Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Picture Fun!

I'm out of the blog today--so I've left you some fun pictures --you have to guess which GH character (s) they are referring to. Some are easy...some just weird. Have fun!

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3
pic 4
pic 5


JPink said...

My guesses:
1. Lilacs for Lila
2. Tan Jason (although he's looking much less orange these days.
3. Spumonni for Spinelli
4. Mulva or it rhymes with Delores. :)
4. Coleman? I would love to hang out with that band by the way. They clearly know how to party!

Anonymous said...

1. OLTLers. Invasive species taking over the landscape.

2. Stephen Lars for orange of Heather for crazy momma.

3. Anna for all her delicious layers.

4. Spinelli or "Mob Princess" for attempts at humour that are just annoying.

5. Monica, Luke, Tracey, Felicia, Mac, Anna for showing that things that were appreciated years ago still hold appeal today. OR Johnny or post surgery Ewan for desperate need of a haircut

Brender said...

4 is mulva
2 is Steven Larzzzz
3 spinelli
5 has got to be Coleman, right?

Mrs. Goose said...

1. is Heather

Mrs. Goose

Mrs. Goose said...

1. is Heather

Mrs. Goose

kdmask said...

want the answers? I think you guys need ot look again.

sonya said...
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kdmask said...

1. Heather
2. Anyone TOO Tan on GH...but mostly Dr. Steve
3. Spinelli
4. Mulva/Dolores
5. MOLLY Hatchet

CareyN said...

You could have also used Spaghetti for #3. In the "What If" series, Todd (now know as Victor Lord, Jr.) met Spinelli on a plane and called him "Spaghetti". It was hysterical! I hope if Todd meets Spinelli on GH, he calls him that. That, or Spumoni. :)

AntJoan said...

I think the whole baby mess w/Sam can be traced back to her not having gone to the hospital after the supposed rape. She could have learned she wasn't raped, and none of this would have happened.

I can't believe Lulu would go into business w/a mobster w/her husband being a cop (I know her husband's father is a mobster, but that not his choice or fault).

Johnny used to be with Lulu, so he still should have some feelings for her, yet he cold-bloodedly is trying to set up her father for a murder charge.

Love4dogs said...

I got them all but Molly Hatchet. LOL Very clever, Karen!

love2chat402000 said...

CNN entertainment portion did their take on GH: General Hospital Still Going Strong is the title of the video. Looks like Liz and Sam will have scenes together at the floating rib.
Liz told Sam the right thing today. Sam was her bitchy self, I know she just lost her baby. Funny how insensitive she was to Patrick's loss and when someone is sensitive to her loss , she is a bitch. Glad Sam did say she knows these are things she should have said to Jason a long time ago. She said nothing when he left her on her birthday. She still didn't tell him what she told Liz, that she needed him to love and support her and the baby from the beginning. Love Carly saying to Jason , Sam went out into a storm with a newborn after giving birth?! My reaction. I just want the baby nonsense revealed so that Sam can run back to Jason promptly as I'm sick of this couple.
Lulu and Johnny again. How can Lulu get into business with Johnny , a mobster, and her husband is a cop. Guess the triangle could be Carly, Lulu and Johnny, LOL!
Luke/Tracy kiss seemed weird. Guess Luke wants Anna now.

Andrea said...

I loved Johnny and Lulu together.
Lante is putting me to sleep.

Sam if you didn't go wandering out into a storm immediately after giving birth you would have your baby right now. stop being a B*tch.

sonya said...

Oh are we talking about today's GH here? Today's show was GREAT!!! :)

The hospital: Liz defends Jason! Sam is upset and says are you defending him? I was the one who was raped! Oh that's right nothing is Jason's fault! Hahaha great stuff!! GO SAM! Sam says it's over!!! That Liz can have him! :)

Jason and Carly: Jason tells Carly the baby died, and that they are over, and it's all his fault! And of course Carly says it's not Jason's fault! Jason tell her about how you had McBain beat up so that he couldn't get to Sam and the baby!!!! Carly tells him to talk to Sam and to keep talking to her!!!

Ewen and Kate: So boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing exciting until Kate realizes what date it is today, and realized she is late!!!! ROFL! She is afraid she is pregnant with Johnny's baby!!! OH PLEASE BE PREGNANT! AND THE BABY IS JOHNNY'S!!! Please writers please! I beg of you! That would be perfect!!!! :) Little Johnny Jr awww! :)

Michael and Starr: They talk about Tea and the baby. Starr has the picture of the baby. Starr misses her daughter. Michael is shirtless!!!! :)

The haunted Star: Lulu is talking to her dad on the phone, Lulu has a buyer for the haunted star. They hang up, and Johnny shows up. For a second I'm thinking is HE the buyer? So they talk about grandpapa Z, Luke, and Tracy. Then Johnny talks about how he is the buyer!!! YAY!!! He wants to be partners with Lulu! How awesome! :) So they are partners and he is going to turn the haunted star into a club! He calls Starr and she comes by! :) Starr and the haunted star! Hahahaha! He wants her to sing! :) I don't think she is a bad singer. A lot of people who watched OLTL don't like her singing. I don't think she is that bad.

The floating rib: Luke and Tracy are eating ribs and other food!!!! :) And they are wearing bibs!!! Bibs that say the floating rib! I love it! :) Luke has sauce on his face! And it's getting worse ROFL! Tracy cleans him up and kisses him! She gives him tongue!!! :) She wants him back! ACK! I like that they hang out, and I like that they kiss once in awhile, it's fine, but NO I DON'T WANT THEM BACK TOGETHER!!!! He is in shock! He don't know what to say. She kisses him again, and Lulu sees! :)

kdmask said...

I fell asleep during today's show. Yep.

cooks7570 said...

I love Dante and Lulu together and being married.Dante and Lulu are not boring they just don't have a storyline and they just need more airtime. I do not want Johnny and Lulu back together. I don't like Johnny at all. Johnny is a scumbag now. I loved the show today.

Brender said...

Sam and Liz. This could have been done better. Yes, Liz was trying to help out Jason (did NOT like seeing Liz and Carly both on today talking up Jason)but when Liz was mourning Jake, Sam came over and Liz let her in and talked to her like a human being. Yes, their children died under different circumstances, but this just could have been done better. The writers made Sam be a total Bitch to Liz. And I agree. Sam was so insensitive and inappropriate to Patrick when Robin died, so I have NO sympathy for the girl.

Love the picture trivia!

sonya said...

Karen you fell asleep during the show? ROFL! That bored huh? :)