Thursday, June 24, 2010

Franco MOCA shoot today-- Casting News. General Hospital POPS!

BOOM, Guza's fave word is on SID this next week!! LOL

Well, today is the big MOCA shoot with Franco and Burton!! Alberta was in line, waiting to get in. Franco is just a circus and I so need a circus right now!! LOL. His photos from the Clocktower Gallery (below) crack me me the heck up. Take a gander at the monkey masks and just plain weird sheeze.

One Life TO Live:  It was a joy to see so many real outdoor scenes. Rex seeing Christian and Leyla neekid was great. David/Vicky/Charlie/Dorian were great as well. David to Vicky about his tan: "Friends don't let friends go pasty". hee hee Loving the whole thing.  The new SID that's out says at the bottom Michael Park "IN" at OLTL (with a question mark) OMG, I can ONLY HOPE! I love him!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  They said Franco at least 34x today in the first five minutes. Just sayin'. I wonder how long the "search" for Franco will last...I think the airing of the taping today is July 22nd.
Loved Luke and his boys. I don't care if they sit there for an hour and talk about eggs. It's that fun.
How the hell can Dante be Jason's caretaker if he's "taking care" of Michael?? I mean, for reals. What the heck.
They are so writing Johnny into a corner with this Kristina  story...also going against Sonny. We know what happens to those guys. AJ. Alkazar (1 and 2)... Ric. I'm not happy. Also happened to Faith and Claudia.
Tracy and long shall this go on? Well, I'm not complaining. And the Q's address is 66 Harbor View Road. Just in case you need it for a trivia ??

WHO'S in Vegas for the Daytime Emmys on Sunday?? First of all I'm jealous...secondly, Carolyn Hennesy is in town at a book signing if you need something to do on Sat!! GO MEET HER!

2190 N. Rainbow Blvd. VEGAS, BABY!
Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 2pm!

GUESS WHO'S doing another Daytime Confidential PODCAST this Sunday? :bats eyelashes: ME!! Can't wait. I'll let you know when it's up. I love dishing on that show!!


  1. This better start to pick up soon.SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BORING!!!

  2. What a surprise! A big KABOOM! that is going to be DEVASTATING! All that is missing is "THIS WILL CHANGE GH FOREVER!"

  3. Jason and Sam telephone call was such a huge waste of airtime. Is Jason going to move in with Dante too? Gonna be a might crowded in that little apartment. What happens to Jason after he saves the world from Franco? Back to jail? Gets redeemed and becomes a model citizen?

    When is Luke going to remember Laura and head to France? He can kick Scotty's butt again.

  4. Luke and the boys were the only saving grace yesterday. I really really like Ethan in the mix and just love his laughing at Luke. He and Lucky make good brothers, although I loved Lucky with the sane Nik.