Friday, June 25, 2010

James Franco Signs Alberta WUBS...!!


OH YES, Alberta is in HEAVEN!! She got a tattoo from Franco and took a bite of his apple!! WOOT!
She loved the shoot--Dante and Jason chase Franco up to the roof. Right before Franco plunges into the Route 66 sign, he says "But I know where the baby is"..

The airdate is July 22nd (so far)!! Alberta was thrilled that Wubber gwaddie (Karla) and her hubby took her to this special remote filming. She's in heaven. I'M IN HEAVEN!
More photos to come this afternoon, or you can check out Alberta's Fan Page on Facebook!


  1. I"m confused. Do people like Franco? And if so please explain why? He seems totally lame to me.

  2. Is it just me or does Franco look a lot like Sonny when he wears his hair slicked back like that lmao

    Great job Gwaddie and Ghubs :D

  3. Well, he's an A list movie star who is bringing great PR to GH. He is very dedicated to learning the soap "craft" and plus, it's a bit exciting!! They did an on location shoot and 200 GH fans got to be there as extras. Franco spent a LOT of time signing stuff. He's a bit of a circus but we need that right now!!

  4. ok i can accept that but i just wish they'd focus on the people that are always on the show and improve those stories oppose to short stunts.

  5. I don't get the Franco adoration either. He's been in some movies...big whoop! I don't think he's "A-list." More like B-list (if that). And, he overshadows the show. Didn't the ratings actually go DOWN the last time he was on?

    Why not bring back romance, drama, family, relationship conflict and passion to the show? You know, actually write for the characters we care about - in a BELIEVABLE way? Then GH cmay actually go up in the ratings.

    Stunt casting is just lazy! And, it doesn't work!

  6. I disagree that Franco is a B actor at best... he has been in

    All 3 Spiderman movies
    Milk w/ Sean Penn
    And most recently Eat, pray love with Julia roberts.

    Having said that, i am not a huge fan of the character of Franco taking away time of our favs. But I can't argue with Karen that it brings the spotlight on our show.

  7. I think the only one of those films I've seen is one of the Spider-Man ones. Besides, Franco played supporting roles or bit parts in those. He is not a starring role or "A-List" actor.

    Regardless of our opinions on that, I am more interested in seeing Adrienne Barbeau on GH than I am Franco.