks about becoming Kate and forgetting about her dresser drawer baby.

Dante and Johnny. zzzz "I'll be watchin' ya Johnny" says Dante. Yeah. Ok, right.

SO, we have a baby floating around and a new guy he a red herring? BECAUSE IF NOT he's HUGELY OBVIOUS!!  

OH AND JOHN made a Transylvania joke to Luke! pfft!

TODD bought CRIMSON!! woot!! (in previews) 


delcodave said...

So, there are no laws against trespassing in upstate NY?

LaTanya said...

I haven't watched GH in 2 weeks so I decided to turn on today and the first thing I see is Anna jumping on Luke and trying to inhale his face.......I turned it off!

sonya said...

Sonny's home: Sonny and Trey are talking alone. When GH was over yesterday, and they showed the preview for today, I was wondering if Trey is REALLY Joe Jr jr. After talking to Trey alone, Sonny opens the door to the cameras and is all fake happy! ROFL! Cracks me up! He even gives cookies to the staff HAHAHAHAHA! When it was time for everyone to leave, Trey calls someone and says he is in Port Charles!! Who did you call? Your daddy Joe Jr?!

17 year old Connie and Ewen: Karen!! Dresser drawer baby! ROFL!

Luke and Anna's home: After the kiss, Anna kept bumping into things ROFL! She stayed in her room until Luke left. Knock on the door, and she hurt her foot ROFL! It's McBain! :) He tells her about what Sonny said about his sister, and then Anna talked about how she and Luke kissed! ROFL! Mcbain teases her and says Luke and Anna kissing in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G! ROFL! Anna explains the reasons why it won't work out. Luke shows up, and McBain says he is going back home to Transl er Pennsylvania ROFL! Luke and Anna talk about being just friends!!! But then she jumps him and they kiss HARD!! ROFL! Made me laugh. :)

Dante and Johnny: Dante does not like Johnny and doesn't trust him!!! Doesn't like that his wife is working with Johnny. Dante thinks Johnny killed his grandpapa!!!!

Lulu and Dante's home: Still hot in casa Lante. :) Lulu put your hair up!!!! Luke visits and they had a nice conversation about Tracy and Anna and all the kissing! ROFL!

Di said...

They do seem to leave babies in wierd places. Don't forget that Sam's baby was left in a planter box.

The reality show stuff is too stupid to even comment on, and Kristina is a worse brat than when she was young.

dar said...

Add me to the can't stand new Kristina list and the Anna and Luke = ick list.

Ronn Dean said...

Anna and Luke need to stay as friends, its like watching your brother and sister kiss. The baby in the drawer needs to be Spinelli. He needs a back story and it would
drive Kate nuts having him as a son.

Di said...

I would LOVE if it was Spinelli but I think it's obvious who it's going to be. And TPTB probably think we'll all be surprised when it turns out to be him too.

And did anyone else find it a little creepy today when Lulu was doing all that sweating and posing when she was talking with her dad. I know it's hot, but really! If Dante had been there it would have had a whole different effect, but when Luke was there - wierd.

bumchickabowbow said...

I remember that Spinelli found out who his father was (a few years ago?) and was visibly upset/shaken, swearing someone to secrecy (Georgie?)...I hope it turns out that he is Kate's baby...a lot could be done with such a story. I would like him to have someone he belongs to, you know?

Andrea said...

I would love spinelli to be Kate's son. Instead of the obvious Trey.

This new Chistina looks way to old, I don't like her or this storyline.

Luke and Anna Hmmmmm. Not really liking this so far.

Can't wait for Todd to do something great with Crimson.

The Lulu sweaty posing was just weird

mosbp said...

I was thinking that the Lulu posing in front of the fans was really inappropriate...wondered if it was just me- glad to know others think so too. Hate NuKrissy- and it's not the storyline (though I hate that too)-she can't act. A good actor might be able to save a bad story, and a great story can do well even with a bad actor, but combine a bad actor with a bad story and you only get something unwatchable.

Elizabeth said...

to be honest, i hadn't noticed Lulu's posing, but then again, i was watching in a construction zone today. (my aunt was replacing out living room floor, so my mom and i were watching with my grandma and listening to make sure my aunt didn't cut any of her fingers

Maybe it is because I didn't watch GH in the 70s and 80s, but I don't really mind the Luke and Anna stuff, although I would prefer him with Tracy. I did find it weird that Anna pounced on Luke at the end of the episode

I don't like the fact that Kate was raped by some douche bag when she was 17, but I have to hand it to Kelly Sullivan. She is doing a great job with her scenes--now that she isn't transitioning between Connie and Kate all the time. The thing that really pissed me off today was that Connie went to her priest and was told that even thinking about aborting her rape baby was a sin. That's the type of thing that makes me angry that I'm Catholic. I don't think it would have pissed me off so much if it doesn't actually happen. I went to Catholic school and was told in no uncertain terms that if I had sex (I don't think rape exists in the Catholic Church--probably why so many priests don't have a problem raping all those altar boys) and then decided to abort the baby that I would go to Hell. There were no qualifications whatsoever. SMH.

Okay. My rant's over. Sorry about that.

Oh, and I think leaving a baby in a tree is much worse than leaving one in a dresser draw.

My2Cents2 said...

WTF with leaving babies in trees, dresser draws & planters??

I enjoy new Krissy. Plus I think she looks like Alexis.

Has anyone ever seen Luke with his shirt off?

kdmask said...

TG used to be NUDE in his scenes with Genie back in the day (under the sheets) or so the lore goes. She's confirmed it. LOL

So, yes...he's been shirtless a lot (there's a photo of him with a sword I'll have to find)

My2Cents2 said...

thanks Karen!! lol

soaplover said...

I do not see what the objections to Luke and Anna could be!??? Is it because they are older and older folks are not supposed to have sex or sexual feelings? And they are not old friends, because they barely knew each other in the past. To watch Luke pandering around Tracy with her nasty temper--now that was sickening to me. He was practically hen-pecked and that could never be real Luke.

Second-time-around love can be as surprising, joyous and twitter-pating as young love. I loved Luke and Anna's awkwardness after the kiss, knocking over the chair, his befuddled smile, her stubbing her toe, and McBain added to it all. It was refreshing, tender, funny, and made me love RC even more. Guza's idea of romance was 'wham-bang, goodbye ma'am.' I felt for Luke and Anna, we got into their feelings and that's what we need when watching romance.

The only iffy for me was that he confided in his daughter about it and how it felt. Most kids prefer to think their parents are adromenous and that they were conceived by immaculate conception. Lulu was pretty cool to even listen and be sweet about it. Now that Luke no longer has Aunt Ruby to talk to, he is rather in a spot when something so heart-involving and earth-shaking happens. And on soaps, it is important that characters have other characters to talk to, even if it's only a pet!

Luke and Anna are NEW friends--not old friends. I love that she is as shaken up as he is.

My2Cents2 said...

Luke isn't good enough for Anna

renegade_killerbee said...

I still can't get over Luke moving past LAURA to be with Tracy, let alone him MOVING PAST both Laura and Tracy to be with Anna!!!

The guy's a douche. Almost as bad as Jason and Sonny and it don't get any worse than those two!

eygirl33 said...

Anna is too good for Luke. Luke is a child murdering scumbag who never had to pay for killing Jake, let alone stealing his inheritance. I wonder how Anna will feel when she finds out that he not only killed a toddler, but also robbed him blind. I am so over Luke; he should have left after he did his rendition of "My Way" years ago.

MatchboxGinny said...

I thought maybe the reality show thing with Kristina would at least be entertaining. I'm finding it to just be annoying. Although I did enjoy seeing Sonny get bullied by a young punk.

Loved the Lulu/Luke convo! If it was so hot in the loft why didn't Lulu put on a pair of shorts instead of the jeans she had on? lol!

I would really love Kate's son to be Spinelli as well, instead of the newbie nobody producer punk.

Anna and Luke....hmmmm. I don't know what I think about that. Part of me liked it, part didn't. Poor Tracy :(

Dante and Johnny. Things could definitely get interesting with Johnny and Lulu being biz partners. Hopefully it means more airtime for Lante.

Missing Patrick big time!!!

LSV422 said...

Anna is way too hot for Luke. I like him with Tracy - they are age appropriate and just seem to fit well and are so entertaining. Looks like GH/OLTL can't bust through those low ratings no matter what they do. Maybe if Frisco came back it would help. And Rick.

dar said...

Luke is too old for Anna and not good enough

love2chat402000 said...

I also could not understand Luke dropping Laura for Tracy. Anna deserves someone much hotter than Luke. They put together 2 vets without any thought .

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...WTF with leaving babies in trees, dresser draws & planters??
ROFL! Well where did you want Sam to put the baby? She knew she was going to pass out. The baby was safe in the planter.

renegade_killerbee said...I still can't get over Luke moving past LAURA to be with Tracy,
Luke will always love Laura! :)

eygirl33 said... I wonder how Anna will feel when she finds out that he not only killed a toddler,
Anna already knows Luke accidentally ran Jake over and he died. He told her!