Friday, June 8, 2012

A Planter Box. It's All Greek To Me!

At least it's not a tree!! 

Oh, Sam tells Tea her baby "didn't make it"..wahhh. Dr. Lee says the baby doesn't have the genetic condition she thought he had but has got hemophilia instead. Oh great. Well, genetic markers!! Get a DNA test! 
NOTE: Sam got flowers from McBain NOT the Borg!! And Sam is going to figure out John got beaten.

MAC IS ON... and is wearing a casual shirt!! :THUD: I don't think I've seen him in casual wear in YEARS!!  Is JJY leaving the show? Sounded like it.
YEAH FOR ANNA!! yeah!! for ANNA!! I love her being police chief!! She gets Lunacy first off heh. She also tells JASON to watch his butt. That "talk" was priceless.  Anna even used the Robin history but told him sorry, no favors for you!

Heather has read up on the Lord Family. Heh.... She's SO Alison Perkins!!  LOVED IT she is never going to let this go!!  

"I get away with everything, it's amazing" says Heather ahahhaaa.  She changed the DNA results!!  

Much better show-flow today!


My2Cents2 said...

I am confused. Is Todd's real name Thomas? Didn't Heather refer to him as Thomas in the beginning scene??

Good show today, however, we all knew Jason was the baby daddy!

everythingzem6 said...

i think todd's full name is thomas todd manning.

sonya said...

Mac and Anna: Mac wants Anna to take his job. Anna says no. Come on Anna! Mac WANTS you to take his job! It's okay! :) Say yes!!! :) Or do you want this other guy to take the job? I mean you call him an imbecile! :)

Mac and Felicia: Felicia has all these fliers to help Mac keep his job! Awww! :) Mac says Anna has already got the job. They talk about the past and the mistakes they made. Mac said that yesterday if Spinny didn't show up, they would have kissed. Felicia agreed! And they are about to kiss now!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! :)

The police station: Anna is telling the cops of the new rules!! That they are not going to cut corners!! LOVE IT! :) Damn I wish Frisco was back and back being a cop! Anna had a cop bring Jason in! She brings up Robin and the past with Stone and Jason, and that she says she knows Jason got the men to beat up McBain! There is no proof she says, but she knows he did it, and she won't let Jason get away with anything bad!!! YAY! :) Anna sees Luke and Tracy, and she lets them go. Alexis is there too.

The hospital: Heather is harassing Todd! ROFL! Heather has this Hospital lab results! The baby that Tea has, Which says who the parents are

Mother: Sam Morgan.

Father: Jason Morgan.

I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Heather!!!! :) She is getting her revenge on!!!!! :) Man if I was on the show, I would be bad! :) Karen you should make a poll!!! Asking people if they were on a soap, would they want to be a goodie goodie person or a bad person! :)

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

I haven't watched today's episode but I can tell you that the news that Jason is really the father makes me want to stop after 30 yrs!
Kill off Liasons son then so soon after give Jasam one.
I was mad enough tptb writing it where he so quickly forgave her after all the things she did. I believe the real JM wouldn't have. But I hung on. They killed Jake still I stayed loyal.
But I seriously have had enough.
I have a feeling I won't be the only lingering Liason fan considering tuning out.
Right this second, I can honestly say I don't care if it gets canceled. I might change my mind after I calm down, but I doubt it.
I think I've had enough! Thought the new PTB would stop pimping Jasam so much. But I guess I was wrong.

Tay said...

So is jason really the father cuz I'm sick with being confused.

LaTanya said...

Haven't watched all week I just come on here to get a recap and see the comments! I'm just not happy with whats going on. I'm not surprised by Jason being the father (no one is) I was suspecting that so it doesn't bother me. But the recycling of OLTL storylines and killing Tea's baby just put me in a place where I don't care anymore.

I hate that I feel this way especially about a soap that I have been watching for almost 30 years. So I'll just take some time off and read recaps and maybe I'll feel like watching again after a couple of weeks. I know that's not the attitude I should have since everyone including me want to save soaps but I'm just not invested like I use to be!

dar said...

There was a story about James Franco doing an arc on a new show called Hollywood Heights and naming the star as Brittany Underwood of One Life to Live. Not having watched that show I have no idea who she is but I know you like to follow what ex-soap people are doing.

I am so thrilled! An almost Sonny free week. I know it won't last but it was so refreshing

Carrie Ann said...
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Carrie Ann said...

Well I loved the show today.. But I was a sometime watcher of OLTL and my favorite characters there were Todd (both versions) Starr and Blair and David. I loved the actor who plays John on Port Charles. I am happy with the cross overs. I understand the big picture is more eyeballs. So please people if you want GH to stay on the air please understand the additions to the cast.

Now I was happy to see that Jason is the father. I am hoping that a video will emerge eventually of Franco sitting next to a past out Sam. In the video he would let us know that he did not touch Jason's wife but enjoyed just getting into Jason's head.

Could Anna be anymore wonderful than she was today? I loved all of her scenes. I am so falling in love with the idea of Luke and Anna. Please Luke tell her about Dodger being your son and not Roberts!! I just know that is going to be the monkey wrench to their happiness..Give us some scenes with Anna and Emma!! Finola was always so great in the scenes with kim when she was just a little girl.

Mac and Felicia Jones just hurry up with it. Some people just belong together like peanut butter and jelly. I want them together and for them to get pregnant with a baby pronto. I want Maxie disgusted by the pregnancy and delighted at the same time. And please rebuild the Scorpio Jones house or have Mac and Felcia buy the old brownstone and renovate it...HGTV style.

AntJoan said...

I had a loong day, and just finished working, but feel compelled to make these comments: 1) Cassadines are a Russian family, not Greek, so I didn't understand the reference to a Greek/Italian disease; 2) I feel KM is very brave doing all these scenes sans make-up, it makes it very realistic; 3) How on Earth could Anna be hired and on the job in five minutes? What about paperwork, salary agreements, etc.? Port Charles must be on another planet; and 4) WHY can't McNostrils go to the police to report his beating?

Carrie Ann said...

Dear anyone who is not a long time viewer....Please see..
Various family members have been sometime residents of Port Charles and of the private Cassadine-owned island in Greece....
The Cassadines also abducted Laura Webber Spencer and forced her to marry Stavros, after telling Laura that Luke was dead. During her captivity in Greece, Laura gave birth to Stavros's son Prince Nikolas Cassadine. When Laura discovered Luke was alive, she left Nikolas behind in Greece to be raised by his uncle Stefan Cassadine, Helena's second son. Stefan and Laura had also been lovers and Laura believed Stefan to be her son's father instead of Stavros. Helena has been obsessed with gaining control over Nikolas, who is heir to the Cassadine legacy. She brought back her dead son, Stavros, back to life early this decade, after keeping him in the basement of General Hospital for many years. Recently, she has focused most of her attention on her great-grandson, Spencer Cassadine.

Avalonn said...

@AntJoan I still haven't watched today's show but, in regard to Anna, I'm guessing since she was police commissioner years ago, that's why she got the job so quickly. Now if only Luke were mayor!

I'm still hoping for a Liason and McBam pairing.

AntJoan said...

Carrie Ann, I've been watching for decades, but still appreciate the Cassadine history lesson for newer viewers. The Cassadines were Russian nobility who likely fled to Greece sometime after the Communist revolution in 1917. As far as I know, they have Russian ancestry.

kdmask said...

YES Cassadines are NOT GREEK..we kid about that and laugh--but they are Russian. I have always thought "Nikolas" referred to the Czar Nikolas Romanoff.

Carrie Ann said...

Well, I guess someone needs to let Frank V know that Sam is not Greek. Or maybe her father will turn out to be Greek..I guess it is all Greek to

Cosmoetica said...

When the Cassadines first surfaced in 1981, during the Ice Princes caper, they were Greeks. Their surname- Cassadine, plus assorted personal names- Mikkos, Stavros, Petros, is the giveaway. Later on, when they added Nikolas, they retconned the Cassadines to being Romanovian-like exiles.

But they are a mix of Greek and Russian. The blog pages are wrong.

Di said...

They were exiled Russians who lived in Greece for generations. I'm sure someone in their married a Greek ( or had kids with a Greek)and they became a Russian/Greek mix.

Anon said...

I like Anna back in the PCPD saddle and the Todd and Heather team-up pulls off the delicate balancing act of being hilarious and creepy. The Mac/Flea airtime is good too...

Friday's show was the best of all week, I thought but this show is still struggling somewhat to find a groove. Maybe it's all the OLTL characters running around or trying to work the vets back onto the canvas in a meaningful way. Still not sure.

Cosmoetica said...

When Mikkos first surfaced he was portrayed as an Aristotle Onassis-like tycoon with mad scientist ambitions.

The Cassadines were Greek. Only later were they retconned into Russkies in exile.

Flag of Greece.png Hellenic People's Republic (short-term name for Cassadine Islands)
Flag of Greece.png Hellenic Republic (absorbed by the Hellenic Confederation)
Flag of Greece.png Principality of the Cassadine Islands (joined the Hellenic Confederation)

The Cassadines were based on this lineage.