Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital Ratings/Questions and Emmy Broadcast!


That's right! Tonight are the Emmys! I will be on Twitter from 7pm on out to dish about the Red Carpet show (On . Find me on @wubsnet. If you tweet, please use #daytimeemmys as your tag so we can timeline each other.  I will also try to fit in #GH on there too.

People have been arriving in Vegas all night-- many pics are up all over twitter! Alberta Wubs (my lobster) even went to a party for all the stars!! Photos will be coming soon. GH cast members up for awards are: Sarah Brown, Carolyn Hennesy, Jonathan Jackson, Julie Marie Berman, Drew Garret  and Bradford Anderson. Interesting that two (Drew, Sarah) are no longer on the show. Much excitement about the whole event...a lot of fans are there as well. I think Vegas was a great venue for this. Happy Place, Party-Friendly and many hotels for all to stay at. I wish I would have gone. I think there will be a ton of great stories to come out of this celebration!

On another note, I asked a question yesterday about Vanessa Marcil's return. I wondered if people thought her return would help the sinking ratings. Here are a few of the responses I got:

Maybe for a little while. I think it depends on how it plays out. Personally, I am totally looking forward to #Franco ! LOL-- strebekah

No! They just need to get off gangster stuff it turned into crime drama instead of a soap n I've been watching 30yrs!-- justmema

No. Too late. RT @WubsNet: Question of the Day: Do you think Vanessa Marcil's return will help the sinking ratings? #GH why/why not?-- NYcovergirl
WubsNet I think there will be a nice boost in the ratings. Whether it is sustained or not depends on if the stories are better than now .@jflowlu

No Marcil won't improve ratings. They need some decent writing.-- mamccw

Yes. So many of her fans tuned out when she left. They'll tune back in to see her again. Now for holding them, story must be good.--SonnyandBrenda
Don't think Vanessa's return will bring any viewers back unless writing improves #GH-- nygal33
I hope the ratings go up! What would the networks put on during those times that would actually be better ratings? Nothing!-- kristbhotctt
No Vanessa will not create more long time viewers because we want Quality writing for the stars who stayed not stunt casting!-- @Belinda
Her return will cause a temporary spike at the start. If she has a crappy story, the numbers will fall--telebuddy
So, there you have it. Some say yes..most say  IF THE WRITING IS GOOD--then we'll see a better turn out.  I think her return will help ratings in the short run, then it's all up to the stories. A lot of people have left GH--many, many more since Vanessa went years ago. Will they come back? Not sure. It will be interesting, that's for dang sure. I'm waiting to see if the Franco-stunt will bring in numbers. It didn't last time. Not even close. At least GH is getting huge press from it all. 

I am doing a podcast today with Daytime Confidential !! It will be up later in the week.

PS. How much have you loved all the Alberta photos?! Wonderful or what!?


GHfan94 said...

Karen, I'm in Canada and I have no idea what network the Emmys are gonna be on! HELP!

Anonymous said...

I really don't think Vanesa will help ratings a hugh bunch (not sure anything can, short of firing violence loving Guza), especially if they pair her up with that tired, old, hollow-eyed, self-serving, criminal Sonny. He is so yesterday, so finished, so why would a lively, smart, gorgeous girl like Brenda be interested in him at all??? But I bet that is exactly what they plan and that will finish her for me.

Anonymous said...

If they want their ratings to go up ABC needs to get rid of Guza ...yes Vanessa will help ratings but without great stories it won't help .Sonny & Brenda were and will always be the ultimate couple on GH .Given a great story line will bring back all the old viewers .I repeat get rid of Guza and make GH what it used to be a SOAP OPERA again not the SOPRANOS IN THE AFTERNOON !!

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