Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Sound Bites!

Hello! I hope where you are it's not TOO HOT..TOO WINDY...TOO stormy, flooding or on fire. Geesh, seems everyone is coping with something somewhere!

Here's a great interview with Lisa LoCicero on TV SOURCE Magazine. She dishes a lot about GH and the direction of her character, Olivia.

I'm saving some stuff for Sunday Surgery tomorrow but wanted to say that I think Connie Tower's stint as Hells has been pushed back now that it's certain GH is on the docket for the fall. I had heard she'd be on this summer but now I'm not so sure.  The whole "who has Robin" story may be shifting as well-- and there are a lot of ideas on hat out there in gossip land. Truth is, I really think Cartini is continuing to evolve the show and trying out story arcs before hitting the big sweeps stories.  There will always be surprises as well, which is a good thing. The OLTL cast will be shifting as we have Blair coming (and maybe staying eventually?) and Tea will be back. Llanview was in the works so we'll see about those sets. People are saying more GH vets will be popping up as well. Jack Wagner? Perhaps... if they can rustle the money up! 

 Greg Vaughn and Allie Sweeney will be in the  Hallmark  Channel's Movie "Two In" ...  sounds fun and good for Greg!

 Alison Sweeney ("The Biggest Loser") and Greg Vaughn ("General Hospital," "Days of Our Lives") will star in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, "Two In," it was announced by Michelle Vicary, Executive Vice President, Programming, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel.  The film began production in Los Angeles yesterday for a World Premiere in 2013.
 In "Two In," Sweeney plays a single mom working at a 911 call center who receives an emergency call from a firefighter who has broken a leg while fighting a fire. Circumstances repeatedly draw the two together until their mutual attraction cannot be ignored.

Graduation party later and my hair will look pretty limp..ugh.... and you know THAT'S WHAT'S IMPORTANT! lol  Hope you have fun today too. 

I  put new scoops up yesterday...take a gander!


  1. You sound like you believe GH is here to stay.
    If so, you think on abc? Or a cable channel??

    Frisco get as much airtime as Felicia?? Wouldn't Felicia and Mac have to progress in their relationship for Frisco to pop up?

  2. About the new shorter intro you mentioned yesterday...I'm sure they had to shorten it to afford having PEOPLE ON A PLANE!!! Did you see them? All of business class was full! Remember when Lucky brought Aiden back from Franco' mom and they were the only two on the plane? Remember all the plane scenes over the last few years? We were lucky if an airline attendant walked by. PEOPLE...PEOPLE ON A PLANE. I almost peed myself. :)

  3. I noticed that about the plane, Carey. They've also had people in the restaurant and in the hotel lately too. It looks much more realistic.

    And I find it odd that they can't find the money to bring the GH vets back but they're bringing more OLTL characters. Surely they aren't working for nothing. And when they brought back Patrick's dad, for instance, he was there for all of 30 seconds. What's the point?

  4. I watched 5 episodes today..All in all I was happy with them..Heather annoys me a little. But, she is still fun. We all know that her madness cannot continue forever though.
    Not a big fan of the Con/Kate story. But was moved by Friday's court scenes and almost cried when she found out that she would not be found guilty.
    GH has always been my number on show on TV. But, I am happy with Todd and Starr on the show. I am happy every time I see Todd's face. I love that he has something for Carly. And, someday after Johnny goes down I think Carly and Todd will spark each other into a giant fire.
    I used to like Liz with Jason. But do not know that I want them back together. Once upon a time I liked Sam with Jason. But after she knew about Jake being kidnapped, I have not bought her being back with Jason...I think her character is finally likable again though. I am rooting for her..I am just not sure what I want to happen with her other than getting her baby back.
    I like the influence that Starr has had on Michael. I finally am really liking this actor portraying him. I think the 2 of them have chemistry. His acting was flawed with Abby. Now I think it was just poor casting of Abby and than he just did not have any chemistry with the actress.. I always felt that there scenes were kind of icky.. She seemed so much older than Michael.
    As to the comments about all the extra actors, I have been noticing it as well. And, thank goodness that more than 2 people are allowed to be in a scene together. And, thankful that Sam does not sit in the apartment waiting for Jason for all of her scenes.. It was just such garbage writing back then.
    I like the improvements..It still has a way to go. But Doctor Frank is in the Hospital now and I think that we are all going to be okay.

  5. oh you KNOW i notice the extras!