Friday, June 22, 2012

"Are You Asking Me Out"??

SO...It's Friday!! Looks like SOD is saying Kirsten Storms is in "talks" to return to GH! I saw it  in the check out line and they tweeted it today as well. You happy? I miss her..but I do like Jen  Lilley too. I personally think she's done a great job.

Lulu might as well be a police girlie. She's there 24-7. Tracys all prepped for her dinner with Mr. Luke and he's NOT SHOWING UP!!! Because HEATHER knocked him out. LOL. She must have cracked him a good one, he's been out forever. 
SO Tracy finally goes looking for him and goes to his hotel where Anna has dinner waiting too. Ut. Oh. Same food as Tracy had. I think Luke's fave would be ribs NOT Caviar and pate.

Todd: Trey is the french word for shower....ahahhaah which is DOUCHE! He danced in front of the mirror!! This story is very OLTL. And Starr and Trey bickering is sooooooooo OBVIOUS!

They keep showing FLASHBACK AFTER FLASHBACK---after FLASHBACK  GOD!! We GET IT!! geesh!! 

Spinelli and Todd!!  This should be good. They "met" during those ABC mashups but it was Trevor St. John's Todd, not RH's. 
Spinelli was so fun. "Are you asking me out" Todd says...Spinelli " I? oh..Nope"! 

Todd "Did you get beat up on the bus a lot"?? ahahahaha. OMG that whole dialog was awesome. I think that's harder to pull off than any drama.  Bravo.

NUKrissy has nice hair. That's all I'm sayin'

BTW, GH is totally morphing into Old OLTL stories...the teen scene-- Luke standing up his ladies (Dorian and David and the prison)... tons of stuff. I shall have to ponder this for Sunday Surgery.


Anyone watching The Glass House? Is it only on one day a week? If so that's weird.


  1. I haven't watched the show yet so... I WOULD FREAKING LOVE IT IF KS RETURNED AS MAXIE!!! Ks IS Maxie, JL does an ok job but I just don't see her as Maxie. KS just has that extra spunk. LOVE HER.

    Second, I will not be watching Glass House. It is a total Big Brother rip off, and ABC can suck it.

  2. JL doesn't even have the right chemistry with Spinelli

  3. Who does have the right chemistry with Spinelli??

    I posted earlier about KS. I will believe it when I see it. This JL is pretty popular. Though if KS went out on family leave, federal law says they have to bring her back.

    Todays show was so boring.

  4. KS has perfect chemistry with Spinelli...Thats why they were such a popular couple.

  5. Noooooo. Sorry! I want Jen Lilley to stay.

  6. Todd's place: Spinny got a friend who works at the metrocourt to help Sam get inside Todd's place. Spinny's friend is hot! Todd shows up and oh my! What a scene! ROFL! Hysterical! :) Todd tells Spinny he talks funny! And asked if he got beat up on the bus!! Spinny says once! ROFL! Todd goes inside and Spinny follows him in! ROFL! Spinny sees Sam and distracts Todd enough for Sam to leave. :)

    The haunted star: Heather bonks Luke over the head! ROFL! She caresses Luke's leg! ROFL! She tries to get him out, but people kept coming in! Michael and Kristina, and then Lulu. :) Heather FINALLY dragged Luke out! ROFL!

    Tracy and Alice: Tracy waits for Luke to show up. Poor Tracy is going to get her heart broken. :(

    Anna and Lulu: What an odd scene!!!!

    Starr and Trey's place: Todd shows up and right away doesn't like Trey! ROFL! Tea send Starr a picture of her "baby" Todd doesn't want to look at it!! Later Michael, Kristina, Starr, and Trey all hang out! Starr and Trey bicker! Then Trey gets all flirty with Starr. :) Star and Trey like each other!!!!! :) You can SOOOOO tell! :)

    Sidenotes: Kirsten Storms is coming back? Wow cool! Altho, I love Jen Lilly in the role now!!! And about the glass house, yeah Karen I watched it on Monday! :) I love Alex!!! I want him to stay!!!!!!! :)

  7. Any day without S,J and C is a good day.

    I miss Kirsten, Jen has done a great job, but she is just not Maxie. Fingers crossed she comes back.

    The Re doing of OLTL stories, is very lame. Can't they come up with something- anything new?

    The DID story was killed over and over and over again on OLTL, it should have NEVER been brought to GH.

    So I guess we are going to see a guy without his shirt everyday now? Trey needs a couple of brothers to pull that off.

    Are we sure that Luke is just knocked out? He has been unconcious an awfully long time.

  8. I thought the episode today was cute. I actually liked Starr and Trey bantering. There was more chemistry there than with the other two. It was nice to see Kristina fuming and Michael knowing what could happen with these two fighting all the time. Todd and Starr and Trey was good too, as was Todd and Spinelli. I usually cannot stand Spinelli that long and have to ff'd through his dialogue, but him talking like that to Todd, it worked!
    Good episode. Hope that I get to see Liz and Ewan's date though and not miss out on it...

  9. Says who Spinelli & KS were a popular couple???

    Sounds to me like Trey is more interested in Starr than he is Krissy. I am sure that will sit well with Krissy. NOT!!!

    Not one of the better shows to end the week with imo.

  10. I STILL don't understand how Maxie walked out of her apartment, and Trey and Starr just walked in and stayed--AND NO ONE MOVED THEIR STUFF!! OK, OK, I know this is a soap, but this was REALLY WEIRD!!

    ALSO, NO MENTIONED THE INFO that they said during the station break: That GH will be on at 2 starting Sept. 10, followed by Katy Couric, so I guess this means that GH will not be cancelled.

  11. Even just seeing the pic of KS, I can hear her in my head. I've really grown to like JL, but when I think of Maxie, and I still hear KS in my mind, I know I want her back if possible.

    And maybe I'm in the minority, but I'm liking NuKrissy. She's not great or perfect, but she's doing fine in her scenes with Michael, Trey, and Starr. She can't stand up as well to MB or NLG or even KeMo, but she's new ... and few people can stand up to MB or NLG. I also know Lexi A was asked back first, and declined, so I think I'm more likely to be easier on the new girl.

    Last but not least...Hooray for a Todd/Spaghetti (Spinelli) scene, but when, oh lordy, when will we have a Todd/Luke scene???? Two of the best actors on daytime (or anytime) with two of the most complex (and similar) characters??? I'm afraid my screen may explode!

  12. I have not posted in quite some time as I felt I was getting too negative, especially about the OLTL characters and what in my opinion was campy writing style, and wanted to try and be more open, to give the "new" GH a chance.

    I have to admit I am enjoying the character of Todd. The actor who plays him just seems like he is having fun. They revealed on today's show that Todd raped someone? (I did not watch OLTL so this was news to me). Plus we know he killed his brother. I hope if Todd is staying in Port Charles they focus on the comedic side of the character. There are enough bad guys in Port Charles already.

    I am also enjoying the Todd and Carly pairing...not feeling the Carly and Johnny pairing. I hate what they have done with the character of Johnny. Before they ruined the character I think he would of been great re-paired with Lulu or really hot with Liz. But now, they have destroyed the character and need to work on redeeming Johnny.

    I hear KS is returning as Maxie. I always liked KS's Maxie with Johnny so perhaps there is something to explore there. I am just thankful they don't seem to be going down the Johnny and Kristina road again.

    Not liking the new Kristina...not so much the actress but the way they are writing the character.

    While I have accepted OLTL character Todd I just can't get into Starr at all. I think she is the most boring character since Courtney. I did think she was a decent singer however.

    For me the jury is still out on McBain. I like that it is taking Sam out of Jason's orbit. I also think there is potential for the McBain character in terms of his policing background. I just wish they would drop his obsession with Sonny.

    I quite enjoy McBain with Anna, much more then I enjoy Anna with Luke. Anna is a smart, sexy woman. Why not give her a younger man like McBain then the much older with so much baggage Luke? IMO Luke and Anna should be great friends and nothing more.

    I do have to give props to the new regime for the great job they have done redeeming Luke. It is great to see the old Luke back.

    I also enjoy that the most Interesting triangle this summer could shape up to be the vets Anna-Luke-Tracy and not the younger set, ie., Starr-Michael-Tres.

    Other then the icky factor of Luke-Anna I am not enjoying seeing Tracy be hurt again. Has this woman ever had a many who truly cared for her? That said, I am enjoying the stellar acting JE is turning out as Tracy. I think JE is certainly one of the best actresses on the show.

    I am also really enjoying Tracy's new friendship with Alice. But one question, where the heck are Monica and Edward?

    Almost as icky as the Luke-Anna pairing is both of them talking to Lulu about it. It is awesome that they are giving Luke and Lulu a close relationship but no daughter wants her dad to tell her who he just had sex with.

    I continue to ignore any and all scenes with Sonny and Kate. I will saw, however, that based on the little I have seen I can't imagine the actress that use to play Kate being able to deliver this storyline.

    I was enjoying Heather at first but now getting tired of her as she is EVERYWHERE. Many of us get frustrated that Sonny never seems to have to pay for his crimes...we should be just as frustrated if Heathers never catch up to her.

    Overall I am not loving the new GH but am really enjoying some parts and disliking others. In retrospec I cant think of a time (or any tv show for that matter) where I loved 100% of it. I am, however, watching everyday...something I have not always done in recent years.

  13. Funny show today! Loved the Spin/Todd scenes! Priceless...we need more of that!

    And more of Sam having a life of her own! So refreshing to see Sam doing "Sam things" and not being arm candy for Jason. Love her and Spin on cases!

    Anna/Tracy/Heather/Luke. Oh boy. Poor Tracy...the look on her face when she realized Anna's dinner was for Luke...*sigh.

    Could've done without the Starr stuff. Her voice and "acting" is like nails on a chalkboard. So annoying. I'm with ya, AntJoan, the way they just took over the apartment was so ridiculous and very unbelievable. I can't get past it. Obviously I know it's a soap but that was just lazy writing.

    Heard what Kirsten's mom said about her return to GH. I'm really not sure how I feel about that. Jen has done such an amazing job I actually don't miss KS's shrieking whining voice and attitude. Hmmmm....

    Katie Couric tv ads have started airing in my East Coast market again. They still have her airing here at 4pm. Very interesting.

  14. Jen Lilley actually got me to pay attention to Maxie so if Kirsten Storms returns, I hope Jen stays on as another character because I would sure hate for GH to lose her. Nothing against Kirsten and I'm glad she's feeling better, but I just prefer Jen's Maxie.

    That said, I'm not sold on NuKristina. Part of it is the writing, but part of it is the actress. She seems like a completely different character than Lexi's version. The whole "young adult scene" with Michael, NuKris, Starr and Trey--blech! Michael's the only one I can tolerate of that bunch.

  15. Loved the show today. More Todd and Spin. They were great. Fiscogh, Todd was part of a gang rape of Cole's, Starr's dead boyfriend, mother when they were in college. He has done some baaaad things, but will hurt anyone who messes with those he loves. I'd rather see him or Dr Ewen with no shirt than Trey any day.

    I'm actually liking Michael now. Weird that he is the voice of reason with Kristina, who needs to be knocked into next week.

    I'm torn on having KS back as Maxie. I liked her Maxie, but I Jen is doing an amazing job; let's keep her. Maybe Felicia had another kid her years away?

  16. I loved the Todd/Spinelli scene today. It looked like "Todd" was having a hard time keeping a straight face. And when he asked if he'd been beaten up a lot on the bus and Spinelli put his finger up and said ahh..once, I cracked up.

    Tracy's scenes were fantastic. The look on her face at Anna's when she discovered the same dishes was priceless. What an amazing actress.

    The scenes at Starr's and Trey's "new apartment" -*GAG* The fact that I hate both characters doesn't help, but these two have just met and they're parading around in towels? Too much even with today's morality.

    And if this is a scene typical of OLTL I can see why I could never get into it. Also if it's a prelude to what the summer is going to bring, I'll be tuning out.

    Also Todd is supposed to be someone who doesn't mess around if he feels his family is threatened. As is Sonny. That being said I don't see how this sleeze Trey can still have his kneecaps.

    Also I think Jen is doing a great job as Maxie but it would be nice to see Kristen back too.

  17. I, too, was surprised to hear todd was a rapist. Was there an explanation for why? Was he actually sorry ( as opposed to Sonny sorry which is to say not really sorry).

  18. Another terrific show today--good pacing, lots of characters doing fairly interesting things.

    Todd and Spinelli--now there's a pairing. And I'm liking Tracy confiding in Alice, the housekeeper, because acerbic Tracy has no friends she can hang out with. But then, Lila used to confide in the housekeeper played by actress Jeff Donnell--I've forgotten the character's name (its been a loooong time).

    When both Anna and Tracy realize Luke is actually missing, will they band together to look for him? I read that Geary taped a lot of scenes to cover some of his vacation this time. I still think he'll get away from Heather and he will actually leave to go search for Robert after Anna finds out about his lie to Robert. I mean, Heather can't keep him a prisoner all summer--that would not work and it would be boring. They have other things for Heather to be doing.

    Has it occured to anyone that maybe Heather was lying about Franco being Jason's twin? She and Susan Moore did not get along and it seems unlikely she would be at the birth. I wonder if she just made up all the second baby thing. Hope so. Like to drop Franco altogether, even in conversation.

    Anyway, with some reservations about the 'teen' set, I thought today's show was very entertaining and I'm going to take a second look at it (which is something I find myself doing these days!)

  19. I LOVE KS, but also JL, they both are fabulous actresses--it seems we all are torn and would like roles for both women.

    NuKrissy is horrible--PLEASE, TBTB, BEG Lexi to come back, offer her millions, whatever you have to do. First, she is so unique that I believe no one else can fill the roll. Second--and I repeat--NuKrissy is horrible. Starr's acting is actually better than her voice, she is tolerable as a character, Trey should slither back under the rock he came from. Sonny, Alexis, et al. would NEVER sign a release for the show, HE'S A MOBSTER, they CAN'T BE ON A REALITY SHOW!! Just because Krissy threatened not to speak to them? MAKES NO SENSE!!

  20. Friscogh:

    Todd did rape a girl in college.

    He did not, however kill his brother, he just thinks he did. LOL. He killed his crazy mother, because she told him she blew up his whole family. Then her ghost started "haunting" Todd and she convinced him he killed his brother. On the series finale of OLTL, it was revealed that his brother was actually alive and being held captive by a crazy woman. The evidence pointed to Todd, so he was arrested for it.

  21. Ant Joan I tweeted the same thing, no one MOVED ANYTHING!! all the knick knacks..everything just there. LOL

  22. dar..Todd was a wild frat boy that orchestrated a gang rape of Marty on OLTL (it came out about the time of the Jodi Foster movie about gang rape). He was evil. people liked RH though---and it was explained by his horrific childhood (kinda). He's still "hated in Llandview" for this. Marty supposedly forgave him at some point.
    It was very harrowing TV when it happened.