Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FRANCO Fevah!! James Franco on today's General Hospital!!

ANOTHER PIC OF Alberta and Franco
Cause that's how WE ROLL!!

I even tuned into The View to see FrancoFrenia... and my Whoopi is there!! He was as charming as always. We are getting so much PR on this!! What the heck!! They showed a Maxie and Franco clip where he gives her roses. Joy really buttered him up. LOL He said he was doing GH for research at first-- for a movie. He even said that Judd Apatow is a fan of the soap!! He was very gracious and if you didn't see it, look it up on YouTube! James also said that he taped over 3 days for 20 days of viewing. Good ol' block taping!! He said that the experience helped him get 130 Hours with Danny Boyle. Nice Interview.

Today is the day! After inviting so many fans to the remote shoot at the art gallery, I do have a respect for the writers and producers. (don't faint) Involving fans is so great. We deserve it!! Most loyal, most charitable..most "hanging in there for YEARS/DECADES"...
Franco's MOM is named  KAREN!! I feel so connected. LOL.  (let me dream, will ya??) I'm way to young to play his mama but they could have picked me! @@
You have to see Funny or Die with Franco doing Justin Bobby from The Hills. Yes, I watch and I've even seen the Episode they are doing a parody of!! He's perfect!! LOL
Have you read my EXCLUSIVE Spoilers about the Brenda Franco connection?? One story isn't going to happen like we thought!! Things will unfold Getting the Gelato cart out for "Italy"...IF they do the Skye/Money story that is. Hmmmm.

Luke's off on his vaykay!! bye!! I'm going to be leaving too for about 10 days. GEDSTERN (@laurahinds) will be taking over for me!! Give the Geddy your WUB

FRANCO'S first SCENE is with DIANE!! woot!! (although I don't think she would have stopped to talk to a homeless man, but that's besided the point!!) he's got his wind up MONKEY!! Diane gives him gum. This is already 100x better than the first guest stint he had. BTW, NLG was due to be in that scene but couldn't so they put Diane in. Wubs Crackie (insider) told me that!
Spinelli was so happy Jason was out, he cleaned up the PH! funny. And he told Sam she could "Stay"!!  Loved his Jason daydream!!!
Geesh, Luke's goodbyes sounded like a REAL goodbye!! He never does that. Oh well, I guess since he's gone until Sept. it is longer than usual. And he really didn't want to see Tracy, he took 10million of her dollars!!
"I'm a little groggy....reminds me of the '60's"-- hahah. Shirley. Mushrooms. Ahhhhhhh I wonder why they couldn't have made her Audrey's sister? Or have some ties to Port Charles to weave into all this. MUST I DO ALL THE THINKING??!! Guza! wake up! LOL

No "Mad World" today-- what happened?? Cost too much now? LOL.

Here's a nice thank you from Project Precious Life-- our charity from last month. This was a baby shower for Annie Wershing. (Former GH actress Amelia /24). It was a giant success!! The Wubs Net sent a Lobster Book for baby!! Everything was donated to a shelter in LA.

NEW INTERVIEW up with FLAT MEGAN and Megan Ward today!! It's a fun interview with a great fan idea that has "FM" traveling all over the USofA


  1. I hate Franco with the same intensity I hated Claudia and hate her crazy father. GH might has well bring on a wookie or Golum and call them Port Charles' greatest new threat. I don't appreciate psychopathic entertainment.

  2. Franco was kind of awkward on the view! Not sure why people hate him w/ intensity. He has brought some good attention to GH whether you like the storyline or not. We all know Guza loves Jason & Company so this simply strokes it even more! At least they're putting a few other cast members (maxie, love her!).

    I have to disagree about Anthony. I love him on GH, great villan which we need.

  3. Franco might bring attention to the show, but the writers force the story on us, and I never thought it is good. So, maybe Franco is bringing in more viewers, but those viewers will also see how crappy our writers are...and that is why are ratings are down. Obviously, Franco followers didn't stick around after his first stint, if they even watched to begin with...

  4. What attention has he (Franco) brought to the show? The last time he was on the ratings tanked! And, it's sad that our culture has descended into "attention" being the most important thing that matters. Let's forget about substance.

    GH is becoming a "stunt casting" show and is is being pulled further and further away from its roots. I don't want to "save it" or watch it if it's only going to become the "B-celebrity of the month" show! Then, it is no longer General Hospital! Even if it survives. The next thing you know people will want Kate Gosselin or the Real Housewives on the show for a "story arc" and temporary ratings.

    Daytime is dying without dignity! I am tuning out!

  5. Yes, hate Franco, Claudia and her crazy father!!

    One thing driving me crazy lately: The Shirley story. Here is a wonderful, positive, feisty woman spending months dying in a hospital. And she has NO FAMILY, NO FRIENDS, NO ONE COMING TO SEE HER after living her whole life? Not one person cares? No husband, no children, no nieces or nephews, no siblings, not an aunt or an uncle? It makes no sense, Liz is her only friend on the planet?

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