Monday, June 25, 2012

Post Emmy Glow


Heather, I hope you have a potty under that chair for Luke to use!! LOL I was also hoping AZ was in that shed, rotting in the corner. It would have been a hoot. How come Luke's phone rang when Anna left a message but NOT when Lulu did? Hmmmmm.
"you ungrateful little cutie-pants"!! says Heather to Luke while carrying a plastic knife! LOL 

Lante eating the Chinese food at the PCPD was cute.

Dante and Sonny zzzzzzzzzz How long before Sonny turns his dimples on Anna!!?? heh..special privileges!

Alice and Lulu! Nice touch. I like that people get around now. Never EVER would that have happened in the olden days.

Tracy and Anna...Tracy is just perfection I love her. "Until someone younger and edgier comes along..there's enough humiliation there to last a lifetime" gah! Poor Tracy!! Jane and Finola were awesome today!

Carly trying to tell Michael Johnny's a good guy. ConKate talking to Johnny about it all. They do have chemistry!! 

Somewhat Dull today--at the end, all 3 ladies "hold a candle" for Luke.


  1. I noticed the phone ring too. great minds think alike,

    will Steven Lars EVER be in the same room with his mom? Isnt this his obligation as guardian? Where was Steven today? This is one plot point the writers really are bad about.

  2. Heather and Luke: Ungrateful little cutie-pants! ROFL! That plastic knife hahahaha! For dessert she wants sex. But, what if Luke says no? Is she going to rape him? :(

    Dante and Sonny: Yes Karen. Zzzzzzzz.

    Johnny and Kate: She wants to warn him that the police might be after him! She doesn't want the police to railroad him like they did Sonny! Awwww! :) She wants to protect Johnny. :)

    Tracy and Anna: Poor Tracy!!! :(

    Tracy and Lulu: Tracy tells her Luke doesn't want her and she notices Lulu isn't surprised. :(

    Lulu and Dante: They are eating Chinese food!! Great scene. :)

  3. omg THAT'S RIGHT! GUARDIAN! Totally forgot LOL

  4. Poor Jane Elliot.

    She has quit the show before for worse writing than this (hi, 1993).

  5. Karen, did you see Rebecca Herbst, Jason Thompson, Bradford Anderson, and Sean Blakemore on the show "The Talk" today?! They were talking about after emmy parties! RH looked beautiful! They showed a pic of the cast with RH next to Maurice Bernard and Finola hughes and I loved her and finola's dresses!

  6. It was a little dull today but at least things are flowing better now. I loved the ending with the three women and the candles.

    Tracy and Annie...Poor Tracy for sure, but Jane was awesome!

    And my favourite funny line of the day: You and me and a BLT. lol Does anyone else think that would make a great song? lol

  7. There is something horribly wrong with a show that has 3 women panting after Luke (blech).

  8. eygirl......GREAT COMMENT!!!!!!

  9. Yeah, 3 women pining after Luke is ridiculous, but realistically there are very few men in their demo to go around. We could sure use Ric or Robert, and of course, Frisco. I hate to say it, but I really resent the stupidity of the writers leading us to believe that Heather, who has no car by the way, hauled Luke out of the Haunted Star, put him in a wheelbarrow and wheeled him to that old shack, and then carried him out and put him in a chair. And she had tme to go to Kelly's for the BLTs. Does she have superhuman strength? I thought the Anna/Tracy scenes were excellent, and just seeing Anna everyday is a major kudo from me.

  10. Absolutely loved the Anna/Tracy scenes! Great writing and superb acting.

    I agree LindaV. The fact we're supposed to believe Heather is EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE whenever she wants is ludicrous. I wish they'd tighten up the storyline and make it a little more believable.

    Di - "You and me and a BLT." LMAO!!! I really can hear it in song now that you mention it! ♫♫♫

  11. Hey! Ladies were wild about Luke when he was loving Laura! The most fascinating character ever devised for soaps. Not exactly handsome, but tall and interesting looking. (Geary is about 6'2''.) He has matured nicely and I find him very sexy and witty and fun. I can easily believe 3 ladies want him.

    As for Heather dragging him around--so true. She's got muscles, but really now. And Olivia is missing her car again. Notice: They don't show Heather lugging Luke into the cabin and the chair, etc. It is kinda laughable. She would definitely need help!