Monday, June 21, 2010

Medicine Monday: General Hospital Breaking up Key Couples?

We know soaps are famous for breaking up fave couples---it's what keeps them going year after year. GH seems to be a bit more frustrating than most because even when couples are "together" we rarely see them. It's like Guza has no clue what to do with a stable couple. Scrubs? Off to the back burner after the Robin PPD storyline. Spixie? Their non-wedding was one of the most fun thing in ages but that pushed them into couples no-man's land quick. L&L2 never really got back their footing-- and of course fooling around with Nikolas didn't help matters. Now Liz isn't really with anyone. Neither is Nik..and neither is Lucky. CarJax is fighting, making up, fighting--Carly's off on some revenge rampage. The only couple we see (and SEE EVERY DAY) is Lante. 
Scrubs is going to have big conflict because Patrick cheats on Robin with--LISA. Now, this character is just disposable because as usual, she was brought in quick, hardly any backstory, shuffled around, off canvas for days, weeks--- look at Matt! Here's a guy that is supposed to be getting with Maxie (??) and he's STILL not on screen for more than 10 min every other week. WTH.
Then there's Ethan. :throws up hands: are they really going with Maya (another poorly introduced or used character?) if so, there's zip excitement there. Showing the two of them in the deserted Haunted Star gets you NOTHING. Speaking of Nothing--Steve and Lisa?? Random. Yes, they work together, yes, they've been in scenes but it's not like the hospital is a bustling center of sexual tension. It's not shown enough!!
I've like Jolivia since the start because I think LL and BB have great chem together. I so wish they would have taken it to the next level instead of making them argue about Sonny all the time.
Bringing us to Sonny--who's going to kiss Claire. As if that hasn't been done 300x in the past. Ugh. I thought she and Lucky had some good banter going. But see, showing characters together in such isolation rarely works. Just like Spixie and Jolivia, those relationships came out of key scenes together with natural chemistry just sparking. Another case in point? Alexis and Mac. What did the writers think? We'd just be getting used to them--then we never see them again. When's the last time? Valentine's Day? ;/ guess when they need filler, they drag that whole thing out of storage.

So--that's my comment today about the couple spoilers coming. We all know Brenda's back  in August, and we also know where that leads.

They are filming the hospital lockdown now--when Liz' baby goes missing. Just an FYI!!

NEW FATHER'S DAY WUB up!! woot! enjoy!! hope you like.

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY:  Spinelli has on the most boring hoodie, just like his depressed mood. LOL. Did they get it at KMart maybe?? Basic editions?
Maxie's hair....pretty short. I like it. Super blonde...she looks uber-cosmo. Loved her yelling at Jason for being in jail. She and Brenda are going to talk so rapid-fire to each other it will be a Gilmore Girls moment. heh
Emma's on and she and Patrick have to be interrupted by LISA and Steven. Good Laws.
Olivia and Brooke could be related. And why isn't Livvy seeing right through stupid Krissy's plan?? EEK!! NO one can ever tell me that Olivia would believe that Johnny is really sleeping with Kristina. ugh
YEAH..Tracy's on!! And Luke in a suit!
Sam coming in for a Brenda visit!! LOL.. and Sexis! Day's not totally shot. Nice congugal visit set up! OMG! Like they really look like that! LMAO how stupid.
MOGAN: "Jax already feels like my dad, the courts just have to put it in writing".... hmmmm. Guess I should have seen that before I wrote my Father's Day Wub! LOL
Alexis going to Johnny's: You wanna Scotch? You wanna pig in a blanket??
I also noticed how tall Michael is...AJs his dad? LOL
Oh I miss you AJ!!


Andrea said...

How can Sam pose as Brenda, even though she has already been to see Jason a few times. Shouldn't they know who she is by now?
GH. What horrible writing. Gets worse everyday IMO. They don't stick with a storyline unless it involves the Big 3..

mosbp2003 said...

I laughed out loud at the pig in a blanket line! Sadly, it was one of the most entertaining lines on GH in a long time...Sorry Karen, I think Maxie looked awful! It is not the hairstyle, I think that is very cute. But either the color is too blond or the makeup was too dark, because she looked washed out. All you could see was eye liner! FF'd through the whole conjugal visit thing- who really cares? And I did not really think it was possible, but I actually hate Sonny more than ever. It is very sad, because I used to love Sonny...

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the whole visit with Jasam today and I don't care to. Now if you were spoiling that they had her sneak in as Brenda just to be close to him, and some how this turned into more that's one thing. But sex in something the size of a phone booth (somehting spoiled on one of the sites, not sure if it was here). Just makes me wanna gag. Sorry, but they haven't even had Sam being lonely at all whatsoever. Here we go again, only having Sam on when she visits Jason. no side story other than one lousy scene w/ krissy. Kemo has to realize she looks whored on this show. She is so much better than that!

Anonymous said...

The only couple that counts on GH is the brokeback one - Sonny and Jason

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would throw this out there. When you visit a prisoner in federal jail, you have to present your driver's license and also provide your social security number. They run a background chaeck to make sure that you are not on probation, wanted by the law, or have been in any correctional facility in the past. Plus, you have to be pre-authorized and on a guest list for at least 30 days and the address that the prisoner puts your name under has to match the driver's license.

Didnt see any of this today.

Did you?

Anonymous said...

From the "Did you ever notice?" department

Whenever the ratings go down by a point, Guza trots out a car bomb for good measure?

"Yeah! That will bring the ratings back!"

Anonymous said...

I so don't like Maxie's haircut. It's the Kate cut! Yuck! I loved it when it was the chin length wavy do.

kdmask said...

I'm still cracking up over the Hotel "Suite" looking PRISON Love Shack!! LOL

Barb said...

You outdid yourself with the Brender Wub, Karen. Your snarkiness comes shining through.

mosbp2003 said...

Anonymous, I don't think Pentonville is supposed to be a federal prison (even though the federal prosecutor "arranged" Jason's confinement- another inconsistency), but your point still holds true. The prison would also have all of Jason's info, including his marital status. Also, it's been a while since my college criminal justice days in NY, but I seem to recall that conjugal visits take place in trailers. Or they once did anyway, as I said, it's been a while. Whatever, the whole story has been laughable- why should the "conjugal" visit be any different? Guza thinks we are all morons...

Anonymous said...

The sunglasses would have been kept in a locker and not allowed in as well. I didnt notice if there was a pocketbook. But pocketbooks, wallets, keys, money, etc are put in a locker and not allowed in with a prisoner.

Certain things, like photos or drawings from children, etc. are allowed.

But nothing that can be slipped to a prisoner for the prisoner to eventually use as a weapon (or drugs) are allowed in the room.

How do I know this? TRUST ME. Been there.

And I know I havent watched every episode since I started in 1977, but hasnt Sam (or in this case, 'Brenda') been arrested at least once in their GH career by the PCPD? Anyone with a previous arrest cannot be a visitor to a prisoner. That goes for ANY correctional facility, no matter what the level. Unless they write a request to the Warden and get permission due to extraneous circumstances.

Does anyone wonder why viewers are tuning out in droves? This is it. I am all for fantasy and some excapism, but this isn't it. This is just poor writing that insults the viewers.

And I am insulted.

nyangel22 said...

honestly, i think that GH needs to employ romance authors to write for the show. you want fantasy? they can give you anything that you want: werepigs? check. vampires? check. faeries? check. demons? check. you want suspense? they'll give you suspense: serial killers (homoerotic or not), Navy Seals, NASCAR drivers, cops, Feds, PI's, spies. All written much better than the drivel that Guza dishes out day after day week after week.
How about some romance? Yep, definitely get that. These men and women can write the best sex scenes, and have them actually work with the story. And with a lot of writers the characters stay together through tons of other books (Karen Rose has 11 books out, and each one brings back characters that are in other stories, and while they may not be the main couples any more you will see them and know that they aren't boring or off somewhere having tupperware parties).

Things need to be shaken up or GH will go the way of GL and ATWT.

LindaV said...

I really hate that Scrubs will be tainted with Lisa, that Alexis and Mac never had a chance, as well as Kate and Coleman. The whole prison scenario has been farfetched from the onset, as have the courthouse scenes. I don't believe this show will ever rebound unless Sonny is gone and the mob is history.

Anonymous said...

To LindaV


Anonymous said...

My God, its a Soap Opera, its not real. The fact that Jason went to prison to protect Michael is ridiculous, that does not happen in real life. So for all the people who is bringing real life into this stop watching Soap Operas. GH has been all about the Mob for years and that will never change. GH is unique because of the mob and thats why I watch. The writing is not the best right now, but am sure it will improve, we go through dry spells like that every couple of years and besides GH writers can't please everyone.

Kcnh said...

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