Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Surgery: IV Drip

That's what I feel like GH is doing to me. A slow--slow IV drip. A bit of this, hardly any of that--then dashes and bursts of things. I wish they'd put a little amphetamine  in there. The timeline is so off and I just can't understand why things are still so choppy. Random stuff just inserted then dropped. 3-4 days go by without revisiting a storyline (or in the case of TJ/Molly weeks), then they pop up for a minute--and go away again. Days of really great material and cliffhangers and days of sheer boredom.  Slice and Dice, baby.
This week I'll discuss gauze bandages, reality TV and what I see as a big mistake coming!

Flirting with Disaster

 Putting these two in the same space--whether it be the hospital or Jake's is playing with fire, imo. Not having either JaSam OR Liason together is such a mistake. You are going to alienate both fan bases. I don't think Liason is going to do much but flirt, but who knows. Liz had some glint in her eyes while playing pool. Jason's just oblivious to anything (as usual). I bet we do a dance with BOTH McBam and Lisaon--teases of sorts all dang summer. *sigh* Sam supposedly doesn't get the baby back until SEPTEMBER. Good Gravy...

Movin' on. I am also wondering about the TJ/Molly "thing". WTH. Talk about terrible pacing. The "reality show" is totally falling flat as well. One day it's a "comedy" with Alexis running around and the next the producer is trespassing on Sonny's property.  The new guy Trey? So reminds me of a Ford. If he gets 2 brothers and starts not wearing a shirt, look out.  Now Daddy's coming back. He who shot Theresa. So now, both Sonny and John can have a common enemy. 
Speaking of Sonny and McBain the whole "Theresa" story? Zzzzzzzzz. Sonny's a hero again. Zzzzzz.

AZ is still missing and now Luke and Anna are all over each other. Bleck. I told you I don't like it. It's just not natural. Yes, they are both great actors and it's "fun" to watch but it needs to stop. LOL. Spoilers say they have sex. I didn't even put that up on the Wubs Net wall because I hate it. 

I wish the pad  had an advertisement on it! LOL
Best Extra of the Week: Ewan's PATCH HEAD --now..what the heck. Here I am watching really dramatic scenes laughing my butt off at this thing. LOL

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Tracy and Alice talking on the couch. So unexpected and I loved it. Jane Elliot was having a great time 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Anna's Spider-Monkey jump on Luke. Ugh. Please. My eyes.  

GH has days of greatness and days of snoring boredom. Kelly Sullivan is acting her heart out (the choking scene just cracked me up though) and  I hope she doesn't get that Hollywood "Exhaustion" we hear about. LOL  It's all over the top and pretty twisty.  Hard to keep up if you miss one day or one chunk of dialog. Connie young, Connie old,  Kate old, young...on the train platform, in the Catholic Home--on the corner. EXHAUSTING!! yes, EXHAUSTING!

Babies in planter boxes, dresser drawers. Swiches and DID. Only in PC and Llanview, eh? We could start to time travel soon if we aren't careful! If the other stories Ron cooked up are any indication, expect a ton of twits, double mixes and weird lab results.  

Todd buying Crimson has huge potential. Maxie in the office..a gaggle of models. Todd can really pull that I'd love to have Vimal back as manager but I know how you all hate more OLTL characters so I'll shut up! 

BY THE WAY, I keep waiting for Cartini to make a kitchen set up. They used them heavily on OLTL--especially for breakfast "talk". I am just waiting for one to pop up in Port Charles. Maybe Patrick's house when someone moves in? We shall see.  


  1. Great observations on the show. I have to agree 100% with the choppiness, and the timeline.

    I don't tweet, but can't someone tell Ron or the edit department to get it together???
    GH has potential for being a great show if they would fix that problem. There are good storylines going on. All 101 of them!

    Your wondering about TJ and I can't help but wonder what happened to Morgan.

    Anna is too good for Luke. She isn't that desperate. However, I applaud the 'older' scenes with actors. Laura is too good for Luke as well. Luke is meant to be alone.

    Ewan is staying. Maybe it will develop for him and Liz. Jason uses Liz. He loves Sam clearly, and turns to Liz in distress. I HATE men like that!!!!!!
    Personally, I like Jason single.
    Looks like divorce papers are a coming though.
    Though Liz is not a favorite of mine, don't write her as a door matt to Jason. ENOUGH already.
    The writers are 'playing' with Liason fans. Nothing more.

    Wheres Jax? Morgan? Shawn? TJ?
    These characters need to be explained.

  2. So if this Trey (or Trent or whatever) turns out to be Kate/Connie/Pregnant Teen's son, will he parody his mother's illness on his hit reality TV show, "Mob Princess" and make her the laughing stock of Port Charles?

    Or will her loving embrace melt his cold, cold heart and make him think twice about his evil, evil ways? .. Nah!


    I still think Liz and Jason are relating as friends, and are being supportive of EACH OTHER.

  4. I hope that's what liz/jason are doing. It just seemed a little weird on HER end, not his.

  5. I think Liz will always want Jason. jmo

  6. Karen, you wrote that "it would be a mistake to have neither Jasam nor Liason this summer. (Which sounded like you were saying they SHOULD have one or the other) Then in your reply you said you are hoping the Liz/Jason thing is just friendship. I'm confused, does this mean you want a Jasam reunion?
    I actually don't want either Jasam or Liason as I think it is past time to freshen things up and have both Sam and Liz nove on. Just interested in your take...and a bit confused by what you wrote.

  7. Oh Karen!!! Vimal!!! Yes!!!! I love Vimal!!! :) His wife meh, I can live without her. But I love Vimal and his sister!!!

  8. I personally am a Liason fan, but am tired of "musical couples," so Jason needs to settle down w/Sam. I think, though, that this will be a summer of "triangles" or quadrangles, including Liz/Ewen/Sam/Jason/McBain (oh, what is next, after quadrangle?); Tracy/Luke/Anna/; Carly/Johnny/and whoever comes after Johnny after Carly learns of all of his lies.

    I STILL don't understand the Carly/Johnny relationship, it came out of nowhere, he just said "I love you," which makes no sense, this relationship didn't build and grow, it just got thrown at us one day and now he loves her? His relationships w/Lulu and Livvy built up slowly in a believable manner. Carly, and her "you know what" made of gold--every guy she sleeps with falls madly in love with her, to my constant amazement.

  9. An individual must REALLY HATE Sam to want her reunited with Jason.

    The same thing applies to Elizabeth. Both of these women can do tons better (and no, that wasn't a Steve Burton chubby joke!).

  10. Karen,
    Did you see Diane on True Blood this evening?

  11. Guess I don't entirely understand your dissatisfaction, Karen. I can see the choppiness and the need to balance out stories better, but I've seen improvement the last week or two. I do think they are aware of it and trying to pull it together.

    For me, the show is SO much better. It has heart, people are talking about their feelings (Guza never did much of that), and I feel I know them better now. I can feel closer to understanding them and being touched by their stories. This is what good soaps should do. And the ruined characters are being re-set to some degree, as much as can be done. I mean Luke is back! That is SO great. Carly seems more human (good grief--who knew?)

    Even Sonny's story is not the same old, as it was all too often under the old regime. As long as they limit his air time, I can tolerate him--as long as no more unknown relatives or babies of his show up! They need to be more realistic about him. He is an aging crook and not a babe magnet. He is wily but not brilliant, by any means. And he is mostly focused on himself, so he is only occasionally a 'nice' guy. His charm is rather artificial when he tries it.

    The OLTL people are working well, we have stories that cause anticipation now. That is a huge step. I have actually been watching some episodes twice these days!

  12. I saw Diane (CH)on True Blood. I miss her on GH but what a nice break for her, especially with those gorgeous vampires! All this Kate and Sam stuff is depressing and tiring. I really hate knowing that Same may not get the baby back until Sept. and the first three months will be lost. I guess Tea is going to breast feed and bond with the baby. It was good to see a bandage on Ewen since Jason had surgery and didn't even have one hair missing. I like the Liz and Jason friendship. Luke and Anna - ew. He and Tracy are priceless. Would love to see nuKrissie and her crew gone.

  13. There are way too many flashbacks on this show. It is annoying and you don't always have to show your audience a flashbck of what a character is thinking. I think it's a waste of screen time.
    We ask for vets and we really have only 2 returning presently who hardly have screen time. What do they do, just throw Anna together with Luke because there is no one else. It's like a bad blind date or a set up where friends throw you together with someone completely wrong for you. Painful to watch.
    OLTL vets: only like McBain and Todd and they are not all that! I don't get OLTL fans still not understanding that. I get that you miss your show and that it gained in ratings ( partly because you watched daily knowing it would soon be off air ) but it isn't going to be GH's saviour. Now they are getting set to add more characters from OLTL instead of bringing back GH vets we have been asking for , for years.
    Mob is just served on a different dish/schedule but it is still the main dish.
    There is some improvement, in that other characters are shown sporadically but Sonny/Kate, Jason/Sam, Carly still rule the roost.
    I guess some actors must have contracts placing them front and center and this has to be done but it is still hindering GH. Ratings for 2nd week in June show GH lastor 4th place ( you can view for yourself soap ) in overall viewers.
    They also have very little romance. Love in the afternoon left a long time ago. Instead it's murder, baby swaps,and dragon figurines, DID with a side of lets force a certain couple down their throats and make them accept it.
    I don't find the current regime have the courage to try something new or even the courage to please fans. They are relying on OLTL storylines and recycled GH stories.
    GH, I loved you , and had been a fan for 30 years , but I realize that the excitement is gone and won't be back.
    If you're completely enjoying the show then , I am happy for you and continue to enjoy.

  14. I am shocked by the negativity. The show is 1000 times better. Better writing, dialogue, character development, character integration, etc. It was unwatchable last year. I agree w Soaplover!

  15. So glad they're mixing things up with the couples. Jasam should've been over a long time ago. Too boring and no chemistry. It's nice to see Kelly Monaco having real chemistry with Michael Easton. Rating goldmine with McBam. It reminds me of the chem between Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst who actually look like they enjoy acting with each other. I'm looking forward to seeing it play out.

    I would however, like to see more creativity from the writers and not just OLTL reruns and the choppiness definitely needs to be worked out.

  16. I agree with muker but of course there are those that loved seeing Sonny/Carly/Jason onscreen making threats to their enemies 90% of the show.

    Fortunately, Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati have curbed that down to 50% of the show. I will take what I can get of the mob reduction program!