Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tea in the Park!

A few new SPOILERS are up...take a gander. I'm trying hard to be excited about the show. It's probably just one of my 'cycles' with it. *sigh*
Maybe part of it is LUKE AND ANNA...which still skeeves me out. That kiss today? Like Bro and Sis. oy.I loved Lulu's face when he was telling her about Anna. She had on an "ewww" face.
She also wants to have him tell Anna about AZ's body. Now, Heather heard that Luke lied about Ethan and Robert! Oh interesting.
Tell Maxie off.
She deserves it-- and it's about time!! 

Mac and Felicia--that was kinda cute. The way they split the screens. I loved Anna and Flea talking because they were friends in the past and they are actually acting like friends NOW! 
Mac and Spin-- having a little coffee chat.  Nice.
GAH! Little EMMA with Maxie in the park!! "You're crying, want some tea'??! Patrick is asking Maxie to move into the house. Built in baby sitter--you go Paddy! 
FLEA MAC lock lips!

What did you think about SKate? Way less dramatic than I thought.. LOL Nevermind he fact that if Connie wasn't the alter and Kate was--then Kate's been the "other one" this whole time?? It makes no sense. WTH. I'm comfussszed. I think Connie is actually THE REAL PERSON and Kate is the alter.  That could be interesting.

Love the Starr NuKrissy dynamic because it's just pure snark. If Porno Rick was there, he'd make Starr and Krissy do an on camera hook up with some blackmail stuff! LOL  
Michael "Trey's a Tool" heh...
Can I hope they redecorate MaxieLu's apartment? I hate it. ugh Nursing home wall paper from the 1950's.


  1. I enjoyed today's epi. I even enjoyed the Skate scenes. You're so right Karen, far less of the dramatic over-acting. Kelly Sullivan did a great job with her part today. Although, I still don't care which one is the alter. Not one bit do I care. Such a stupid storyline. LOL.

    Absolutely loved the Mac/Patrick/Anna/Felicia scene switches! Great storytelling there! Very cute.

    Go Spinelli!!! I am so happy he "quit" Maxie! She's always so mean to him, it's about time he grew a backbone with her.

    I really wish the writers would make Spinelli Kate's son instead of the nobody punk producer kid. Maybe they will as they're known to throw a curve ball or two. Spinelli would make more sense with his Sonny/Jason connections. Plus I think he does really well with emotional scenes and seeing him have to deal with the realization that his mother simply left him in a dresser

  2. Karen, I LOVED LOVED LOVED today's show, I can't believe you didn't!! I can't even begin to count the ways that I thought it was brilliant, plus BRINGING BACK LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON YAY!!

    Friendship, romance, lots of action and plot moving forward, also, the acting was brilliant. Did you see little Emma's face when Maxie offered her the mud mask? Priceless!! Also, Kate's scenes w/Sonny made me cry, I haven't felt that way about Sonny w/anyone except for Brenda. Spin growing a spine, Flea and Anna, Heather lurking, split screen (reminding me of "Summer Lovin'" from Grease).

    Well, there was so much more, I can barely contain myself! I have been grounded w/some horrible flu, so this has been the high point of the week! (Or maybe I'm just delirious from the fever!)

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  4. sonya said...

    Spinny and Maxie: Wow! Spinny told Maxie off! He says he is DONE! I was clapping! :) Be strong Spinny! Be strong! :) Maxie of course was crying.

    Patrick,Mac.Anna,Felicia: Back and forth with the scene! UGH! Mac talking about Felicia, and Felicia talking about Mac! Then Anna talks about how she slept with Luke! :) ROFL!

    The park: Emma sees Mac and says Papa Mac! Awwww! :) Then later, Maxie shows up in tears. Emma asked her why she is crying. Maxie says it's just allergies. Patrick talks to Maxie about living arrangements. She wanted to live in Matt's place, but Patrick gave Matt's place away! Patrick wants Maxie to live with them awww! :)

    Sonny,Kate, and Ewen: Kate tells Sonny EVERYTHING! :) Great scene!!! Altho someone hand her a tissue to wipe her nose!! The tissue is on the table!!! I mean what was the point of showing it, if it's not being used? :)

    The haunted Star: Luke talked to Lulu about sleeping with Anna! Umm ewwwwwwwww! :) Lulu talked about how he should have took a shower! ROFL! Lulu asked if he just left her after.. :) Luke says what am I 14? ROFL! All the while Heather overheard everything! Lulu wants Luke to tell Anna the truth about everything! Lulu leaves and she says I love you. Luke says love you. AWWWWW! :) Luke calls Tracy and calls her spanky. Uh Luke, I think it's time to stop calling her spanky, if you and Anna are going to be a couple!

    Felicia and Mac: THEY KISS YAY! :)

    Sidenote: Hey Karen! How are you holding up with this weather today? :) You got the air conditioner on? Or fan? :)

  5. I enjoyed todays show very much. My 'besties' were on. Emma, Patrick, Anna, Felicia, Heather, Mac & Kate. GREAT show. imo

    I know i am in the minority here, but I can't stand Spinelli. Why can't he hook up with Starr and move back to Landview??

  6. Karen,

    I am sorry I dont share the same opinion of Spinelli that you do. I always knew that women and gay men were clingy smothering stalkers, but to my surprise, finally a straight (?) man who doesnt take no for an answer and wont walk away and just lingers on forever and ever.

    And he quit? What was his job? Was he getting paid a decent salary? Will Spinelli be able to survive on just his P.I. salary now that he is no longer working for Maxie? These are tough times. The economy is tough. Maybe he should have had something else lined up before he got rid of one of his jobs today?

    I am sure Jason will take care of him financially.

    What a great episode. Hopefully some of my questions will be answered.

    PS. Karen, thanks for the spoilers update. any chance we will EVER find out about Robin? How many more years do we have to wait for that one to have some kind of closure.

  7. I think he meant he quit HER..not his job!! ;) It was LONG overdue.

    ROBIN WHO? OH, her.. who the hell knows. Maybe Heather knows something and will drop a hint?? Maybe they are still working the storyline out.

  8. Doesn't Spinelli make scads of money on the internet whenever he needs it? That's how he paid Sonny's money back and met his network of online assistants.

  9. Very happy about Spinelli standing up to Maxie today! Felicia and Max were fun in a retro way too!

    Can't stand Starr, sorry Karen I just don't like her and I don't think she belongs on this show! I'll take Blair or Dorean or Marty, even lame Tea, just please dump Starr! lol

  10. OHHH! Loving the romance between Mac and Felicia and the girlfriend talk between Anna and Felicia.

  11. Almost forgot Spinelli grew a spine!!!! Yeaaah! Finally this show tells off Maxie for the way she behaves!! It's about bleep bleep time!

  12. Glad you are okay after the accident.

    I know that the Luke/Anna pairing isn't a favorite, but I am just happy to see Anna with a storyline! I will always be a Robert/Anna shipper, but I can live with Luke.

  13. Loved today's show! I'm starting to not mind the DID storyline anymore, it's coming together. Enjoyed Sonny and Connie/Kate. Sonny didn't irritate me as much today. Loved Spin finally telling Maxie off. Now Spin needs a woman in his life so he can make Maxie see how stupid she's been. Loved Flea and Anna. Happy to see Flea and Mac together, second to Frisco. Since it does not look like Frisco is coming back...I'm up in the air over Anna and Luke. I'll give them a chance and try to keep an open mind. It would make for some awesome soapy drama if they got more serious and Robert came back to town!!! Can't wait for tomorrows show. Now if only McBain would come back to town and comfort Sam ;)

  14. MatchboxGinny, I completely agree with you. I would love it if Spinelli was Kate's son. Bradford Anderson is one of my favorite actors on GH right now, and he can handle anything they throw at him. I loved his scenes with Jen Lilley today, and I thought that he was brilliant. He has grown so much as an actor since he first showed up on the scene. I would love to see him deal with meatier material, and boy would being the son of a rapist and a woman, who only had him because her priest guilt tripped her into it, would definitely be meaty.

    BTW, my mom and I were watching a repeat of Ally McBeal tonight, and I was surprised to find not 1 but 2 GH people. Michael Easton (McBain) played a well-hung model that Ally had a one night stand with. Derk Cheatwood (Max) played the victim (or bully depending on your POV) in a case that Ally and John Cage tried. They were both so young, although Easton hasn't changed that much.

  15. Loved the show today. It feels SO good to have a soap to watch that I really enjoy and look forward to every day. And where I can feel anticipation at the close of each day.

    About Sonny and Kate. When it started with Kate, I loathed Sonny so much I could barely watch and I also had liked the first Kate and didn't want to see this story at all. It was all tedium at first; going back to Bensonhurst, revisiting AGAIN Sonny's (yawn) history, etc. But as it progressed, I could tolerate it a little better because it wasn't taking up the whole hour. Today it came to me that this is the most interesting story Sonny has had in years, that he isn't the center of it and being propped, that this Kate romance beats anything they have done with him in ages! The whole show isn't all about him, and in fact, not even this story!

    I have no idea what the objection to the Luke and Anna romance is--it isn't like they are old friends. They are just discovering each other. She knows a lot about him because of Robert, and the attraction seems inevitable to me. From the moment they moved in together the sparks were there.

    I've wondered--are too many viewers too young to believe people over 60 can be romantic and fall in love? Got news for you. No matter your age, you are you. You don't feel old; you feel like you always felt, only somewhat wiser (or not) and living life as best as your aging body allows. lol. Anyway, I love it. Hated him with battleaxe Tracy--made no sense. So since we have original Luke back, He and Anna are a dream couple.

    But Heather is going to be a big fly in the ointment, I bet!

    Elizabeth is right about Spinelli--he is a good actor now and overdue this scene with Maxie.

  16. Loved the Mac/Felicia scenes. Kristina W. seems to have relaxed into the role. KS did a lovely job with the revelation scenes - for once it was toned down but still hard hitting. Really like seeing more of Anna, but still don't like the pairing with Luke. I just don't see any chemistry and this has nothing to do with age. I saw more with Tracy. How did Heather get on the Haunted Star before Luke and without Lulu seeing her? She is getting real dirt on the whole town. Glad to see Spinelli tell Maxie off finally. Loved the Patrick/Emma scenes - that little girl is so adorable.

  17. Dave, OK, I know you were tongue-in-cheek, and I almost hate to take the bait, but just can't let your remark pass--Straight men are the clingy smothering stalkers of all time, more than any women or gay men combined (but I know you knew that).