Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guza Proves his WUB for the WUBQUEEN!! Franco's Mama...

Franco and his Monkey

Oh, you knew he loved me. He loves to torture me..what better way than to name Franco's mother KAREN??!! LOL. I'm dying laughing. It's like the ultimate IRONY for me. All I can do is laugh. AND she's in "upstate NY"...which is interesting because that's where Port Charles is supposed to be..maybe they meant DOWNstate? Or, who knows, maybe she's in Buffalo. Of all the names in all world..oy. Here's hoping it changes between now and then. :hint:

Franco and his Mommy

Scrubs Fans are Pissed!! OUCH!!! Rumors are coming in that Patrick sleeps with Lisa. I don't have confirmation of this yet, so it may not be true.  There is supposedly a kiss so we shall see.  If so, too bad it's with a character that I can't stand because she's so milk-toast. Not that I want Patrick to sleep with anyone else, but come on---LISA?!

HEY! Kassie DePaiva is hosting The View today! Tori Spelling is ill, so she's jumping in to fill her shoes. Thank goodness she's a NYC gal..tune in and show your daytime soap support!!

The Bauers are due back in July--WHY?? Why does Guza bother?? Tell a story in a straight line someday, will ya??

ROSA Balasi will be playing a woman tied to Alkazar's fortune in Spain.

More Spoilers are up on the WUBSNET !! See ya later...


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