Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fuzzy Navel!

Matt confesses to the Lisa murder.   Leaves his ring on the pillow. Huh..when did they get the time to buy rings? Did they also have time to engrave them?! 

fuzzy navel
Olivia wants hungover Spinelli to help her with Heather. Then Heather comes in and orders a Fuzzy Navel!!

NuKrissy played that scene REALLY badly. Not good at all. Molly at least was convincing as being hysterical. Lexi needs to come back. Now.

Anna and John.  They will be the super cops of the century! Anna will be mad  at Sonny and Jason. They'll team up and..what? Clean up the town? Will anyone let that happen? LOL NO

Todd listens to Sam's story. I do love Todd, sorry, no idea why. He's pretty horrible LOL. 
Well, it's Off to Llanview!!

We love Soaps Said: Dr. Steve's starting to look like the tanning mom from NJ ahahahha. So true. Geesh

Nancy Lee Grahn was on Twitter today--- #askgh was trending world wide. 


My2Cents2 said...

LOVE NuKrissy. Complicated which makes interesting.

When did Steve turn into a pediatrician/gyno??

Matt is about to join the many who have left GH over the years never to be seen again.
Maxie goes to sleep with no make up on and wakes up with a fresh coat on her face.

Olivia...RUN! You don't want to mess with Heather.

sonya said...

Good morning Port Chuckles!!

Matt and Maxie: Matt left Maxie a note, and then he took of his ring, put it on the pillow, and left!!!! Matt feels so guilty!!!

Police station: Heather tries to talk to Dante, about Luke! She wants Luke free because he didn't kill anyone! She talks about Tracy. That Tracy could have killed Anthony. Matt shows up to confess! Heather wants Matt to wait his turn! ROFL! Heather isn't happy that Dante won't listen to her! Oh oh! Be careful Dante! :) Heather leaves. Matt tries to confess but Maxie shows up and won't let him. In the end, Matt confesses. What is the point of Matt and Maxie getting married?

Alexis's home: Thanks to Kristina, they have a reality show! UGH! Called Mob Princess. Give me a freakin break! Kristina says either they are on a reality show, or she walks! Come on Alexis! Let her walk! She is an adult even tho she is acting like a child! The reality show is annoying, but Alexis is funny. :) Alexis gets a phone call from Jason about Sam's baby. Kristina, Molly, and Alexis are all upset! Kristina doesn't like that the cameras are around and is upset about that. Well I'm glad she is upset with the cameras.

The hospital: Steven Lars tells Tea that her baby has a blood disorder, and that it could happen in Italian/Greek families! ROFL! Well damn! The baby is a Cassadine!!!! :) They are Greek! :) Todd is feeling pretty guilty. Meanwhile, the Davis family awww! No cameras!!! Todd is walking around and overhears Sam talking to her family. He bumps into a food tray, when Alexis comes out of the room, she thinks Todd is here to see her daughter. Todd says no, that he is taking someone else who had a baby home. Alexis says that her daughter had a baby but it didn't make it. Jason tried to tell Sam about him having McBain beat up, but that is when Sam's family showed up. Jason tells Alexis he is sorry that Sam lost her baby. HUH?!?!!?!

The floating rib: Olivia is showing a picture of Heather to the bartender with the great body! Come on show his face!!! :) Olivia shows the picture to Spinny, who has been sleeping there all night! They talk about Heather. Heather shows up! Olivia is scared! ROFL!

Anna and McBain: They talk about Sam's baby and what happened. And then he tells her about how he got beaten up.

Hey Karen! You are not blogging about that cow and bull having sex on the highway in Pennsylvania, and stopping traffic?! Come on!!! :) It's pretty funny! :)

Love4dogs said...

They had the rings when they came back to the courtroom after the quick justice of the peace wedding.

dar said...

Karen - I couldn't agree more new Kristina is awful! Each new addition is a worse actress than the one hired before her. This is not what I was hoping for.

But the good news - more than one non-Sonny day this week. Oh joy ! Oh bliss!

MatchboxGinny said...

FF'd thru most if not all of today. At times, it looked like it was a repeat epi with all the flashbacks.

I do love Alexis in the reality show scenes. Hilarious! I am looking forward to seeing NuKrissy actually "act"...without the whole reality show/campy thing happening.

Dante for two seconds today. WTH?

My disappointment in this show is.....showing.

Hope everyone is having a great day :) Crazy thunderstorms here most of the day!

kdmask said...

I didn't even think of Steve being a baby doc, but you are CORRECT!! WHY was he with Tea? Hmmmmm...

Krissy also looks nothing like she'd belong to Sonny/Alexis. Just sayin'.

The show continues to be very choppy I think.

Tammy Wynette said...

NuKrissy is HORRIBLE.

cooks7570 said...

A Sonny fan is mad that Sonny has been on one day this week. I say if Dante and Lulu and Patrick and Olivia have to take a week off then Sonny should take a week off. Even Jason and Sam and Carly had a week off. I loved the show today.

Cosmoetica said...

Jen Lilley is a big improvement over Kirsten Storms, Kelly Sullivan is a huge improvement over Megan Ward and NuKristina's to soon to tell. Recall that Lexi A's first weeks were as a brat trying to seduce Jason.

Give these actors time and some room to find themselves w the writers.

Constant complaints, and just wrong ones, to boot!

soaplover said...

Cosmotician, I agree--so many complaints and yet the show is SO improved that it is like someone came in and woke it up!
And why can't viewers just wait a few weeks before deciding someone new is awful. It takes time to get into the role, time to get the feel of it. I really like Jen Lilly as Maxie--she is doing an excellent job, has retain the essence of Maxie and warmed her up at the same time, and I'm liking Maxie better than ever. Kelly Sullivan is a fantastic actress. And let's face it, the Sonny/Kate romance was static and as tedious as most of his affairs, and RC took a story that was there and gave it new interest with the DID twist. At least Sonny has something new to do. (I still don't want to see him more than a time or two a week.)

And I'll reserve judgement on new Krissy. She didn't steal the part from Lexie; she was hired by the former people in charge and it has to be tough to be resented because you're taking over a role. This actress has no control over that. No use blaming the new team-in-charge, either. It was set in motion last year.

I thought this last week was one of the best yet and it was almost like the old days on GH when events led to events and characters were leading plot--and it was most of all fun! Okay, one of the babies died, but it was Tea's, a character who is not hanging around. The character who is staying will get her baby back and that story will go on. I can't get too upset there. In soapy terms, this is GOOD stuff!

AntJoan said...

Does anyone else remember that, years ago, for about 5 minutes, TIIC decided to get rid of then-Maxie, and hired what looked like some Russian babe to play her SORA'd? All of a sudden, Flea had this giant Maxie on her hands who was acting out (sound familiar?). The fans had a collective fit, and our then-Maxie was returned to us, pronto. (It was kinda funny how Flea had to keep a straight face though all of this, but she did). So, let's all make a fuss, and hope that we get our Lexi back. . . .

Cosmoetica said...

AntJoan: I believe Robyn Richards was still Maxie then- before KS came. Hell, I recall when Kevin Bernhardt (soon to be psycho-killer Kevin O'Connor) was Frisco Jones for a month while Jack Wagner was touring with his band.

Soaplover: Your reasoning is spot on. Lexi A was solid, but she now looks younger than Molly, who has grown in the last year. She was solid, but not worth wailing over.

I hate it when folks say 'the real _____' I mean, Kirsten Storms was NOT the real Maxi- Robyn Richards took that character from the transplant through puberty and the online sex scandal. Then KS came, and they made a sweet naive Maxie into a bitchy skank. BUT, and this is important, while the character tanked, KS was a better actress than RR. JL is also way better than KS. One never LIKED KS's Maxie. You tolerated her. She was not capable of real warmth. One cannot fathom why Spinelli went for KS, but JL, yes.

A final point that Soaplover touches upon. Soaps are NOT 'drama' but ,melodrma'. There has to be a certain requisite campiness and fun to it. This is not Eugene O'Neill. This is not Iago and Othello. This is Casey the Alien, The Ice Princess, wacky Heather- who is, BY FAR, the best thing on the show now.

I am finally happy to see buttinsky Olivia finally actually being scared of someone. She knows Heather doesn't give a damn about Sonny Corinthos's power.

And, add to Heather, Roger Howarth's Todd. Hell, I HOPE they keep Sam's baby from her for a year or more. I hope Victor gets integrated into this. I hope McBain and Anna take Sonny down.

Imagine how Sonny will recat when he realizes he may have to do violence against Robin's mother? There are so many possibilities. In January, the show was on life support. It's not the mid-80s again, but it is closer than it's been this century.

Enjoy it, watch the WHOLE show, not just your fave actress or character.

Fixes: 1) need a good romatic couple- a supercouple- Krissy and ___?

2) More Todd, more Heather.

3) Todd and Heather in others' business. Tie the tales together. These folks DO KNOW EACJ OTHER, after all.

3) better editing. Writers can only do so much. Shows are not as tightly scripted as film plots, so don't blame the writers if a fave is not on for 4 days. It's the editing, and that's totally out of the writer's control.

Keep on watching, and follows Soaplover's advice!

My2Cents2 said...

You guys will never say anything positive about anybody new who is brought in.
That is so unfair.
It wasn't their decision to replace whomever's place they are taking.
Reminds me of the new kid on the block and every has a mean comment to say. No they aren't who we grew to love originally, but they are here doing there job.

Try to remember that.

CareyN said...

I don't know if everyone here reads soaps news, but Lexi A was asked back to reprise Kristina and declined because she is busy making movies and being on TV shows. We may want her back, but she doesn't want to come back.

Di said...

I'd personally like to see Sam have a conversation with Elizabeth about the trauma of having her baby kidnapped, after they get him back. I'd love for Liz to rub her nose in the agony Sam caused her at the time when Jake was kidnapped.As much as I hate them repeating the child switch theme, I really thing this is karma for Sam.

And I actually like the new Maxie better than the old one now. The actress has done an incredible job of taking over that role and reworking it to suit herself and the fans. She's now just Maxie to me.

And I also agree that with Molly growing up so fast they definitely had to get a new Kristina. We'll get used to her. I hated the nuMichael at first too, basically because of storylines he had. He was always so morose and high strung. I like the way they've toned the character down and made him more mature and likeable. He's now just Michael to me too.

Hopefully they'll give the nuKristina a better storyline soon and we'll grow to like her too.

renegade_killerbee said...

Am I the only one that is extremely embarrassed for the usually marvelous Nancy Lee Grahn? Not only is she saddled in a sub-supporting role but thinks cheerleading about it on Twitter is going to make it a good storyline.

This is a travesty indeed.

Love4dogs said...

Ant Joan...yes I remember the Robyn Richards replacement who had the original crush on Lucky. They brought Robyn back pretty quickly.

My2cents..just for the record I liked Jen Lilley from her first day. :-)

Kelly Sullivan...meh. Not really complaining, but I think they could have done better.