Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daytime's Night to Shine!! Live Blog

Kristen Alderson and her brother Eddie on the red carpet-- LOVE! 

The red carpet on HLN..AJ Hammer did a great job--and it felt like it was respected!! Tony Geary was charming. He and Erika Slezak may both win their 7th Emmy, making them the biggest winners in history. Tony did spill he spent '3 weeks in a chair in a garden shed' on the show!! spoiler alert heh.

Finola and AJ  Hammer
Massi Furlan...our Balkan Thug!
Scott Reeves
Bradford and Wife Kiera
Chrissell from AMC in HOT PINK!
Lisa and Scott, table mates
Jen Lilley
Here we go!! They look like they are having fun!! I love the round tables--much better than the auditorium.You can get more drunk that way lol
Lisa LoCiccero tweeted this shot of TG accepting his 7th emmy
 Tony wins his SEVENTH Emmy--wow.. He thanks/recognizes his fellow noms...and says GH was almost cancelled for "Celebrity Boob Jobs Gone Wrong" LOL.. Nice. He did THANK GUZA though. Which was a BUZZ KILL for me!! 
Becky and Hubby Michael
 Days of Our Lives won best writing, first time since the 70's!! Wow... Johnathan Jackson won his FIFTH EMMY and second in a row!! He thanks God, Tony Geary, Becky Herbst, his wife--Guza JFP and Some Monks praying somewhere. LOL Okayyy..
Tony and Nathan

Younger Actor is Chandler Massey from DOOL...someone I don't know. They say his character came out this year.  I wish it would have been Nathan Parsons or Chad OR Bradford lol. I think Bradford deserves it because he's great at comedy and drama...not an easy combo. 

Morning Show winner: Today Show and only one person goes up? Geesh? 

Leading Actress: Heather Tom Bold and Beautiful  

Talk show finally goes to Live! with Regis and Kelly--it's never won, ever! 

Eddie and Chad after they lost their as tweeted by sis Kris
Kelly and Julie 
 ELMO won something!! LOL but he wasn't!!

NANCY LEE GRAHN WON and she WASN'T THERE!! Damn it!! she was tweeting up a storm but didn't go to the emmys, I'm sure she didn't think she'd WIN!! LOL... I'm so happy for her. 

Lisa, Sean Blakemore and his wife
There were no clips during the tribute to AMC and OLTL. Some are suggesting ABC wouldn't release them to CNN. That could be totally true.

BEST DIRECTING TEAM:  General Hospital !! I have to admit I was pulling for OLTL just on sentimental sake. 
Younger Actress: Christel Khalil  From Y&R

BEST DRAMA goes to GENERAL HOSPITAL!! (then again, OLTL wasn't nominated)
JFP said "From the OLD GUARD to the NEW GUARD"...and looked at the newbie Producer FValenti!


Di said...

Congrats Anthony G. Loved his comment about almost being cancelled last year in favour of "Celebrity Boob Jobs Gone Wrong" or some such thing. lol

CareyN said...

Hey there, thanks for catching me up. Since it wasn't streaming I didn't watch it (no TV). If you find any YouTube channel or other other location where people post vids of the acceptance speeches, would you let us know?? Thanks!

LaTanya said...

Hate that Becky didn't win but I'm happy for NLG at least it went to a GH'er. They were wrong for not doing better tributes to OLTL and AMC! Bill Geddie got a better tribute than the damn cancelled soaps. I still don't see how Heaher won over Debbie and/or Erika but o'well. GH really cleaned up didn't they!

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

First off...
Woohoo! To GH on the win!
I too hated that Becky didn't get the win, she sure deserved it in my book.
Congrats to the GH'ers that did win.
With all do respect to Susan Luci, her speech?
I thought was going to be honoring AMC and OLTL, instead we got Erica this and Erica that.
Yes, Erica Kane is one of the most memorable female characters in daytime, but AMC was more than just her.
She made it sound like it was The Erica Kane Show.
And poor OLTL, didn't get hardly anything.
Very poorly done. And not worthy of two amazing shows and a huge part of daytime history!
The should've have clips of some on the most memorable moments of both shows, instead of Susan going on an about Erica. JMHO.

Brender said...

Let me first off say: I am very glad the daytime Emmy's were on tv and I congratulate all that won.
As a very big fan of DOOL, it was nice to see them win and have so many nominations. I remember the years when they were completely snubbed out of the Emmy's. I'm glad that the gentlman that played Will Horton won. He had a LOT of storylines going on at once and played them brilliantly.
I do not watch Y&R, but it is always weird when they don't win for best show/writer. This soap has been #1 for as long as I can remember. The viewers must think they are doing something right? I honestly didn't think GH deserved the Emmy for best show this year, but I am happy they got it.
NLG: So glad she won, but did she really have a big storyline last year? When she was on, she was wonderful, don't get me wrong. Maybe I am missing a big storyline she was in, or maybe I am smarting a little from Becky not winning.
Susan Lucci. UGH. That woman is sure full of herself. She would pause everytime she said the words Erica Cane, so people could clap. Funny when they didn't! Even at the very end, Susan was in the middle of all the GH people, making sure she was on the camera.
No tributes, no montages, not really many closeups. Not even when the names were called. A little dull to watch, when I have been used to so much better.
Does Diedra Hall ever age?

My2Cents2 said...

Karen, you succeeded with keeping me off FB last night. I saw you were reporting the winners as they were happening and I didn't want to know until I got to see it.
(Takes alot for me to stay off FB)

OLTL was so SNUBBED and it bothers me terribly.
How can GH win in so many categories, yet be on the botton (last) with the viewers poll??

I do want to thank HLN for putting on the show. KUDOS!

sonya said...

I don't have HLN! :( Where can I see it online? :(

MatchboxGinny said...

I thought HLN's coverage was very respectful of daytime soaps. As others, I was also disappointed in the lack of clips/montages throughout the program. In regards to OLTL and AMC I'm sure it was a matter of licensing/permission.

Sonya, I know there are many clips of the Emmy's on not sure if a full epi is there.

I know Susan Lucci is loved by many who visit this blog but I am not a fan of hers at all. Never liked her type of "acting". I'm with the others on here who noticed how "full of herself" she was. And for heaven's sake can someone get the woman a feeding tube? She looked hideous.

I was very disappointed Becky Herbst didn't win. I love Nancy but I can't for the life of me think of any Emmy worthy performances she could have had in 2011.

Tony's speech was perfectly priceless.

What a well-deserved win for Chandler Massey of Days of Our Lives. That kid has been given tons of storylines and he's continued to put out solid performances.

And didn't Nathan Parsons look gorgeous?? Can't believe GH let him get away.

I'm still disappointed that GH won for best soap. We all know without a doubt how terrible the writing, editing, pacing and yes, even the directing was in 2011. The actors did the best they could with the crap they were given so maybe that's why they won? Hmmmm....

kdmask said...


Di said...

I was surprised that GH won best soap too but I got the impression that a lot of people, and not just GH actors or staff, were trying to send a very loud message to ABC about the worth of GH and soaps in general. There were a lot of not so veiled comments coming from all directions and when GH won the best soap award there seemed to be genuine happiness all around.

sonya said...

MatchboxGinny said...Sonya, I know there are many clips of the Emmy's on not sure if a full epi is there.
Thanks Ginny! I hope the full episode is there! :)

Thanks Karen!!!!! :)

soaplover said...

Just a couple comments:

I felt HLN respected soaps, gave them equal attention as the other daytime shows, and for once I didn't resent all the talk show, game shows, kid shows, etc that usually got the biggest pumping up at the awards. (Although Oscar the Grouch's air time could have been cut in favor of better things.)

I DO wish Nancy had been there to pick up her award. Congrats! (She has Emmys on her mantle from SB, but I'm happy for this GH win.)

Susan Lucci's speech was an overlong, amazingly self-congratulatory, all-hail-to-ME, sort of gusher. I wondered if maybe she had too much wine with dinner. It went on and on, and Erika Slezak, who is truly daytime drama's Queen, was left with few words. And I agree--Susan should have eaten dinner, lots of it. As we age, too thin is no longer a good thing. I do hope the current fad for being skeletal passes soon. It's hard on actresses, young or old.

I kind of liked that the four guys got to award Geary. Geary is a well-liked actor and that was obvious.

Altogether, it was not a bad show. Simplified, as it should be, and ticked right along with no embarrassing fall-flat banter. Just hated the OLTL shut-out. Otherwise it was okay, and hopefully with all the GH wins the ABC brass will see the wisdom in keeping soaps alive.

LSV422 said...

I was so disappointed that Becky didn't win but maybe Nancy was given the award before she disappears from GH altogether, since she has so little screen time. She has won an Emmy for GH once before, in addition to SB, and wahtever little she does is always fabulous. Finola Hughes looked stunning!!! The show wasn't perfect but at least it was on. Could have really done without Susan Lucci.

city said...

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