Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Baby Looked Like You...

I don't think the not testifying in NYS against your spouse still holds??? Maybe it's just for TV stuff. Any lawyers out there??

Anyway, Sam said "My baby looked like you" wait, it IS going to be St. Jasus' kid after all. Great. Yeah--then Jason can have redemption, forgiveness and a baby too!!  
Todd thinks the baby looks like Victor "he's even drooling a little bit"... heh
Sam was going to name him Jason. awww. 

They gave Kristina Wagner ONE outfit to wear. Awww, Mac tells her "they weren't you" when she asked why he didn't have a relationship with anyone. 

Matt and Maxie-- well. NO wild sex then.


  1. After all the shit Jason has done over the last month, Sam should not forgive him. When he found out that Franco was the father and not him, he no longer wanted the baby. He made the whole thing about him instead of about Sam and the baby. What a great man!

    Speaking of great men, Matt is a real ass. Maxie sacrifices everything for him and all he can think about is the fact that he doesn't want to be married to her. He is a real pussy. He needs to put on his grownup pants and confess.

  2. YEP...Jason should GO TO hell. LOL

  3. I smiled so brightly when I FINALLY got to see Mac & Felicia together!
    Mac told Felicia 'he never found anyone because nobody was her'! Give them air time!! Twitter people please tweet!!!!!!!!I so enjoyed seeing Mac & Felicia together again. Even if the GRASSHOPPER hopped in on their date night!
    Did he vomit on himself?

    Without a doubt, today was a good day. So who cares if alot didn't make sense? Who cares if this blond haired blue eye baby doesn't look Spanish?

    LOVED the Jason & Sam scenes. Not a fan of KM, but she was fantastic today in this show! Mesmerizing imo. GREAT job. GREAT scenes.

    I think I like Maxie with no make up on. Makes her look REAL. Buh Bye Matt.

    I guess its still last week in GH time.

    All in All I enjoyed today. I only had to ff thru Starr scenes!

  4. Is Sam going to find out this baby is really hers??? She better!! I hate that they are making her think she lost another baby. :(

    I know this is a soap but that is just too much for one woman to handle...

  5. I'm back to having GH on in the background while I work. Not once today did I feel compelled to turn my chair around to see what I was missing.

    Although with Karen's twitter comment about Matt looking younger, I'm gonna go with he shaved his beard?? LOL!

    Someone wake me when this dream is over or when GH gets cancelled or gets better or stops rerunning OLTL stories or when ALL the dead babies come back.....

  6. The hospital: Sam and Jason are there. The baby is dead. Todd is holding Sam's baby, and is watching Sam. Sam is crying. The look on Todd's face, he is not happy. And he tried to tell Tea about her baby, but Piffy came in. Tea named the baby Victor, after her "dead" husband, and Sam says she would have named the baby, Jason. Hey! There is Dr Hottie YAY! :) This is the second time Sam said, that the baby looked like Jason!!!!! You know what that means don't you? That the baby will turn out to be Jason's! :)

    Starr and Kate: Starr sneaks in to talk to Kate in an orderly outfit. Kate brings up her D.I.D, and Starr knows all too well about it! She tells her about her aunt and cousin. Kate tells her she read the book and she didn't know that Starr was related to them. Poor Starr! She got her closure but now she is so lost! :(

    Matt and Maxie: Matt FINALLY remembers killing Lisa Niles!!!! He went to take a shower but they didn't make love. Maxie says we have our whole lives to. Oh oh no you don't Maxie!!!!

    The floating rib: Felicia and Mac are there. They talk about Frisco. Felicia and Frisco were together but they broke up! :( He is still having his adventures and she was following him. And then they broke up. Before she came back to Port Chuckles, she was in Texas alone. Oh and there is Spinny, drunk!! He is hurting over Matt and Maxie getting married. :( Mac and Felicia tried to help him.. Even gave him coffee, but he is still hurting. :( Come on Felicia and Mac! Get back together!

  7. Here's your answer about the Matt and Maxie situation

  8. I wonder about what baby Sam will get if the baby is dead. I loved the show today.

  9. I loved the line that Mac said to Felicia. The first time I heard it. When Indiana Jones said it to Marion Ravenwood in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. (On the jeep. He just found out that Mutt was his son)

    Seriously, these hack writers are not only rehashing all their old OLTL scripts but now they are stealing one liners from popular movies.

    This show deserves to end at this point for what they are doing. (go ahead, look it up. The line was in the movie)

    4 mentions of Victor today. How obsessed are the writers of a character that GH fans dont even know any backstory on? Or care? Or are invested in? I know not ONE thing about this character and yet I am force to hear about him day in and day out. Arent there GH characters from yesteryear they can talk about? People I care about?

    I'm going to keep hoping that this Victor person has the last name of Cassadine. OR that he is going to be Sam's father and Alexis' ex. I can dream can't I?

    ps. Karen, Jason isn't going to hell. He is going someplace worse -- Llanview. (ha ha)

  10. Does anyone else feel like the baby switch story is not how the story was actually supposed to go? I think it all got changed when GH got a supposed extension. I don't believe anything ABC says anymore.

    I loved KeMo acting today. It was excellent.

  11. She was going to name the baby "Jason". The woman is beyond pathetic.

  12. Karen:

    I realize there are some frustrations with GH as it is, but the writing has been solid.

    The editing, otoh, has been horrible.

    I knew a few folks who worked on soaps in the crew and extras, and scripts are not like film scripts, which can be re-edited to unrecognizable, too.

    Theh fact is that the editors can hop up storylines beyond recognition.

    For me, look at the Liz-Ewen sl- it seems only 2-4 days have passed for Ewen in a month while at least 10-12 have gone on for Sam and Jason, and maybe 15-20 for the OLTL crew. Sonny and Kate seem to have passed only a week or so, so there are LITERALLY 4 different time eras, and then we see Starr meet Kate, and a week to ten days of difference seems to have past.

    Aside from that, you are correct that folks are dropped for too long.

    In the pre-Guza days you'd get each of the 4-5 main stories all get on at least 4 days a week with one dominating for two days or so, and one being the front burner that week.

    Here we get a mishmash.

    My point is, blame the writers for the DID or baby switch too often to the well tropes, but the BIGGEST prob is the editing, which seems like it's done by ten year olds.

  13. I lost all respect for Sam when she said she was going to name the baby Jason.

    It ia pathetic and desperate and so typical for a woman who can;t function when she is more than 2 feet away from her man.

  14. My2Cents, I agree Maxie looks so much better and younger with less makeup, and I loved loved loved Mac and Felicia. I also had to ffwd. Starr scenes - she is beyond horrible as an actress. Can't see why they feel they need to keep her. Still too much discussion about OLTL stuff - getting to be a real turn-off for me anyway. KeMo was great. Wait till she finds out Jason had John beaten up. Maybe then she won't want to name the baby Jason.

  15. If the child has a hankering for pizza, beer and steroids, yep it's Jason's!


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