Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ramblin' Todd

So, Paddy's poppin' the pills!! Wonder what they are... Xanax?? Vicodin? What? LOL.. he's doing some HAPPY THERAPY. Maxie finds the pills.

Heather has on a faux Chanel suit.  You know it's not Diane's or it would be real!!

Liason run into each other again-- awwww. They are in each other's orbits a lot!! Hmmmm. Teasing the audience or setting fans up for a confusion? Liz is looking all  stary-eyed. 

LOVE That Sam's working again!! I am glad she's not mooning for EONS. It's fast but there ya go.  Better than having her cry in the PH for ages.  And  I so love TODD! He was just rambling today... Rambling.  There were a TON Of little Sam mentions today! I miss that little guy. 
Todd tells Sam who might call him and who to put through. He says "My Sister'll know her she's sounds like this Helllooooooooooo this is Victoria Loooooord" ahaha. Oh that was good!!

TRACY IS NO RAT!! grrrrr.  She wouldn't do that to Luke no matter what. She may run him over or bash him in the head but go to the police?? 
Bad writing, and I'm calling it! Although of course Jane Elliot did it up!!

Heather finds Spinelli in the middle of the woods, talking into the recorder about HER! snap!!  She's going to EAT HIM!!  He's like Red  Riding Hood and she's the Big Bad Wolf heh... "Save it you little yellow bellied sap-sucker"



sonya said...

Todd and Sam: Great scene!!! Todd kept babbling! ROFL! He says that his two ex wives are bananas! ROFL! He tells her who he doesn't want to talk to! The Buchananas! ROFL! He talked about his sister and he talked like her! ROFL! I love the whole scene! :)

Patrick: Patrick takes another pill! That is the 3rd one!!!!! What is going on? What are the pills?!

Liz and Jason: Liz talks to Jason about what her brother said about Jason and her. What was the point of telling him Liz?! Who are you trying to convince? Jason? Or yourself?

Maxie and Lulu: They talk about why Maxie is living at Patrick's. Then Maxie talks to her about Patrick's pills. Maxie wants to help Patrick! She didn't help Lucky when he had a pill problem, so she is going to help Patrick.

Spinny and Heather: Spinny is out in the woods and following Heather. He is recording his voice of what is going on. He calls Heather the cockied cuckoo! ROFL! Heather is behind Spinny!!!! Spinny tells her he is there for the heather bird ROFL! She grabs his recorder and listens!! OH OH!!! Heather threatens and then breaks his recorder ROFL! Karen the big bad wolf! ROFL! Great picture!!! :)

Brender said...

I just found out that GH will be on at 1 CST now instead of 2. Have you guys talked about this already and I just missed it?

CareyN said...

Brender, I think it's different depending on your local ABC station's line up. I watch on Hulu or in the evenings.

rebeccakeen said...

Glad to see you FINALLY see that RC is a BAD writer!For me the best part of the show was Lulu & Maxi but only because they are played by JMB & JL who are my favorite actresses on GH.

Brender said...

Thanks CareyN! I will have to check the local lineup in my area.

Elizabeth said...

i loved the exchange between Heather and Spinelli. I thought the bush was going to eat him up the way he kept retreating into it.

I didn't think that it was very out of character for Tracy to sell Luke out the way she did. She was striking back at him the only way she can right now. It was very vindictive and very Tracy.

I am really glad that RC and FV brought Roger Howarth over the GH. Todd is probably one of the more amusing characters on the canvas right now--the scene between Todd and Spinelli the other day was great and I really enjoyed his scenes with Sam today.

sonya said...

Oops! I forgot to mention Tracy and Anna! Tracy threw Luke under the bus! DOH! She is a scorned woman!!!!

AntJoan said...

Did anyone see the trailer for the cartoon "Brave"? I think they are supposed to be Scottish, but the lead character sounds just like Siobhan!! Then I saw the actual Siobhan in 2 different commercials--one w/a cat, and one w/a brownie. Yikes!!

kdmask said...

The lead lady in Brave is Kelly McDonald from Boardwalk--

I didn't say RC was a bad writer, that patch of dialog was terrible.

YES, I talked about the time change on twitter and FB --not here I guess. ABC is saying most markets GH is on 2pm/est.

Avalonn said...

@AntJoan, LOL, I saw Siobhan last week. Did you expect her to break into that Irish accent during the cat commercial? I did!

soaplover said...

Just as a reminder...because it seems viewers often blame headwriters for dialogue in scenes...
Headwriters write the storylines, usually way out ahead, and those storylines are then broken down into weeks and days, and each day is given to one of six or seven associate writers to write the actual dialogue. If you dislike certain dialogue, blame an associate writer. On the other hand, where the dialogue was leading and how it affects story, that IS the headwriter's brainstorm. The associate is only following the scene-by-scene outline, supplying the words.

So I guess RC had Tracy betraying Luke and the associate wrote how she did it. I didn't care for either work in that particular story area.

JMO, but I think Tracy may have had another motive--like having the police do a search for him because he is actually missing, and if he is a suspect, PCPD would be more likely to take action.
I was more upset that she discribed to Anna the Guzified Luke--one who cheated a lot and was a fortune hunter, etc. The real Luke wasn't like that and now that RC has given us back a version of real Luke, I disliked that patch of dialogue.

Maurice never seemed to take a vacation for over ten years by taping ahead, so I don't seen why they couldn't do that with Geary--at least to some degree. Of course, Maurice was probably taping to cover a two or four week period.

AntJoan said...

Yes, I also thought that Tracy was reporting Luke so that the PCPD could do a search. And, yes, I did expect Siobhan to break into the Irish accent for the cat commercial!

Cosmoetica said...


JMO, but I think Tracy may have had another motive--like having the police do a search for him because he is actually missing, and if he is a suspect, PCPD would be more likely to take action.
I was more upset that she discribed to Anna the Guzified Luke--one who cheated a lot and was a fortune hunter, etc. The real Luke wasn't like that and now that RC has given us back a version of real Luke, I disliked that patch of dialogue.

Have to agree with Elizabeth. Recall Tracy with Paul Hornsby or any of her lovers. Ripping Luke is classic Tracy, and it wa great. C'mon, you nad Karen have watched long enough to know that Luke is a scumbag.

Recall, he came on the show as a HITMAN, like Jason. He raped Laura. He stole and connived and was always petulant. The layra-fied Luke was the detestable Luke, story-wise. It WAS out of character, and Tony Geary HATED that Luke, and with cause. It wasdull and boring.

It would be justice if Heather rapes Luke, ala Jax, as payback for Laura.

GH has always had a bad habit of making viewers sympathize with dirtbags: Luke and Sonny being the 2 most notable.

My2Cents2 said...

Todd scenes ROCKED! His description of his sister IF she called!! The list of people he HATES! lmao

Liz: Call Lucky. Maybe he is willing to come home to you and his kids. You 2 were meant to be together. End of story.

Brender I ran a article 2 days ago on my blog about the new time slot. YES I believe it is 1 central time.

Ohhh please no rape storys. Wasn't Victor raped on OLTL and that is how Sam came to be?? Memory loss here.

Still looking for the Mac & Felicia story to revolve.

mosbp said...

I agree that Tracy was totally in character. i have another take on it though- if Mac had still been the commissioner, I don't think she would have done it, but ANNA is the commissioner- the woman Luke chose over her...this was more for Anna than for getting back at Luke, IMO.

CareyN said...

Tracy didn't throw Luke under the bus thinking that the police would then go look for him. She didn't/doesn't know he went missing. She thought he was with Anna all night. It wasn't until the end of their scene when they realized he "left them both." Tracy was just being the jilted lover, which is in character for her for sure.

2Cents: Yes Victor (formerly known as Todd on OLTL) was raped and that is where little Sam came from. I sure hope they don't do that to Luke. I know the OLTL writers did that in an effort to "redeem" Todd, but I don't think Luke needs redemption. Been there, done that. (And I totally agree about L&L2, but only with JJ as Lucky!!!)

LSV422 said...

My2Cents, after watching the Emmys I wanted so badly for JJ to come back as Lucky for Liz. By the way, the time change doesn't take effect until Sept. 10 if I am correct.

My2Cents2 said...

Linda you are correct about the time change date.

I would LOVE Lucky to come back for Liz. IMO they are soul mate.

Stop by my blog, I update a few times a day.

renegade_killerbee said...

I hope Liz doesn't become afflicted with another pregnancy by 'roid boy.

eygirl33 said...

In my opinion, Luke ABSOLUTELY needs redemption. Luke drunkenly killed a child and walked away scott free. Not to mention, he also stole Jason's children's inheritance. He is the lowest of the GH scumbags and Anna should stay as far away from Luke as she can. I feel she's being a hypocrite having an affair with one criminal while doing everything she can to bring another criminal to justice.

Avalonn said...

Anna has a habit for getting romantic with criminals. Duke Lavery anyone? Besides, she's only involved with Luke because of the whole Robert/Ethan mess. When that truth comes out she'll hate Luke.

LSV422 said...

My2Cents, how do I find your blog? Would love to check it out.

My2Cents2 said...

I also just created a group on FB as well. Would love for you to join.

If you could send me your private email I will email you my first and last name.

The BLOG is not only GH but Reality shows and Nighttime dramas.

Looking forward to seeing you there.