Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Code Pink

Did you know that in most hospitals a "Code Pink" means 'missing baby"? I learned that in my Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. (I am obsessed with those types of trivia books). Now you know too! 

Well, WHAT A WEEK! I do have a lot to say, so settle in. Grab a coffee. Or two. We birthed some BABIES!! 

Bus Stop Birthing Baby Banshee Scene!
Let's talk about Tea's banshee acting. Now, if you watched OLTL you know that's just her. If not, I can't imagine what you were thinking with her histrionics. She and Todd also have a long bantering history and they were pretty funny to watch. I was expecting  her to belt out an opera by the end. LOL. I love FLO so-- it was great to see. BTW, how fake did that "baby' look Todd was holding. Geesh!

KeMo did a great job of havin' the kid without ever HAVING a kid herself. Pretty realistic. I know the JaSammers are mad about John being there and I even think it stinks for that fanbase. HOWEVER, the way Jason's being written, I am  hoping he's run over by a steam roller at some point. What a dick. Even Carly saw he was being one. (and she's CARLY!!) I'm sure Jason will "fall in love" with the baby even though he thinks it's Franco's and we're supposed to just say "Forgiven"...well not this chick. Clint Eastwood and I say: UNFORGIVEN!

The births themselves were fine I guess...the camera cuts were so OLTL. I really REALLY wish someday they show how a REAL birth goes--you can't detach the kid from the mom until the afterbirth is delivered yada yada. I mean, we see it on TLC all the time, maybe it's time for Soaps to hit some reality. Then again, maybe not.

Speaking of "reality"--- Krissy's reality show? Come on. First of all, it was funny when David Vicker's did it on OLTL because well, he's David-- and it was a bit fresh. I hear they run "The Naked Heiress" on Y&R?? I don't watch that show but people say it's similar.

 Kristina, having 1/2 Corinthos in her. KNOWS you don't rat out the family. (Watch Mob Wives) Second, Kristina, having 1/4 of Cassadine in her would have just sent her parents a thank you note and continued on at school, trying to sleep/con her way through college. It was fun for the first 3 minutes, then--not so much. Plus, this Krissy is going to make me hate her and fast. I don't think she's a bad actress per se. But you do see her being a bitch without having seen this one be 'good'. Even Molly looked way confused. 

AZ in the wheelbarrow. Ok, besides a stinkin' corpse-- the whole thing was hilarious because of Heather. She's just awesome. The outfit-- the car ride was done really well. Campy yes, but enjoyable ride. Todd and Heather meeting at a cabin in the woods (with a sick baby no less?) Priceless. "I know something about babies" says Heather. Yeah, like where to get a healthy one with no questions asked!! 

Luke and Tracy at the PCPD was classic. Luke talking to Lulu about keeping quiet and law enforcement was typical Luke. I missed Lucky for a minute in those scenes. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: There were a lot of great ones but I'm giving it to another subtle moment that came in the shape of Spinelli's face. Like Brandon Barash last week, Bradford managed to show heartbreak, anguish and angst all within a fleeting moment of time.  

NOT the SCENE OF THE WEEK: Sonny and Jason talking about Sam and why she "left" Jason. Just hated the writing.  SBu's face was mostly a blank slate which he 'reused' again during his talk with Carly. Just didn't like it. 

So, are you enjoying the NuGH? I think it's totally a Cartini production now. They can't say there's lingering stories anymore. I enjoy it immensely  some days and others? meh.  I keep waiting for something--not sure what...but something. I still feel things are untethered. I give this week a B: for BABY BOYS!! ahahhaa. Get it? 

HAPPY DIAMOND JUBILEE!! Today is the Thames procession!! Jubilee BELL BOAT and Royal Row Boats!! eeeee! Watch on BBCA. British Wubby Hubby and I are having a Pimms! 


My2Cents2 said...

As usual, you are 'spot on' with your comments.
Especially the Tea & Todd ones. If you didn't love them on OLTL one would look at them now and say wtf??

I am NOT a JaSam fan in the least, however, McNostrils pissed me off being there. Mr Hero/Superman.

Again where did Heather get the raingear? Target'? Funny, yea, but I am ready to let go of Papa already.

Like you, some days get very little ffing, some days more. All in all, I can't say the show is bad. Can't say good either though.
Like you said, its the NuGH!

dar said...

add the Go Go's to you and Clint. They had a song during their brief reunion called Unforgiven. The chorus was,"You're unforgiven. So go on livin."

I actually feel as though the Lisa Niles murder story is NEVER going to end and the Kate/Connie one has worn out its welcome with me as well.

RedSoxFaninVA said...

I'm kind of sad they offed Papa Z before giving him some scenes with Helena. They would have been a riot together. Add Heather into the mix and--well, maybe the heaping triple scoop of crazy would be over-the-top, but there's no denying it would make for some great acting with RM, BW, and CT involved.

Frank Strovel III said...

The reality show stuff is dumb. Could have found a better way to introduce NuKrissy. Wouldn't everyone in the room have to sign a release agreeing to appear on her show? It would never air.

Baby births: I'll never eat strawberry jello again.

AntJoan said...

Karen, what you likely are waiting for, what all of us loyal fans are waiting for, is more of/return of the vets. That's all. We would be happy.

I thought Tea's baby scenes really were cute, and I never watched OLTL.

The reality show, I thought the same thing, I think they ALL would have to sign a release. Um, Alexis is a LAWYER, shouldn't she know this?

Cosmoetica said...

AntJoan: which vets? None are on contract. Audrey, Edward, Monica, Lesley,- when was Sonny's dad last on?

Tracy and Luke are all that's left. Vets now are Sonny and Jason.

The show is actually quite good and 100% better since January.

Brender said...

So Sam has a boy. Yes, right now it is Franco's, but we all know it will eventually be Jason's. The final nail in the coffin for us Liasoners. Switch our dead Liason baby boy with a Jasam baby boy. All I need is the confirmation that Liz is not going to have a real storyline while on contract, and I am off the show. I am pretty much ff the rest of it anyway.

Susan said...

So, did anyone else notice that Frank Valentini directed Friday's episode? I'm really enjoying Todd. I think he's hilarious. I hadn't watched OLTL in over 25 years so he comes to my show without all the baggage everyone else is talking about.

soaplover said...

I do wish people would not presume to know what RC and FV are going to do next. As a OLTL viewer, I know they can surprise you at any moment.

Kudos to FV for his directing on that Friday show--lots to manage there, especially the pouring rain which added so much to the road scenes.

There is so much to watch now that I cannot imagine tuning out because of one story. But then, I'm enjoying it all. Love a bit of humour thrown in with drama. (Did Guza even have a sense of humour?)

As for more vets--well, there is one we could sure use: Robert Scorpio. Tristan livens things up so well. I suspect when Luke leaves (for vacation) it will be a chase after Robert.

But the show is SO much more watchable than it was a year ago that I have few complaints!

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

VETS? You mean like Robert Scorpio who they didn't keep long enough to attend his daughters ffuneral?

Or do you mean Felicia? How many times have we seen her this past month??

IMO what they are doing with the vets, is insulting. Give them a storyline, NOT a cameo!!!!

cooks7570 said...

Yes I like the show these days too. I just hope we are on the new writing soon.

MatchboxGinny said...

I'm still patiently waiting for things to "play out" with Ron/Frank. I'm on the fence to be honest. Some days I really enjoy, then other days are so painfully slow to watch. Then there are some days when the show just does not feel like GH at all. If it weren't for my soap pallies on Twitter, who I adore, I know for certain I wouldn't be watching live daily.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend :)

MyaMcBriar said...

I think I'm in agreement with most of the others here, in that I'm 50/50 with the new writing team. I see improvement since the demise of Guza, but I also feel that GH is morphing into another show.

I do appreciate the subtle mentions of GH's past and seeing more variety of characters. I also don't mind the OLTL crossover's, but I did find Tea very over the top on Friday's episode. I also found it very unbelievable how both Tea and Sam were up and moving around immediately after birthing. No effing way!

delcodave said...

I personally like the vets coming and going. Its like a breath of fresh air and they dont overstay their welcome. (Robert, Noah).

I would like to see them have a core group of mainstay actors and have guest stars (Frisco, Lesley, Bobbie) come and go for a few epps and leave.

Isnt this how it is done on evening shows?

I just dont have the time to tune in daily anymore. I tape the show and rely on this board to tell me if it is worth watching. But if a fav. of mine, whether it be from the past, or from another show, is scheduled to be a guest star, I would tune in for those few epps.

I want to see what Lesley, Audrey, Bobbie and ghoests from the past are doing now. But I understand there might not be a 10-wk arc storyline for them. So the 3-4 day guest stint works for me.

When a guest stint clicks with viewers (recent Anna for example) then they should be long-term

just my opinion.

AntJoan said...

As to Cosmoetica's question: Any vets, and all vets are welcome, whether or not on contract. We currently have a lot of vets on, including Heather, Anna, Felicia, just give them more airtime. Then, bring back Robert Scorpio, Noah Drake, and Bobbie, Leslie, Audrey, etc.--no need for contracts, I'm sure they could use the work. Also Helena and any other fan faves.

LSV422 said...

All I can say is that whatever the new regime has contributed to GH has not resulted in improved ratings. I like some of the new stuff but it doesn't seem like anything is working, especially when most everyone believes the end is coming sooner rather than later. We just have to enjoy it while we can for what it's worth.