Friday, June 29, 2012

I played hookie yesteray-- my parents were here. We watched the great race.

The new opening is SO SHORT! ahahaa.  Weird. SOOOOOOOOOOO SHORT.

Today's show was pretty dull....other than Todd and Carly. RH is having a BLAST with this show!! wow. 

LIZ and Sam-- same old dance but you KNOW Carlitini is doing this on purpose. The Liason/JaSam fans will both be going nuts.

John McBain and Jason were seriously fighting over who's going to kill Joe Jr. First ahahahaa. 

Starr asks the judge to dismiss ConKate's case.  

I swear I could see NuXtina read her script in her head. ugh..Do NOT LIKE !! 

ConKate is off the hook and Sonny was beaming!! 

Jason shoots a gun Monday. WOW

WAIT..HOLD THE PHONE--Saw the TomKat NEWS!! And she "Blindsided him" and is seeking SOLE CUSTODY?? wow..someone must have deprogrammed her. 


My2Cents2 said...

TOMCAT news is the only news that is breaking right now!!

I am confused. I think. If someone could help me out. Jason & Jawn are magically on the same plane to go get Joe.
Isn't Joe Johnnys father too?? As well as Kates sonny Johnnys half sibling? Or am I really confused?

sonya said...

The credits: We got new credits!!!! I like it. It has an outer space feel to it. :)

Courthouse: Kate isn't going to jail!!! YAY! :) Thanks to Starr talking to the judge and bringing up her mother and cousin with their DID. :) Oh! Kate is remembering something! Her and Johnny! It's the scenes where he was talking to her about lying about her shooting out Papa Z's tires! :) She doesn't remember what he said to her tho!

Plane: McBain has a phone call. He was smiling, so I thought it was Sam calling. But no, it was Natalie! UGH! They need to break up ASAP! Sam called after Natalie. :) Sam needs a friend to talk to awww! :) Oh look Jason is there!! They are both going to New Orleans. Oh look they are bonding! ROFL! I'll call them McBorg! :) I got that name from someone else. I was going to call them McJason, but I like McBorg better. :) They are finally in New Orleans, and some cops show up for Jason! Oh oh! Jason looks at McBain, and McBain shrugs ROFL!

Haunted Star: Kristina and Johnny finally have a scene together. Trey is being a jerk as always. Trey and Star bicker. Oh come on Trey and Star! Admit you like each other! :) Michael and Starr twice had a moment. Like they were going to kiss.

Carly and Todd: Carly and Todd talk about Kate's office is his office now. Todd goes on a rant about how Johnny is a bad guy, but he is really talking about himself, but he won't admit it. Carly notices. :)

Floating rib: Liz comes by to get ribs for Cam. Cam loves ribs. :) Liz and Sam argue! Can we have a cat fight please? :)

Sidenote: How are your parents Karen? What race are you talking about? And what?!?! TomKat is over?! I haven't heard that! Yeah she MUST have been reprogrammed ROFL!

CareyN said...

2Cents--Gino Selito is Johnny's dad with Claudia, and he is Tracy's former husband (when she was on "The City"--the GH spinoff). He died on their wedding night. She inherited his money, and that's how Anthony was able to blackmail her.

Joe Scully was Sonny's old, old boss. Joe Jr is Joe's son, and the father of Kate's missing baby.

Is that more clear?

My2Cents2 said...

CareyN...You ROCK. Thank You!!!!

MatchboxGinny said...

Not a fan of the new opening. Blink, you'll miss it. Definitely miss the original music. That is what always let you know your soap was on and it was time to drop everything and watch!

Love RC/FV playing the Jasam/McBam/Liason card! Should have been done years before. This is a soap! Like I've said before, they are a ratings goldmine :)

Loved the Sam/Liz scenes. You better listen to her Sam if you want to reunite your little Chinese dragon thingys.

Who knew there would be onscreen chemistry between McBain and Sam even while they're ON THE PHONE?!? Wow. Love it, love it! I love seeing Sam be flirty girl. It's nice :)

Loved the Todd and Carly scenes. There is magic happening on screen with them.

Actually, same could be said with McJason. Fun scenes!

The other stuff (well besides my darling Johnny) I could've done without.

My2Cents2 said...

3 people in a marriage is 1 too many.. Liz walk away until Jason resolves his demons with Sam.

Liz DID back off Jason when he chose Sam.
Lets see that class again by Liz by walking away from someone who (for now) is very much in love with his wife.

love2chat402000 said...

Spoiler Alert:The jasam marriage is crashing and burning because of Jason and Sam's actions. Both are going to other people to discuss their marital problems instead of talking to eachother, no matter how difficult it is. Spoiler ahead: Sam will kiss McBain and Jason will see. Liz is not their problem!

david said...

as for the opening.

I cant tell if they were going for the Superman villians encased in a glass panel

or they ar epromoting ABCs really low rated reality series "The Glass House"

(both shows have the initial GH)

sole custody? makes sense since the baby is Chris Klein's.

sonya said...

david for the opening.

I cant tell if they were going for the Superman villians encased in a glass panel or they ar epromoting ABCs really low rated reality series "The Glass House"
ROFL! I pick Superman Villians incased in a glass panel. :) The glass house has low ratings?

sole custody? makes sense since the baby is Chris Klein's.
ROFL! You never know. :) Life is stranger than fiction. :)

Love4dogs said...

Actually The City is what Loving morphed into. Not technically a GH spinoff, but ABC has always done character crossovers.

sonya said...

Love4dogs says Actually The City is what Loving morphed into.
Yeah I don't get why they changed Loving's name to the City! I used to watch Loving! And then the City. :)

Not technically a GH spinoff,
No. GH's spinoff was Port Charles, and night shift. :) I did watch Port Charles.

Love4dogs said...

I watched Port Charles, too. It went vampire before all things vampire became wildly popular. (although, who can forget Dark Shadows?? LOL)

Gwen Hayes said...

My jaw dropped at Sam's comment about how she should be pushing a stroller in the park with her baby right now and then Liz walked in. Well played, GH.