Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dear ABC, You are Idiots...

You took One Life to Live off the air at the HEIGHT of it's ratings bonanza (well, for soaps anyway) and replace it with a slapped-together "About You" show. IT LASTED SIX MONTHS.

One Life to Live? ..on 44 YEARS!! I'd tell you to fire Frons but you already did that. Thanks for nothing. Now bring it back. I realize that's impossible because you DIDN'T PLAN AHEAD. For shame.



  1. You GO Girl..........

    Don't you honestly think, that the last year of OLTL was so good was because the end was being written? No storyline had time to drag? Everyday we looked forward to the show because you never knew what the day would bring. IMO, as great of a show as OLTL was, it was better (best) the last year.

    Just think, next year at this time we will be talking about the demise of GH and how good it was wrapped up!

  2. OLTL is still on the air, it just broadcasts under the alias of General Hospital. OLTL fans have lost nothing...GH fans have lost their show.

  3. i agree with My2Cents. You knew they were going to resolve all the OLTL story lines in the last eight months. Everyone got their happy ending. I assume GH will turn out the same.

    All the couples will get back together and all the secrets and problems will resolve themselves. You can do that when there is no tomorrow because watching happy people in their happy lives is boring.

  4. I agree with you frisco. GH is done and is replaced by OLTL.

  5. Oh, for pete's sake! They have brought on 4 people from OLTL and one isn't even there to stay. What is the problem??

    Guza & Co used to bring on newbies constantly and most of them were not that good nor in good stories. Lisa Niles was on forever doing her dirt and that was pretty awful. Good actress, lousy story. He brought on that lady in white, Cassandra something and oh, the groans and moans about her. And right when we needed her least, on came Maggie. Those newbies were NOT attracting new viewers, the ratings were going down, down, down.

    The OLTL folks are all excellent and experienced talents and they are there to bring in more viewers.
    It's not a conspiracy to trade one show for another, but an honest attempt to address the problems GH has had for years now. Too much mob, too much Sonny, Carly and Jason, too much ruining of characters, too many downbeat misery stories, too little airtime for vets we care about, too little romance, etc etc. Those were the constant complaints I heard and read. And for me, it was a depressing, tedious, repetitive and often boring show full of characters who were hard to like. The characters I did like seldom got stories.

    So I'm not complaining anymore. Stories MOVE now, they have surprises, good twists, a bit of humor, and I can finally SEE the show now that even the lighting is better! The saving of Luke was a big bonus. Having Carly soften the shrill and Sonny on only a couple times a week--all good.

    Yes, I am bothered that Patrick isn't being seen now, and it bothers me that Alexis still doesn't have a story or a romance, and I do want all reference to Franco finally END, but all in all, the show is finally feeling like a real soap and not a poor man's pale imitation of the Sopranos.

  6. I agree the writing is better and the stories move a little faster- which makes GH more watachable.
    But, they brought on all the OLTL people and shoved them into the Sonny/Jason/Carly storylines.

    There is still just as much mob and just as much misery. They have only been writing for six months and they already managed to kill 2 children.

    I say get rid of Starr, (never liked her even on OLTL) and have some of the OLTLers interact with the Q's and the hospital. But do not bring anymore on, we have enough.

  7. I do not agree about OLTL taking over GH. At least these are people from a show I loved and not generic rip off ass-suckers brought on to get TPTB off like the stupid cookie-cutter, all looking alike women or same-old-sameold mobster criminal freakazoids. FOUR people have been on less than an eighth of the time since February. Big deal. if it wasn't them it would be Anthony & Jr, or Lorenzo or Manny or some other lame criminal. Yes, I'm disappointed we are not moving back to medical drama taking place in the hospital, starring Monica & Bobbie and student nurses and residents and orderlies and the med closet, an Amy Vining gossipy nurse, a Jessie Brewer fixture, a Lucille Weeks older person to have coffee with Epiphanie and the cafeteria... but it looks like that is never going to happen!


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