Friday, June 1, 2012

Two Babies, a Wheelbarrow and One Morton Salt Girl..

You know the are soap babies when the placenta isn't attached to the mama and there's no afterbirthin'.  But hey--we have two babies, both boys--one sick one healthy as hell. Gee, what COULD GO WRONG!!?

And Jason is such a DOUCHE-BAG if only AJ could see all this happening. They are writing Jason as such an ass.

JaSam baby trended on Twitter!

McBam is getting the sheeze beat out of him!!! OH and at the end? Trevor St. John photo!! yah!

Luke tells Lulu to shut up about anything. Johnny tells Dante he knows nothing and Carly convinces Jason to get to Sam. Todd hands the baby over to Heather who will inform him if it's alive or DOA. 
Today's show should have been so much better... it fell way flat for me. Not sure why-- just did. 


sonya said...

Oh Karen! You did make a blog about GH today! I will put my comments here. :)

Jasam home: Oh look! Jason hired 2 muscle men!!! ROFL! Carly don't like that Jason hired men to beat McBain up, because Sam is gonna start liking McBain. She wants Jason to cancel the beating! So he calls but leaves a message!!!!! ROFL! Stupid Jason!! Why don't you just go and run to the hotel! Carly gave great advice to him! She leaves, and her phone rings. She says she has to practice what she preaches. She answers the phone, and it's Johnny!

Todd and Tea: Okay their scenes today cracked me up!!! Todd didn't want to have Tea give birth in the car so they are at a bus stop! ROFL! Tea kept saying this is a bus stop! So Todd says maybe the bus will come and then she kicks him! ROFL! Scene of the day!!!! ROFL! Todd gets the line of the day too! The baby is born and it's a BOY! But oh oh the baby isn't breathing.

Sam and McBain: The baby is born! It's a boy!!!!! Oh look the baby has jello all over his head! ROFL! McBain leaves and he gets beated up by the muscle men! Sam is all alone with the baby, but oh oh something is wrong with the baby. Not breathing right.

Dead papa Z and Heather: Heather finds a cabin or something! She fantasizes of being the hero to Luke and they kiss and have sex on the police station floor ROFL! That fantasy cracked me up! Anyway she finds a wheelbarrel!!! She puts smiling dead papa Z in it! ROFL!With his feet sticking up ROFL! Off she rolls! Then Todd shows up and sees her car! He can't open it but he sees Heather so he follows her!!!

Todd and Heather: He sees dead papa Z and then sees Heather. He needs her car keys to take the baby to the hospital but she wants to see the baby. He doesn't want to, but she won't give him the keys until she sees the baby!!!!! She is trying to save the baby!!!!

Police station: Luke spills his guts to Lulu! Lulu wants to tell Dante but Luke doesn't want her to!! Johnny is setting Tracy and Luke up for the murder!!!!!

love2chat402000 said...

The show was predictable today. Tea's baby is dead and Todd and Heather will scheme to switch the dead baby with a live one. Possibly Sam's? Notice Sam's baby was also wrapped in black cloth.
Jasammers must have been so thrilled at Carly/jason's discussion, LOL. Transparent that the writers support jasam with figurine etc..
Heather was funny today and the fantasy with Luke made me laugh.
The McBain /Sam scene was good chemistry but too bad they will be related.

My2Cents2 said...

Where did that attire come from?? Did Heather make a stop at Target to get rain gear?

Jason off to the rescue! Of all people to talk sense to him, Carly!!

LOVED how John McNostrils wasn't the 'good guy' for once and got beat up. Sorry, but I am tired of the same heros, show after show.

And Teas baby is dead. That is hearbreaking.

LaTanya said...

Crap I already commented on the other post about Blair.

OK bottom line is I'm tired of baby switch storylines. Everyone has done it at least on AMC with Bianca and Babe their babies were alive! I can't believe they are killing Tea's baby she has been through enough. She doesnt have Victor now they kill their kid.......really!

This is GH so we know Sam's baby will live and even though I don't like her I'm happy it will. But to kill Tea's baby make me not care so much about GH it's always been a priority now if I catch it fine if not o well.

Also for Jason to have a cop beat up is just plaine dumb like that's gonna make McBain go away! smh

delcodave said...

Victor Mention Today!!!!

The new OLTLv2 (GH) drinking game.

Whenever a OLTL character mentions Victor you take a drink.

woo hoo! Jaegger bombs for everyone.

CareyN said...

I haven't watched today's show yet, but let us not forget that Heather's favorite thing in the world to do is to SELL BABIES. So, even if one is "dead" and/or one is "switched", the door is WIDE open for a "Oh, that baby of yours you thought was dead, I sold it for $10,000" story line.

soaplover said...

I thought today's show was really GOOD! Lots accomplished...and here a twist and there a twist...

Hey Jason hasn't been exactly a bright bulb since his head struck that rock on the Q's driveway, so he seems to me to be true to form.

Heather in that yellow outfit is a hoot. Luke and Lulu were good, warm, caring stuff with some honesty. Lulu reminds me of Laura more and more.

Yesterday and today were great moving-forward stories with fun, danger, surprises and well done. The rain was giving me shivers--can't be easy to produce an episode like this.

rebeccakeen said...

The show fell flat because it has REALLY BAD writers now and it is 100000 times WORSE then it has ever been.

FriscoDances said...

No way rebecca.

I may still want to see more changes and I am having a hard time adjusting to the OLTL invasion, but the fact of the matter is that the show is soooo much better with Ron and Frank at the helm. Heck, if nothing else, it is at least entertaining me. I love the little surprises they throw in from time to time. We never had that before!

Last year, GH was on life support and TPTB had one hand on the plug. At least there is a faint heartbeat now and for that I am thankful.

Anonymous said...

I understand some people are really enjoying the show lately. I wish I could say I am. Perhaps it is because I never watched OLTL prior so really don't care for the new characters nor the new storytelling style which I feel is very campy and over acted.
I feel like OLTL and Nickelodeon had a child and that is now GH.
That said, I realize GH is still on life support so I will continue to watch (but fast forward through Tea, Starr, and Sonny) and support however I can.
I am still hoping for some serious socially relevant story lines and a more balanced use of GH vets and GH core characters.
I guess the fact that so many of us are talking about the show is a good thing right?

Cosmoetica said...

Murder mysteries, switched babies, Multiople personalities, love triangles, evil twins, feuds, secrets, psycho botches, etc.

These are all classic soap tropes. In some form they are all now on the show. Social relevance is something that comes along every few years. Soaps are campy BY NATURE! Dark Shadows, Prisoner Cell Block H, Passions, PC's vampires, Casey the Alien.

The OLTL guys were on only the last 2 days in any degree. And now Tod is involved ina Heather storyline.

Todd to Heather: If you hurt him, I hurt you.

Great and classic soap stuff. How long have you watched GH, Frisco? The 80s were all CAMP all the time! The Ice Princess? The Prometheus Disk? David Gray?

Anonymous said...

I've been watching since the late 70's. Long enough to remember the HIV storyline, the BJ/ Maxie storyline, Monica's breast cancer, real love stories, police being the good guys and stories that focused on core families.
Cosmo - I respect that you are enjoying the show now. I hope a lot of others do as well so GH is not cancelled. BUT, respect that others may not be enjoying the new characters or the camp. That does not make us wrong, just different tastes.

My2Cents2 said...

I'm not enjoying the show, but it is so much better than it was.

As you can see from my blog, I clearly just want to see tiny improvements and the show to keep on keeping on.

Cosmoetica said...

Frisco: I'd love the old Quartermaines, and some issues- like some REAL black family, and less tokens, but they have to be phased in over time, realistically. Of the tropes you mentioned, all were good but the HIV one.

Too forced, and, w AIDS, no gays? C'mon. The story giving Robin HIV was a forced one, in its way as forced as Luke and Laura's love after the rape- just unrealistic.

And, as good as the BJ heart story was it did kick off a soap-wide trend of VERY SPECIAL EPISODES where kids die, and almost all were schlock.

The best GH stories were the first Luke and Frank Smith tale, the Ice Princess and Prometheus Disk, the Susan Moore and Kevin O'Connor murders, BJ, the Dominique, Scotty, Lucy tale, and even parts of the introduction of the ward clan.

My actual fave moment in 33 years of GH watching was the scene where Bill Eckert gives Sly a man to man in the lighthouse a day or 2 b4 they killed him off. Bill Eckert was a FAR better character than Luke Spencer, and then they made him a PIRATE!

Cosmoetica said...

Also, my main point is that there is almost nothing BUT complaints about this show now, yet it's the best it's been since the turn of the century! Give it a few more mos.

Unknown said...

I am also enjoying the show more than I was. I think that one problem with all of the OLTL characters coming on board is that there has not been enough cast integration. They really should have played Tea with Alexis, Diane, or Anna. If you didn't watch OLTL then no wonder people don't like all the new characters taking time away from their faves. In addition, I think that we should make a rule to tell TPTB "NO MORE DEAD BABIES!!". I am sick of that part of the baby switch storyline. It is old and tired.

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

I agree with everything unknown above said.

As for myself, I have watch OLTL all my life, as well as all ABC soaps, but I personally am not caring for the caracter cross over.
They are getting way too much airtime.
I don't think it would bother me as much if they were integrated with GH characters, but as it is right now...
I'm not liking it.
I tune into GH to watch my beloved GH characters.
I will tolerate it, if it helps raise ratings and keeps my favorite show on TV.
Also I do believe GH is better overall, than it has been in quite awhile. Yes it still has many problems, biggest for me is the fact it is still pimping certain characters and couples, while ignoring others that have been around a lot longer. I thought this was going to get better with the new writing team but lately it seems to back to the same old thing.
Also I must admit, not caring for the new shooting style either.
Just my opinions, or whatever there worth.

Anonymous said...

Cosmo says of Robin's HIV storyline: "Too forced, and, w AIDS, no gays? C'mon."

OMG, are you f'ing serious?! What is this, 1982? Those stereotypes were debunked a generation ago.