Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daytime Emmy Podcast and Red Carpet info...

Carolyn Hennesy Shines on the Red Carpet

The Podcast is up on Daytime Confidential. Jamey was sleepy but coming in from Vegas to dish about the fun that was last night's gifting party!! It's the show that is dated today. I only commented on the ABC stuff so my mouth is running as much as usual. Heh. I love those guys, we have so much fun.

If you are trying to find the Ustream of the Red Carpet tonight, good luck. Soap Opera Network is trying to bring us live coverage but it's overloaded. Keep trying the link.
This points to stupid Soap Net NOT SHOWING any Red Carpet of it's own damn stars. I know they are going off the air but if CBS can broadcast it live, they could have given an hour to the carpet. Idiots.:throws up hands:

ON a Good note: Giant kudos to Jim Romanovich, the man that got the Daytime Emmys produced. Without him we would have nothing.

From the 37th Annual Creative Arts Technical Emmy Awards , Here's a photo of Sarah Joy Brown and Jill Farren Phelps. See all photos and  list of winners on DC.

Full blog after the show!!

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  1. sooooo disappointed our Diane didn't win! Not sure I think Berman should have won. She annoys me to no end. Are they crazy to have Diane lose? And SJB looks so great blond. Wow! Olivia's portrayer looked best, IMO.