Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Some of you know what this means...others are too damn young!! LOL..I am out of the blog today-- serious hair tending and car mending!! Enjoy this FISHTINI while I'm away--play nice. Tell me about GH!


  1. Karen, Thanks for posting a few links to speeches and interviews from the Emmy show. I really, very much appreciate you finding those for us TV-challenged viewers.

    I hope you're recovered from your car accident and doing well! You deserve a "day off". :)

  2. Todd's Crimson: Todd got his assistant and he wants changes! Heather shows up and the assistant is rude! Todd fires Diane on the phone! The way he fires her is so funny! And the assistant says Diane is going to sue for zooming in on her! So, Todd fires the assistant! Great scene. :)

    Spinny and Sam: They are trying to figure out about Todd and Heather. Diane calls Spinny! She tells him all about it! We don't see Diane, but you can see Spinny's face! Diane must be yelling! Diane is upset.

    Patrick's home: Patrick is looking for his robe and Maxie is wearing it! He is upset. Emma wakes up and Maxie cooks breakfast but I guess it didn't work out. Maxie is so sweet to Emma! Maxie should have a baby of her own!!! :) Patrick has pills that he takes!!! He is hiding it!!!! What the heck?! Does Patrick have a drug problem? That is out of the blue! Later Maxie sees the pills.

    The hospital: Steve and Heather scene! She says the one thing that won't ever leave, is her love for him! Awww! :)Liz and Steve scene. They talk about her and Ewen date. She says she can't stop thinking about Jason! DOH! Ewen asks Liz on a date, but she makes an excuse that she can't because she doesn't have a babysitter. Steve says he can watch the kids, but Liz says no! Liz sees Jason!! Damn Liz do you have feelings for Jason?!!?!! :)

    Jason and Sonny: Sonny wants Joe Jr!!!! Jason is going to make some calls and find him! Sonny goes in Kate's room and she writes him a note! She went to the police station to confess!!!

    Police station: Sonny tries to stop Kate, but it's too late! She confessed and wrote it out and just has to sign in!!! He is upset, and Anna threatens to put him in jail!!! She doesn't though.

    Karen, gone fishin? :) You mean like that movie gone fishin? :) Damn that Todd scene was hysterical! ROFL! The way he told Diane and his assistant that they are fired! ROFL!

  3. In a nutshell, Todd, Heather were PRICELESS today!! Todd FIRED Diane! Only we didn't get to see it, was done via the phone. Hey, at least the guy didn't tweet her she was fired.
    Happy with Todd addition.

    Liz is still hooked on Jason. There is no ifs and buts about it.
    How sad the writers are writing her to look so foolish. Set an example GH!! Show women to be strong. If Jason wasn't coming to her she would be all over Ewan by now.
    Jason didn't love you before, and he isn't going to love you still.
    Jason and Sonny are a couple! That is true love!

    Still no sighting of Mac & Felicia. I am waiting.

    And Patty is poppin pills. Yea right. NOT buying it.

  4. Patrick popping pills today almost made me turn the tv off. He's a surgeon who values his ability above everything. I can't see him taking something that's going to affect his ability to operate. I don't buy it. I also think we've had enough of the pills and the alcoholism for a while. I'd really like to see something new.

    I laughed at Todd's mouthing of the "blah...blah...blah" when heather was talking.

  5. i thought i saw patrick pop a pill that was oval, enlongated in shape. like a tylenol caplet. then later maxie poured out 2 round pills. Just saying... As a former Stage Manager I notice details. Oh well.

    GH missed a HUGE opportunity today. And I do mean HUGE.

    If they were able to bring Carolyn Hennessey (I think thats right), back for even one day to go up against both Heather and Todd, it would have been priceless.

    I am still waiting for Helena and Heather to meet. Any word on that Karen? I know you are dying for Connie's return too.

  6. I realize I am in the minority here but I am sick of seeing Heasther every single day.

  7. Todd has always been able to light up ant scene that he is in.

    I too am also a little sick of Heather. Less is more.

  8. I'm sick of Heather, too. Watching a psycho everyday is not my idea of entertainmnent. Would have liked to see Diane, but I am happy to see CH on True Blood. Really enjoying Todd. I can see why he is so popular.

  9. I agree. Patrick popping pills now? That was all of a sudden and I don't think is a good storyline at all for him! Lets just see him in his everyday form, still grieving for Robin. That alone will be good enough!!

    Oh no, Liz. I am a big fan of Liz and I used to be a Liason fan. I don't want her duped again by the writers. Here, if she is falling for Jason again, she is going to get her heart broken AGAIN and possibly lose out on a relationship with Ewan because of it. I want Liz to get hers for once. They tease us with Liason again, they better damn well follow through this time.
    Heather and Todd and Diane!?! That would have been golden!

  10. I am not sick of Heather. I love watching good actors perform.
    I just wish the writers would write things a little more 'realistic' with her scenes.

    I mentioned on my blog about Patrick and the pills. Not buying it. I could buy him sinking back into depression and not wanting to leave the house storyline, but pills where he would put his patients as risk??

    I feel sorry for Liz. If she would just 'let go' of Jason, she would find happiness. That girl Liz use to be me.

  11. The only time Jason has ever looked happy is when he's with Liz. Bring on Liason! Hopefully these writers will do right by them. I'm sure they'll bait/switch us with mixing in Sam, Ewan, and McBain but that's fine with me. That's what a soap is supposed to be :)

    So happy to see Sam having a life of her own too! The previous writers ruined her character like they ruined Liz. Glad to see these writers writing Sam as she was intended.

    Todd is hilarious! I'm loving every scene he's in. I actually like him on GH way better than when he was on OLTL. Same with McBain. Good stuff!

    My poor Patrick. Pills. Oh boy. Glad to have him back in a storyline again. Too long of a break.

    Getting too much Heather. It's wearing thin.

  12. I have never seen Jason happy at all with Liz. If I did, I would root for them. Clearly he never wanted her like she wanted him.
    He treated her like garbage from the moment she got pregnant, and it isn't until now that he is 'needy' does he run back to her.
    Are there really Liason fans out there still?? WHY??
    Maybe a man like Jason is happiest with Sonny boy and that is the end of that. He loved Sam and it didn't work out. I say Sonny & Jason!

  13. Ok.. First of all... Could Patrick be taking maybe anti depressants?? Didn't Robin take them for her PPD?

    Second, I DO NOT want Liz back with Jason. I like her with Ewan, she needs a man that isn't Jason or Lucky. I mean really, let the girl grow and have an adult relationship with a hot Aussie doc.

  14. "Maybe a man like Jason is happiest with Sonny boy and that is the end of that."

    Love, American Style
    Truer than the red, white and blue....

  15. In my heart I will always be a Liason fan. Yes, I know it is probably a lost cause, but that is just how I feel and not going to explain myself to anyone.
    With that said, I am more of a Liz fan than Liason, Jason or whoever else and would just like the character to be happy and not pushed around.

  16. Does anyone else hope Maxie becomes Todd's assistant? Todd + Maxie + Heather? Each with their own special brand of crazy and self-centeredness? Let the hilarity ensue!

  17. CareyN - YES!! That would be awesome!! KS Maxie tho

  18. Stephanie/CareyN - I agree and yes, with KS.


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