Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twitter is being a meanie today...not sure why but it's acting up. 
Hey, you know that Bus Monitor from Greece? That's right near here, other side of Rochester. Ugh I can't even watch it. Glad she's gotten support. 

I watched the end of The Revultion today and I can so see why it was canned. Ty talking about cleaning your bathroom. And he is too manic to talk about anything.. UGH.. Stupid ABC. Got rid of OLTL to teach me how to use Cola to clean my toilet. 
Still Stalking LUKE I far will she take the obsession?

 GH today.. Jason going to see LIZ about Sam?? Brahahahahaa. Ok, I guess that's a way to provoke response. Split screen responses again.

Mulva is the one telling Johnny all the secrets!! Can I dare hope this means she's leaving. 

Anna's asking about who's dishing about the PCPD stuff and Dante, Lulu and Mulva all have guilty flashbacks. Heh.  And she wants Mulva to go undercover. Great. More Dolores.

ConKate-- cray cray continues. 

LOVED GHOST HOPE!! JOHNNY'S LOSIN' IT!! She's a little Great casting. Looks creepy.

DON'T GO WITH HEATHER!  And TG'S VACATION HAS BEGUN!! She's going to kidnap him LOL. *sigh*


Brender said...

Ok, so split screen shots are ok once in awhile. Not two days in a row.
Show was ok for me. Those anti-Liz fans out there can't say that Liz is getting in anyones business when Jason is going to her house to talk to her about him and Sam.
I wish Mulva was leaving.
Heather is cra-zy!

My2Cents2 said...

Thanks for the info about Lukes vacation.......

Didn't care to see a dead child ghost. Didn't like at all. GH can do better.

We found Jossie!! Now we have Morgan to find and we will be home free!!

NOT liking Jason's behavior toward Liz. Jason is Liz's drug. Why is he running to her after all he put her thru? Doesn't he have a brain?

kdmask said...

My2Cents: No He doesn't! LOL

AntJoan said...

Mulva, maybe she's not leaving? Thanks from me also for the info on Luke's vaycay--poor Anna!!

What's on my (still flu-addled) mind: Sam set everything in motion by NOT going to the police after the "rape," she would have learned she was not raped. Good lesson for all.

Heather: How is she out and about? Isn't Steven Lars supposed to be watching her?

Ewen: He finally is acting like a real therapist. The session w/Sonny and Kate is very realistic, and very powerful--it's all very well done.

delcodave said...

Does anyone know what Lulu's job title is at the PCPD? She is in every scene that takes place there and is privy to confidential information by always being there and listening to all the safe and secure information. Just curious. Did I miss a day when she was given a job title and a paycheck?

I love Robin Matson. And I loved Heather back in the day. Does anyone else think they are writing her a little too over the top or too forceful? I cant believe No one will stand up to her? (Guza would. He would have had someone slap her or throw her down a flight of steps by now). My opinion is that Heather used to be mentally unstable but had a little heart. Now? she is just bat-sh*t crazy.

I liked the ghost child. But only for today. I hope she isnt a steady character. Having her on once is good for the storyline. Having her on several times would be overkill. (no pun intended. oh wait, yeah, it was intended)

Elizabeth said...

I liked GH today, and although hallucination Hope was creepy, i liked that twist. I would be more annoyed if Johnny wasn't feeling guilty about Cole and Hope's death. This is going to eat at him until he has to confess.

I wonder if Joss's Winnie the Pooh tastes like honey; it is in her mouth all the time.

I don't get how TG can leave in the middle of a storyline. Why did TPTB start a relationship between Luke and Anna right before he leaves for vacay? It makes no sense.

sonya said...

Before I start my thoughts about GH today, Karen that bus monitor getting bullied! UGH! It's disgusting!!!!

Luke and Heather: Heather tells Luke about Papa Z's body! :) Luke wants her to tell him where the body is! Heather says she will show him! Luke changes his mind about getting the body! ROFL! Luke decides to call the police. Heather hits Luke over the head with a bottle! ROFL! Luke! You REALLY should have been grateful that Heather took care of the body and said THANK YOU! :)

Jason and Liz: She puts her arms around him and she hugs him!!! Awww! :) Ewen shows up for their date!

Police station: Mulva goes up to Anna and CONFESSED!!!!! She told her about her giving info to Johnny Z!!!! Anna wants her to keep doing what she is doing but feed him false info!!! :) Dante and Lulu talk about what secrets they are keeping and that they can't tell Anna! ROFL!

Carly's home: Carly and Johnny talk about dinner. She has made dinner but she admits she isn't a good cook, so Johnny says they can have pizza. They start making out! Joss walks in and says mommy ROFL! Hey the little actress has grown! :) She still has that stuffed animal in her mouth! :) Johnny is going to read her a story, but Carly had to get her food for dinner because it started burning ROFL! When Johnny was about to read little Joss a story, Hope shows up in his mind and haunts him. Carly comes to take Joss to bed. Carly tells Johnny the food burned, but asks him if he wants pizza. HUH?! They already had this conversation! Johnny said they can get pizza!!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Karen...if twitter is broke, its my fault. Trying to advertise my blog and tried hitting twitter today. Did I break it??
No clue what I am doing!!
Don't know how to promote!!

renegade_killerbee said...

Michael Muhney has DESTROYED Twitter for the rest of mankind!

AntJoan said...

Dave, I liked the ghost girl, too. Lulu was hired to work in the evidence room in the PCPD, complete w/paycheck. You must've missed that day.

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Just getting around to watching this past weeks True Blood...
OMG! It's Diane!!
How I miss Carolyn Hennesy!!
I'm not sure if you posted about this already, just wanted to pop on and say how nice it was to see her, even if it was just for a couple of minutes.

love2chat402000 said...

Jason seeked out Liz. I love how Liz's face fell when she answered the door expecting to see Ewan and it was Jason, LOL. I wish Liz had said, "Tell your story walking, buddy, because this girl is about to get some :) !"
Glad Ewan showed up. Sick of Liz being written as the continual jasam prop ( dull as dirt couple is still being shoved down our throats ). Liz written to be forced to sit their listening to Jason's bullshit about Sam made me gag.
Enjoyed Anna as chief of police. Lulu works in evidence room filing, LOL , she is not a cop!

JPink said...

As much as I want to see Liz with someone else and as much as I'd like to see Ewan with his shirt off again, the chemistry between Liz & Jason is undeniable. Their scenes today had spark and chemistry, something I just don't see when these two are paired with others.

A said...

I just saw a commercial for the new Katie Couric show. It's taking GH's timeslot here in NY and GH is moving to 2PM, OLTL's old timeslot......Can I hope for more OLTL characters at that time????

MatchboxGinny said...

Ghost Hope made me jump when I saw her! Wasn't expecting that at all. More dead babies. Fantastic. lol.

Good scenes with Jason and Liz. I'm not liking the constant propping of Jason and Sam though. You are so right JPink, the chemistry with Liason is obvious. I read on Twitter that Liz will be airing about three times a week for the summer. Hope it's all not to prop lackluster Jasam.

Good luck to Rebecca Herbst this weekend. Hoping she brings home an Emmy!

AntJoan - we still don't know if Sam was raped or not, but you are right....Sam set this all in motion by not getting medical attention afterwards.

imspncycl said...

I think Johnnie is just going nuts. He's going to end up in the looney-bin. Too bad. He's one of my favorite characters... and he's been written into a straight-jacket.

Hitman Jason never seems bothered by the ghosts of anyone he's killed.

Stephanie said...

When is the emmys again?? I am supposed to get cable back tomorrow!! Woohoo!!! Here is hoping that this tropical weather in the gulf stays away from NW Florida!!!