Monday, June 4, 2012

Todd: Rock and Hard Place

\WOW... let's see. Todd can't bring himself to tell Tea her baby is dead-- and Heather just hops on in it! LOL... So not a "real switch"!!  More like a "Not telling the truth" 
Heather sees Sam and hates her anyway soooooo, why not just take her kid? Heather convinces Todd Sam didn't want the baby anyway..and Jason wasn't going to raise it. heh. Oh HEATHERrrrrrrr
Why don't you look happier?" asks Heather. "I always look like this," says Todd.

OMG, who bought the CarJohn "Truth Telling"?? I did -- and I was thinking, this isn't in the spoilers. But IT WAS A DAYDREAM! They are actually back together now. . . you know, until the "TRUTH" comes out.

McBain and Jason just stand around like idiots WHILE SAM IS OUT THERE! god!!! What bird-brains. 

Today's show was so maddening. LOL.. whatever. Sam is going to wake up, not think that tiny thing is her kid. Jason will finally believe her and we'll spend all damn summer looking for it. 


sonya said...

Great show today!!!!! I loved it!!!! :) You are right Karen! Todd is in a rock and a hard place!!!!

Johnny and Carly: He tells her about him shooting and killing Grandpapa Z and she figures out that he shot out his tires! She is all upset and won't forgive him and walks out! Oh wait it's a daydream! ROFL! Anyway, Carly forgives him for sleeping with Connie. Awww YAY! :) They kiss. :)Well she has done bad things in the past and has cheated too! She brought that up again! :)

The hotel: Jason is at Sam's door! He tells her he loves her and it was wrong to think of the baby that way! Awww! But of course Sam isn't there!!! She is in McBain's room wondering what is wrong with her son! Jason goes into Sam's room, and then Sam comes out of McBain's room and leaves! They JUST missed each other! Soapy goodness! Jason sees McBain's door open a little and goes in. McBain shows up and he tells Jason all about how the baby was born! :) Jason says he needs to go find Sam and HIS SON! :)

The storm: Tea is looking at a picture of her and Victor Jr!!! WHEN is she going to find out Victor Jr is still alive?!!?!?! Sam takes her baby and goes to that cabin or whatever that place is! She leaves her baby safely in something, and then opens the door. She then passes out!!! Todd is there with Tea's dead baby!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! She thinks she lost her husband she can't lose her baby!!!! :'( Todd hears Sam's baby, and picks him up. Tea shows up and is so hyper thinking that the baby is hers!!!! Todd tries to tell her, but Heather shows up thinking she saved the baby. Todd and Heather talk alone in the cabin, and Heather wants Tea to believe the baby is hers! Todd doesn't want to do that, but Heather convinces him too! Oh dear!!!! Heather says to herself that Sam deserves it!!!!

LaTanya said...

I thought GH had filled it's quota on dead babies.....I guess not!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Loved the show today.

I feel for Sam when she wakes up.
She was definately in the wrong place at the wrong time!

And YES LaTanya, I thought GH had filled their quoto with dead babies too.

I said what I said on my blog, I will say over here, I thought Todd & Tea were awesome together today.

screamingeagle said...

I guess I am done with GH. I expected more out of these writers than to redo all the old OLTL stories. Maybe it is a good thing that I am losing interest so when ABC cancels GH in Sept. I wont have anything to miss.

cooks7570 said...

Tea's baby is as dead as Hope and Victor are Dead. Don't forget Heather is mad at Sam for not giving her letter to Steve.

renegade_killerbee said...

Come on guys ... "All My Children's" David Hayward has little Jake Spencer, Hope Thornheart and Victor Jr. Jr. Lord all tucked away in some lab bringing them back to life.

And they will all be reunited with their parents when "General Hospital" bites the dust in a few months.

skeebob said...

Saw the show on the same day it aired for the first time in over a month. So is the hotel Sam and McBain are staying in and birthing babies in located on the outskirts of town?

I really want to believe Tea's baby isn't dead, but Todd did hold it for several minutes, so you'd think he'd know it was alive. Plus it's been 3 months or so since a baby has died on the show, so clearly it was time...

Robin Mattson is just an incredible actress. She owns every scene she's in, and that's not easy to do when you are acting with the guy who plays Todd.

MatchboxGinny said...

More dead babies. Fantastic. That's exactly what soap fans, especially GH fans DO NOT want/need to watch.

I'm also finding the overly obvious writing insulting to viewers. Grant it, I did watch OLTL previously and these stories are just Ron's reruns, but still...the writing is just TOO OBVIOUS even for someone who never watched OLTL.

I guess I expected so much more from Ron seeing as he stated he's a GH fan. I expected creativity when writing for the GH characters and I'm not seeing it. I hope things change. I really do.

Bring back "Love In The Afternoon".

delcodave said...

Victor Mention!!!!

You know what that means. Drinking game... take a drink.

When Sam was talking to the baby, she referred to Jason as "Uncle Jason". Did everyone catch that? How are you supposed to expect jason to come around and love the child if he is referred to as "Uncle" instead of "Dad"


Di said...

Did anyone else think Sam's baby looked very big for a premie. She's not suposed to be due yet. Makes one think maybe she's been pregnant longer than she suspected and it's not Franco's baby.

As annoying as these storylines are to us GH fans it must be woese for the OLTL fans if they're just repeats of what they've already seen, but with their favourite actors. How is this reghashing of old stories satisfying anyone, Ron?

Brender said...

I wish I was able to move around as easy as Sam and Tea were right after having my kids. Sam was already up walking around and swaying the baby, right after it came out of her. Wow, Wonderwoman!
Did McBain really go to his place and pop open a beer and talk with Jason while they both knew that Sam was just there and just had a baby and vanished out of thin air?
Heather is Craaaa-zy! I was starting to get tired of this character, but she is so different than what we have been seeing from all the other women on this show that don't mind her being around.
I do like the character of Todd more now too. His honest talk is very amusing and the character works well with most...
Do you think Sam will feel remorse for what she did to Liz once she finds out that her baby was kidnapped?

Anon said...

The actors are GOOD and the potential is there (although they need to cut BACK on the OLTL actors - keep Todd and McBain, Blair OR Tea, and CUT Starr) BUT there's something about it that's just not working in the last couple of weeks. I can't put my finger on it...Too much Jason and Sam maybe? Too much rehashed storylines? Not enough Patrick? Not enough Felica? Just not sure

Anon said...

PS. I 2nd the comments re: Robin Mattson - she is a pro and brings it everytime whether it is Tony G. or Roger H. or Kelly M. she is foiled against. So good!


kdmask said...

I'm trying VERY HARD to not laugh at the storylines. AND GH Is still jumping all over the damn place. Finish up with Maxie/Matt/Lisa Niles like 2 days ago-- Where's Steve (not that I CARE)...EWan's been out so long we forgot about him. Molly and TJ?? Well, that was taken up then dropped.

My2Cents2 said...

Your right Karen, and like you pointed out on FB, why wouldn't Sam seek help at the motel sleaze instead of going out in a storm.

My2Cents2 said...

Your right Karen, and like you pointed out on FB, why wouldn't Sam seek help at the motel sleaze instead of going out in a storm.

LSV422 said...

Wasn't it quite coincidental that the motel was right around the corner from the unlocked house where Heather and Todd were? Also, how were both babies wrapped in identical black cloth? Heather was great, Tea was annoying, and these writers are definitely going for a sub-par intelligent audience. They are far too choppy with keeping a storyline going. They do write great lines for Todd, though.

Anonymous said...


renegade_killerbee said...

@LindaV. True about Todd's lines but I am betting Roger Howarth is the one to thank for that. He turns ad-libs into full dialogue. He is notorious for doing that on "One Life to Live."

He even tried to make Kassie DePaiva laugh during her intense scenes during live week. He's fantastic!