Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Tuesday How's Your Soap Going??

I don't know how you are feeling but I'm just bored to tears with GH lately and hope that Franco can inject some excitement for me. Hell, anything would be good at this point! LOL

I liked Kirsten A singing on One Life to Live. Nice.

GENERAL HOSPITAL:   OMG, HATE this Lisa and Patrick stuff.
I told Nancy Lee Grahn my newest idea is to have Kristina get a "Johnny 4ever" tattoo across her back. HEH..can you imagine? I would LOVE to write for Krissy. I'd go nuts.
Lucky and Sonny...remember then? Nice. I really love JJ and MB together. Just sayin' I got a little nostalgic there.
LULU is on my LAST nerve today. I don't usually get sick of her but I so wanted Livvy to kick her into the dang water. ugh.
I also like the Shirley story. She could have been on more, and more consistently but I'll take it. It's in the hospital, a nice arc and I'd like them to do more of that type of story. Not as a back burner filler either. Kind of like St. Elsewhere stuff.
Yeah for some more Luke as a roomie scenes. Monte Carlo Con: Code for 'I'm going on vacation until the fall' ...
Maxie's hair is just driving me insane as are her clothes lately. It's like she's trying to live in Milan or in a Katy Perry video.
So, WTH are they doing having Kate come out once a month to go to Jake's?? GOD! Crimson could be such a good story about the fashion industry. ;/  MAN. Her laying into Olivia was interesting!! WOW..Olivia calls her snot face. CAT FIGHT! heh

Happy Town Fans: The 7th and 8th episodes of HAPPY TOWN reportedly will be on ABC.com/happytown TONIGHT! This was tweeted by ABC's Happy Town account. I really am mad that this show got taken off air for stupid sheeze like "WipeOut"..ugh!!

Who is watching "You're Cut Off?? (VH1) GOOD LORD!! Is it real...I mean, do you think those girlies are really that stupid/clueless/bitchy?? I want to send Chrissy and Gia to a refugee camp somewhere! Entertaining though. Summer TV usually is!


  1. LMAO I am watching "You're Cut Off" too... I had to once I realized that bimbo Erica from The Bachelor was on it. It's a great laugh :D

    I'm cramming in a week's worth of soaps into 1 night tonight, so far behind.

  2. Crimson would be great to have on, now that Brenda is coming back. I'm sure Kate would jump at the chance to have such a great model as Brenda in her magazine!

  3. The Lulu-Dante lovefest, facesucking, make-up sex is boring and repetitious. We have seen it all before so why waste more airtime on it? somebody needs to get Kristina into Shady Brook before she gets herself or someone else killed. The Twit just doesn't listen to anyone. She is the sole arbitrator of the truth and everyone else is delusional. Has she forgotten how she let Michael think he hit Claudia's car and then let her mother take the blame for it?
    Once Franco makes his appearance I am going to take a "Hiatus" from the show just like Tony Geary does. I am not going to subject myself to psycho-filth.
    Has anyone noticed the pouty, petulant look on Kelly Monaco/Sam McCall's face on the show's intro. Makes me want to slap her for being nothing more than a hole to be plugged. That is all she has become on the show.

  4. A majority of the soaps that I watch seem so repetitive now. If certain characters were not on the show, I would probably not watch them anymore.

    However I will say that Days of Our Lives has been wonderful this past month. I absolutely loved the story that they crafted for Alice Horton's passing. They took their time with it and played all of the beats. Oh and I adored the flashbacks. I hope other soaps were watching Days this past month.

  5. Thelma, I have not watched Days in a really long time, but tuned in last week to see how they handled Frances Reid's passing. It was great seeing all those characters back, but they looked so old, which made me feel so old! But, I enjoyed tuning back in just for that.

    As far as GH, I bored to tears and honestly don't think anything is going to improve. I really have no opinion about the return of Franco- hopefully it will be better than last time, I don't think it can get much worse...

  6. Where is Skye?????

  7. Yesterday's show may not have been great, but what a huge amount of characters appearing on one show - I counted 22! More cast integration is always a plus. Loved Lucky and Sonny reminiscing. I think JJ looks great. It was also fun to see Olivia and Connie fighting albeit about something ridiculous. Would love to see more Crimson. Doesn't Lulu work anymore - she is always at Dante's?

  8. Well, I don't really think it will work.