Friday, June 25, 2010

General Hospital Friday

Oh, where to start. Since when can an attorney tell a cop WHAT THEIR job is going to be?? Where the hell is Mac in this?? How many people can Dante babysit?? He's already watching Michael. Now he's supposed to watch Jason too??

Carly and, Carly just erases everything. Goodness. Okay, I guess they got whatever they wanted out of that!

Livvy talking about Johnny..awww. "I guess we had a built in expiration date" sniff.

I asked Lexi Ainsworth what kind of purse Krissy is carrying (the plaid one)'s Juicy!

Sarah Joy Brown and Drew Garrett, both noms for #GH....both off the show! :/
See more photos on Daytime

There's a great slideshow on SOD that features the emmy noms...nice pics of Carolyn,  Bradford and others on there.


  1. Does anyone know how Brooke Lynn and Michael are cousins? I'm sure it's obvious, but I can't seem to make the connection.

  2. Once ATWT goes off the air, GH will be the LOWEST rating soap.

    When they get cancelled, they will blame it on the ratings and how the fans gave up on the show.

    In reality, it is the writers that have destroyed this show.

    But the writers walk on water and can do no wrong in ABC's eyes

  3. A.J. is Michael's father. A.J.'s father was Alan. Ned is Brooke's father. Ned's mother is Tracy. Tracy and Alan are brother and sister. They are second cousins (or first cousins once removed, I mix the two up).

  4. Joan:
    Brook's grandmother (Tracy) and Michael's grandfather (Alan) are brother and sister which means Brook and Michael are 2nd cousins once removed.

  5. AntJoan:
    Brooklyn is Ned's Daughter. Ned is Tracy's son, a Quartermaine. Michael is the son of AJ Quartermaine, now deceased. The way Sonny carries on about 'my son' you'd think he has completely forgotten that he hung AJ on a meathook and forced him to sign over his kid. Michael is the result of a one night stand Carly had with AJ, who was a recovering alcoholic. When she found she was pregnant, she quickly drugged him, poured liquor down him so he would forget about it and maybe not consider he could be the father. She was sleeping with two other guys at the time so AJ didn't find out until she had already lied to the other two. You know Carly!

  6. Can we expect any Cassadine involvement in the Franco story once said psycho serial killer causes Liz to go into labor by falling down the stairs? One would think Nik would be irate, more so if Franco is responsible for kidnapping the newborn?

  7. Helena Vs Franco!!

  8. This will not actually have success, I consider this way.