Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting My Real Housewives of NYC On!!

There's a LOT more dramaz going on with the RHONY  gals than there EVER could be on GH. So, for those of you that watch that show and caught the 3 part reunion show, this is for you!!

Who CAN'T watch this show with moments like these!!?

First of all, this season was more catty than usual. Seems like everyone was fighting. Friends were enemies, enemies were friends. Seeing Ramona embrace Simon and Alex McCord was well, a bit shocking. Once the season rolled on however, it was easy to see why the sane went to one side and the overly dramatic, singing nutjobs went to the other. Jill Zarin, once the centerpiece of the show was reduced to apologizing every two seconds about her "behavior". Oh, Jill...I'm sure you tried your damnest to get the gals to gang up on Bethenny..but she's the fun one!! She's the one the public likes...the one being asked to do all the talk shows. She has her own show! You just run some fabric store!! Now, I loved Jill and Beth--they seemed on the same page and pretty cool. Watching Jill tell Bethenny she was "done" over and over again did it for me. SO, go hang with the Countess and Krazy Kelly.

Speaking of that wack-a-doodle..if you missed the reunion at least try to watch clips of this train wreck doing her thing. I'd love to try to explain her but it would take a PDR and a psycho DSLM scale to do it. Although she's been an airhead in the past, this season she took the cake. (or er..gummy bears).  On a trip to the tropics for Ramona's pre-wedding celebration she completely flipped out. Screaming, telling people Bethenny was going to kill her, crying on the phone to Jill. There's been subsequent US magazine articles of Ms. Bensimon telling the world she was "bullied". Which, if you watched BRAVO's awesome montage, you'd know was all hogwash. Kelly says one thing, does another. During the hilarious "What What Happens Live" with Bravo Andy and Kathy Griffin, Kathy wonders what Kelly is "on".  Andy giggles, looks around and then looks uncomfortable. I guess the ladies don't have to pass pee tests to keep working.

Watch Kelly's PSA (yes she filmed one) on "systematic bullying" it's sad she thinks it's true because even IF Bravo didn't show all-- they showed enough to let us see that Kelly is as big of a bully as anyone else on that boat is.

The newest housewife, Sonja was actually a godsend this season. At least she could look at things from newer eyes. She's spunky, comes from a real "old American Money" marriage, and seems to take things with a grain of salt. I can live without the Sex-Maniac angle but whatever.
 I'm going to say some nice things about Luanne now, so CountessHaters to the left!! She was the one that called Kelly out on  her "ho -bag" comment to Bethenny when the Krazy got back from the boat. She also had MANY moments during the reunion show where she tried to get Kelly to see how stupid she really is. (didn't work) We all saw Kelly say Bethenny was a "cook" not a "chef"... and refuse to sit across from her at dinner. Yes, the Countess sings a horrific song-- but least she's having fun. (loved her on The Dish)

Ramona...Ramona..Ramona.  She's the girl from HS that just says whatever she wants and gets away with it because she's so hyper and not really paying attention most of the time you cut her a break. Plus, she drinks like a fish and spends a ton of money on her friends. What's not to like??! She looks fabulous and seems to really love her hubby. Plus, she gave it to Jill in a spectacular display of frenzied screeching. Loved it.
I am also an Alex and Simon fan because they just are so funny to watch and really seem to get that this is all a bit silly. They would be people I would have to dinner just to hear the REAL skivvy on the show. Loved that Alex found her voice this season too. Jill really did make way too many snide comments about her boys and Simon to let it go any longer.

I think the best thing about the Housewives from NYC is that they are on the fringe of "high society"--- because lord knows, the REAL society mavens wouldn't be caught DEAD on a reality show.  Plus, I bet their lives are a tad shocking then these ladies.  Every one of them are trying to sell something..from books to shows to fabric to jewelry to skin products to Skinny Girl drinks. It's actually a giant show filled with promo ads for Kodak, catering companies, designers and even NYC stores. Ah, the American Way!! It's totally pure escapism at it's best.

Great moments on the Live Show:
Bethenny's Face when Kelly was talking (think Angela of The Office)
Kelly saying she supports Peta and is against the abuse of animals but "wears furs when she wants to" she also thinks Gummy Bears are their own food group.
Jill's Bracelets and Shoes. They needed their own cameo.
Alex McCord defending her nude photos while Jill is yelling "Spread EAGLE" at her.
Andy and Bethenny's side glances to each other when Kelly was talking
Ramona's eyeballs and "dress fanning"

My husband came upstairs and watched for about 2 minutes.  He's seen some of the shows during the season and was howling, shaking his head that BRAVO actually airs this stuff. I told him be happy I only watch 2 Housewives shows...NYC and OC. I told him to go back downstairs to watch the BBgame. (after yelling STOP TALKING WHEN I'M LISTENING TO THE CRAZY LADY SPEAK!!)

Biggest hope? ALL the footage from the BOAT trip into Madness is aired by BRAVO.  They could actually make a movie out of it. We could all go on Twitter for 2 hours and dish. (all the ladies are on there!!!) I think those of us viewers really REALLY want Kelly Bensimon to fess up to her lunacy or have her show up on Dr. Drew. Her poor girls.  Oy. I can also totally see this show being used as a study in sociology at some college someplace.  heh, extra points if you can diagnose each of their neurosis!!

PS. LOVE Bethenny's new show--she's hysterical. Even her one-liners have one-liners and her hubby? Cute and fun. Loved it when she was shopping for her wedding dress.


Anonymous said...

I thought this was a post for GH. Who cares about Real Housewives rambling. I just wanted my GH post of the day. I'll find it elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

I never watch reality shows and had no idea what you were talking about. I don't mind some comments about other shows, whatever they are ,but then I want some words about GH ( or OLTL-- I watch that too, and it's a soap!). Hope you'll post something later about GH....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 & 2 go to General Hospital Happenings. They post spoilers almost every day.

Dawn said...

Sorry but for me Bethanny is the most two-faced b!tch on the planet. I might think Jill is a mean but Bethanny is no better. Her hubby is a little on the fishy side and as a New Yorker the rumors were there long before the show started. I find it amazing that a woman who lives for the cameras I mean she peed on a pregnancy test but somehow her telling Jason and him proposing were private. I call Bull. She is mean and bossy to her hubby and I'm sorry but someone needs to take her to a shrink she had a 4lb baby because she was afraid to get fat. I mean she wouldn't want to hurt her "skinny girl" line.

I am in agreement though I would much rather hear crap about GH than about RHONY or anywhere else.

Please don't hate me :)

AntJoan said...

About GH--what was the framed picture behind Sonny of the blond boy? Is that supposed to be NunuMichael as a child?

Stampin'GHmom said...

First of all to all you "I only want GH news/scoops here" shut up!! This is Karen's blog and she can put whatever she damn well pleases in it. So you can all just go away if it's not good enough for you!)
Now as far as the RHONYC crew...all I can say is Oh My Word, Kelly is positively the most deranged, confused and completely psychotic person I've ever seen on television! Every time she opens her mouth, I think ok, maybe if I really concentrate and try to pay attention, I'll understand what she's talking about. Yeah, not so much!
Don't like Alex as the mean girl. Luann's singing..nails on a chalkboard, Ugh!! Ramona, still high strung and she just needs to stop trying to fix everyone's problems. Sonja...she's fine. As for Bethanny and Jill, I think that it's a bit unfair that they painted Jill as the only one who was wrong. I'm not saying she wasn't wrong; but Bethanny's not perfect. Right now she's BRAVO's girl though and they don't want to tarnish her shine.

GH: Ugh...I want to watch it, I really do; but I keep finding so many other things on TV that I want to watch more. So right now, I'm only catching snippets here and there.

kdmask said...

Thank you to the people that defended my right to post about another show in my OWN blog!! LOL. God, if you don't watch, don't read it. I post about GH every damn day-- I missed like 3 all of last month.
Not nice.