Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Everyday I try to Be Nice to People...

Dear Jason, Day Late--Dollar Short.

 Heather lets it slip that Sam is "paying for it"...hmm. Olivia may hold the key to helping people realize Sam's baby was switched. Love Heather!!

Tea talking to Dani. Awwww, Todd's doing a great job looking/acting conflicted. Once Starr's all happy there's no way he's telling!

Jason finds the dead baby--whoops. NOW do you want it? You big idiot. Kelly did a great job with that scene. She must have hurt her vocal cords.
At least she knows it's not her kid. No wonder: her kid 10 pounds. Tea's 5 tops. 



sonya said...

Jason and Sam: Jason sees Sam and then goes to see the baby to bring to Sam, but he sees the baby is dead!! I was hoping there is a twist and the baby is alive! But no. :( Sam wants to see the baby but Jason won't let her! He is telling her the baby is dead but she won't believe him. He gives her the baby, and Sam says that is not her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) In the previews for tomorrow, she says someone switched the baby!!!!! :)

Steve's home: Olivia talks badly about Franco and Heather flips out and grabs Olivia! Gee Heather, is Franco your son? :) Steve shows up and tells them what went on at the hospital! Someone swallowed a spoon? ROFL! Then he brings up a woman who just had a baby.

Sonny and Kate: Zzzzzzzzzzz. But the interesting part, is that Kate looked in the mirror and sees Connie YAY! :)

Liz and Ewen: Zzzzzzzzzz. He is okay. They talk about Maggie and what happened to her. They want to resume where they left off UGH!

The hospital: Tea is holding her "baby" and Todd really wants to tell her the truth!!! They keep getting interupted. He talks to his daughter on the phone because she called. She is with Michael. Todd tells her that Tea had her baby. Starr rushes to see the baby!

Sidenote: Did anybody hear yesterday about how the traffic On West Pennsylvania Highway was? :) That it was all blocked by a cow and a bull having sex!!!! :)


Here is a quote.

Corna says troopers "kept trying to shoo them off the highway, but that just got the bull mad and it started to escalate."

ROFL! Man so many jokes we could have!!! I want to know how it escalated! :) There has to be a video or a picture!!!! :) Anybody here live in Pennsylvania? :)

delcodave said...

Victor mention today! WOO HOO!

What would GH be without a mention of a OLTL character that GH fans know nothing about.

I wish I kept track. Must be at least 30-40 episodes in a row.

rebeccakeen said...

delcodave...Is that sarcasim i see in your post?LOL! Don't you know that the OLTL crew are the best thing to ever have to GH?After all they "saved" the show!LOL! I mean never mind that half of the GH fans never even heard of these characters because they have no real connection to GH,we are suppose to love them because they are beloved OLTL characters and they are "saving" GH!OL!

MatchboxGinny said...


screamingeagle said...

they didn't save anything-show will be cancelled in Sept.

My2Cents2 said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz is right. I ff thru 50% of the show today. Tea, Heather & Sam were enough.

YES Kelly did a great job today.

renegade_killerbee said...

Think I'm gonna tune out this week because it looks like a lot of 'roid boy shoved down our throats.

And I can always watch Saturday night during the SOAPNet 5-show marathon if I have a last minute change of heart.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching GH for a long time and I've totally lost interest since they've made it into One Life to Live.I don't know those charcters and I don't care about those characters.I have been DVRing it every day for years but today I've cancelled my season pass. SAD SAD SAD

glennash3 said...

So does anyone know if Tea's character is just visiting like Blair or is the actress on contact with GH? If Tea goes back to Llanview, then how/when will Sam find out about the baby switch. From the looks of the weekly promo, it looks like Sam starts believing her baby is dead. I really hope not.

It could be easily proven with a DNA test that the dead baby is not Sam's, but this is a Soap, so logic doesn't really apply.

Also, McBain is a cop / ex-FBI who delivered the baby, he should definitely be able to tell that it's not Sam's baby.

I woder how Todd is going to feel when he finds out this will be Sam's 2nd baby to die.

I hope it's not a long drawn out baby switch story, but I somehow think it will be. I think Kelly Monaco did an excellent job with her scenes today.

love2chat402000 said...

Have to agree with Renegade_killerbee that I will not be watching this week. Saw some online and only liked Heather/Todd. I will not watch the jasam /sonny show. I thought it was foolish of Sam to leave a warm environment and go out into a storm , no phone reception, after being weak from just giving birth, only to collapse leaving her baby outside. Foolish. I can't watch this on tv only online where I can skip through half the cast.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like they are going to complete the hostage takeover of GH by heading to Llandville (sp?).
Trying to sew pieces of OLTL onto GH just is not working...turning out to be a frankenstein monster.
Give us back our GH!

My2Cents2 said...

Though I am not happy with GH writing, it is by far better than it was a year ago.
Yesterday I FF thru half of it.

I understand soaps may be fading out, but with writing about dead people smiling and a women taking her baby out in the woods instead of the 'front desk' isn't going to get this show any recognition.

OLTL has nothing to do with some of the mish mash that is going on over at gh. Blame goes to the the writers.

Anyone know how Uncle Mac's date with Felicia went?????????

I don't tweet, if someone could tweet Ron and ask him if he forgot about them, much appreciated.

kdmask said...

No Kassie is NOT on contract, she even tweeted me about it.
I think blair will be a short-timer.
then again, WHO KNOWS.

LSV422 said...

Sad to say I had to also ffwd. half of the show yesterday. At least Starr didn't have that unflattering scowl on her face. I can see where Tea can be annoying, as many OLTL viewers have mentioned. Sam, Heather scenes very good but that's about it. Nice to see Liz and the doc, but too much times has passed for us to care about them. The continuity is terrible.

rebeccakeen said...

My2Cents..OLTL IS to blame because the new writers are the former writers from OLTL.They fired ALL of the GH writers and replaced them with OLTL writers.

My2Cents2 said...

The writers are the only ones to blame. They thought it was a good idea to incorporate. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. But OLTL characters have NOTHING to do with how the show is laid out.
The show bounces around to all different storylines. That is no ones fault but the writers and the editing team.
Actors/Characters are there to act.

Di said...

The continuity is terrible. By the time they showed Ewan again I had almost forgotten who he was. I also want to see what happened on Mac and Felicia's date. And what happened to Maxie and Matt? They seem to have had one hell of a looooong wedding night. lol

I'm also missing characters like Epiphany. They could at least have her at the desk when the new characters walk in the hospital.

LSV422 said...

Di, Epiphany was there when Tea arrived at the hospital yesterday. Did Heather take them to the hospital? If they were stranded within walking distance of the hotel why didn't they go there when she went into labor? Do these writers even watch the show? Nice that Kate has a mirror in her room but wouldn't that be dangerous? Different storylines are good until they are forgotten for a few weeks.

CareyN said...

LindaV, Todd's cell reception came back before Jason showed up at the cabin. Todd called an ambulance and the ambulance took them to the hospital. It was written correctly.

LSV422 said...

Thanks CareyN. I must have missed that.