Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Taking Happy Pills

What a Night! Laura and Frank V (that's Jason Thompson on the side)
GH Emmy Group Shot!
The Emmys were fun, I really liked them. Congrats to Tony Geary, JJ and Nancy Lee Grahn! Wow.. I'm so happy for her.  

Alberta Got all Ready for the Show!! 
 This week's GH:

Well. I loved Friday's show. LOL.. I'll start there. It was light and fun and I just really enjoyed myself for the whole hour. Can't say that a lot with GH even though it's HUGELY improved. Things I liked:
Actually liked Anna having Dolores go undercover to feed Johnny stuff. It made sense. We need more than one or two cops on the show. So, I'll give in. There. I liked Lulu's interactions as well. It's not just she and Dante sitting in a room anymore.  I really REALLY liked Spinelli and Todd--and Todd and Todd. He's just too fun. Tracy waiting for Luke with Big Alice coming out to check on her. Awwww. 
Heather clunking Luke on the noggin--and her laying on the floor next to him? Priceless. RM is doing it up as the crazy lady.   
Tea party in the park was cute, as were Mac/Felicia's split screen dialogs. 

Kate was subdued this week, telling Sonny about her past. I didn't cringe or giggle once. 
Spinelli telling Maxie off. BRAVO--and Bradford was amazing.
Not so good:
 Not sure about  the "Teen Scene" yet. I do like the new kid--he was pretty funny primping in the mirror and he can act. Juxtaposed to NuKrissy's puss face-- although I do say she has beautiful hair. I miss Lexi *sigh* 
I'm still getting used to THREE women fighting for Luke!! LOL Tracy was all giddy--Anna was fluttering. At least Heather wasn't acting like a 13 year old. She was just nutty. heh 
Jason is driving me insane, just not into his character or dialog.. ugh.
Things aren't "gelling" together like I want them to yet. The show still has that choppy feel. I need to get into the rhythm of it all . Still, it was a fun week and I did enjoy it. 

I even liked Kris Alderson singing. I think she's a good singer-- and it wasn't over the top, imo. (You haven't seen Over the Top unless you saw her "Jail Bait" video on OLTL!)

SCENE(S) OF THE WEEK: Go to BRADFORD ANDERSON. He was just awesome in every scene he had. Telling Maxie off, helping Sam with the PI business and with Todd. Comedy, Rage... subtle drama. He really has a range that's not appreciated. 

 NOT THE SCENE(S) OF THE WEEK: All the flashbacks. WE GET IT. We don't need a flashback of last week every 2 minutes. That's my only beef though--hey, not too shabby! 

YEAH FOR GH last night!!  Hopefully it will keep the show going for at LEAST another year. We can celebrate our 50 years. HLN did a great job producing the show as well. I think there were no clips of OLTL or AMC because ABC wouldn't release them. You know they'd be that stupid. 

PS I'LL TRY to find some clips from last night for those that couldn't watch. Here's Tony's Acceptance Speech. 


  1. Nancy won back in 1989, but that was for Santa Barbara. I remember being thrilled when she and Debbi Morgan tied, as I enjoy both of them as performers.

  2. Oh thanks..whoops. I'll change that

  3. I agree about Bradford. He rocked his scenes this week and he makes Spin fun to watch.

    Congrats to Nancy, Tony, JJ and everyone at GH for collecting some Emmy hardware:)

  4. As predicated, Michael Muhney continues to make an ass of himself as he tweeted this last night:

    "Some old guy who has won a bunch of Emmys wins again? Is that really what Soaps need to grow a NEW audience? We need new judges' panels."

    Anthony Geary needs to kick that to Amsterdam and back!

  5. Great photos Karen.

    LW looked AMAZING!!

  6. i didn't get to watch the awards last night, but my mom and I DVR'ed it. We'll watch it some time today.

    I also liked this week's episodes of GH, especially the stuff with Spinelli--so glad he told Maxie off.

  7. There was no awards or categories for which The Chew was nominated??

    We know The Revolution is dead, but the soap people really wanted to stick it to abc last night!!

  8. yeah I tweeted that ASS Muhney, I don't even know who he is. What a jerk.

  9. That Muhney needs to think before he tweets.

    There must be a reason TG HAS all those Emmys. Maybe because he IS the best?? Because he brings it year after year? And maybe because he is a gentleman who respects his job and does his best by it.

  10. NLG was overdue for her GH work - awesome that she won. And what else can be said about TG and JJ? These two BRING IT almost every scene they are in no matter how stupid the writing may be...Look how Luke's character can change from a year ago (alcoholic, depressive, drunk driving, kid killer) to now (funny con man, bad boy flirt) and Geary makes it seem so dang natural. And, I am missing JJ - I'm entertaining myself while he is gone envisioning a story where he and Ethan meet up overseas, and Robert catches up to them only for all of them to discover that Robin is being held by Helena, Faison, and Grant Putnam! LOL

  11. Michael Muhney is great on Y&R as he plays sinister Adam. He actually kicks ass on the show. Sorry, he may not be politically correct but, at least he speaks his mind. While I like TG and think he's great, do I think he was the best , that year? No. I don't think GH deserved to win best Drama. Sorry , I found its storylines horrible under Guza and Frons. I question who votes.
    Michael Muhney did tweet that TG possesses way more talent and is a better actor than himself.

  12. By the way , I didn't like Muhney referring to TG as "the old guy gets the emmy"etc..

  13. Monday, June 25, 2012
    SAY what you MIGHT..........RANT!

    As much gratitude as I have to HLN for airing daytime awards, I can't help but hold anger against those who put this show together.
    Clearly GH is trying to be saved. I am all for that. But how do you ignore someone who has worked on a show for over 40 years? Heather Tom won best actress. I know who Heather Tom is, wasn't she on OLTL for awhile? Nothing against this actress, but who can hold a candle to Erika Slezak? This women is nothing short of intelligent, filled with class, filled with love. She gave her life to OLTL. OLTL was snubbed terribly on the awards show. SHAME. There should have been flashbacks in respect to this show. If it was meant to be that ES not win BEST actress, then there should have been a tribute of sorts for her.

    Couple of other things that bothered me about the show. JJ accepting his award, and bringing his faith into his acceptance speech. Everyone should believe in something, for that I don't fault him. However, there is a time and a place for such, and accepting an award like that was not the time. For those who don't share the same beliefs, it can get uncomfortable.

    Though I do like Bill Geddes and was happy to see him get a Life Acheivment Award, wtf was BaBa Walters doing there?? This women is everywhere. Should I have the View on and I see her walk out, I switch channels. I give her credit for the great reporter she was, and for all those she interviewed in her career. Now I find her a pain in the azz, who still likes to be the 'center of attention' and I find her disruptive on her show and I wish this women who go into semi retirement.

    For those who missed the show on Saturday night, HLN ran it most of the night again on Sunday, back to back.