Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Can Run the Obituaries.

 I came in at 3:30 today but by the looks of it, I didn't miss much. 
Starr and NuGuy wanting to live in Lulu's old room. He's so like Porno Rick from OLTL. Starr AND Trey living there. Oh great.

Luke and Anna still going on and on about the "sezy" time.. whatever. Blah, blah blah..should we or shouldn't we? What about Tracy? What about Robert? What about blah blah blah. 

The poem Sam read was much better in Scottish in Four Weddings and a Funeral.  I LOVE that movie!! The first line starts with an "F" and it gets better over time!! 
Sam and Jason -- took an age for them to marry, another age for them to have their damn honeymoon--and now-- GOOD GRAVY. 

Heather and Todd. Interesting. I wonder if he'll take over Kate's office at Crimson. He'll look divine in that red mess of a place.  Heather wanted Style Editor! LMAO...whoops. he thought it would be obituaries. HEATHER BRINGS the Cray!!

My insurance company called because I had a car accident yesterday--someone tried to run the yellow and ;/ boom. I had a green arrow and all of a sudden there was a car in front of me. OY! Any whoo, a lot  of stuff to do.


  1. Karen!!! A car accident? Are you okay?! :(

    Yesterday's GH: I only saw half of it, but then just now, I saw the other half. :) Luke and Anna had sex! ROFL! Todd bought the newspaper, and Crimson!!!! AWESOME! He was shirtless and posed when Carly came in ROFL!

    Today's GH:

    Sam and Jason: Zzzzzzzz. He wants her back home, and she doesn't. She ran out on him.

    Jason and Tracy: Jason has to sign papers for ELQ? HUH?!

    Tracy and Anna: Tracy went to see Luke, and sees Anna in Luke's bed! ROFL! Anna lied and said that Luke and her switched bedrooms ROFL! Tracy thinks Luke and her are getting back together and told Anna this! Luke overheard.

    Luke and Anna: I think they are going to be a couple, but once she hears the truth about what Luke did with the Ethan lie, Anna is going to be pissed!!

    Todd: and Heather: Heather wants a job! He hires her. He says as a Cartoonist or the obits! ROFL! They have to figure out what she can do. Todd bangs his head on the wall! ROFL!

    Maxie's home: Maxie needs a roommate! She has two people wanting the room! Starr and Trey!!! Starr and Trey don't get along! ROFL! Hey writers can Starr and Trey be a couple? :) Maxie starts thinking of Spinny and there fun clothes fight, and freaked out! ROFL! She moves out and wants to stay at her hubby's place. She says there are too many memories in her place! So Starr and Trey are going to live there together!!!

  2. Karen, are you OK?? It sounds like you came through OK, let us know how you are.

  3. yes, I'm fine!! The airbag didn't go off so there wasn't even air bag burn. Messed the car up though. Scared me.

  4. I'm so glad to hear you're ok after your accident! And I'm sorry you have all that going on now. Bummer. But, again, glad you're alright!

  5. Oh I am so glad you are okay Karen! Why didn't the airbag go off? Well I hope you are okay today, since we got a air quality warning!! And it's so muggy here!! :) Oh and Karen, I love the movie 4 weddings and a funeral!!! :)

  6. Glad you are ok Karen! There seems to be an epidemic of people going thru red lights now, so of course they will go thru a yellow. For some reason I didn't mind Starr yesterday, but how stupid is it for her to share an apt. with a strange man? Doesn't she have a lot of money, too, enough to afford her own place? Michael looked very handsome in the suit. Anna and Luke are each so delightful but not together. Finola is such an outstanding actress - just a pleasure to watch.

  7. Did I miss something too? Jason and Michael both had to sign something and I have no idea what it was? They both did so willingly?
    Todd with Heather was hilarious. He was going to give her a job with the funny pages...or obits. That part alone, made GH worth watching. The rest was pretty boring though. I am sooo sick of Jason saying the same thing to everyone he talks to. The baby would still be alive because of me, I set this in motion. The same thing happened when Robin died and when he gave up Jake. He had the same dialog and said it to the same 5 people.

  8. As much as I love Kristen Alderson, I was rather unexcited about her scenes with Chad Duell, Lindsey Morgan and Eric Valdez today. So I'm guessing that even multimillionaire heiresses like Starr Manning are unable to afford apartments of their own in Port Charles and must share space with total strangers (Trey).

    This writing is getting worse everyday. Is Ron Carlivati consulting with Maria Arena Bell?

  9. I wouldn't mind seeing Starr, Michael and others acting like kids. Maybe Starr rooming with this guy, will be fun to watch? Anymore, you don't see kids acting like kids anymore...