Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Idiocy on General Hospital Today--

I'm letting it all out about the show today....
Where to start??

Hmmmmmmmm, let's see. So...Jason is in a Maximum Security Prison and they HAVE NO CAMERAS? Not even in the shower (Where we know most of the shanking goes on)--no, they have to ask the DISHWASHER and Laundry guy if they "saw anything"!!! brahahahahahaaaa. Oh....it just gets screaming, crying hilarious.  Anyone else waiting for Aunt Bea to show up with pies for "the boys"!??

NEXT? Lisa and Steven. Two characters brought on to stand around and do a whole lotta NOTHIN...except they are now sleeping together!! I watched just to see Scott Reeves abs. (nice) Then, we get Ethan and Maya. HEY! WRITERS...how about having Maya reconnect with the Q clan!!????? Too difficult? See, problem is, just like with Ethan, just like with Steven, just like with Lisa...these characters are fillers.  That's about it.  Shoved in there when nothing else is going on. I'm not saying they have to be in the mobular story either, I'm just saying that having them hang around Jake's or the empty Haunted Star doing zip.

Well, Skye didn't get to be with Luke so Jax comes to the rescue...my fave part of today was him telling Carly he was going to dine with someone else!!

Jolivia were good...but I wish they didn't just fight about Sonny all the time. And, er...Kristina must not care that Johnny is going to get killed by her father if she pretend fools around with him!? Lexi Ainsworth is doing an awesome job as a snotty faced brat though...perfection.

BUT, on the whole..today's show was a SNA-NOOOOZAH!


Laura Gedstern said...

Off topic of GH here- I needed a 7th Generation coupon today and found one right here, so that got my click! Thanks!
Oh- FRANCO-- does anyone else want to start singing "Uh-oh Spaghettios". Remember the old commercial for Franco American Spaghettios?

Anonymous said...

bubble lamp made an appearance today in Lisa hotel room. Did you catch it??

Jennie_Cartier said...

I love today show when Jax told Carly he had dinner plans then Skye show up! Ate that Carly! I really want Sax back together and today was a great start just because Brenda is coming back doesn't mean anything Jax dump Brenda on their wedding day so why would he take her back!

Lori said...

I love Laura Wright but I wish that gal would wear a bra... sigh

Rita Pita said...

I actually disagree I liked the show on Tues. Maybe cause I am a hard core jolivia fan. These 2 have some major chemistry and they are both such good actors. She is so good with her emotions and I bought it hook, line, and sinker. Coming in a close second is Jax toying with Carly. Love these two together also but watching her squirm is worth the torture of them being apart. Where the hell is maxie this week? I say throw her with Steve. She's petite enough and they may have a chance. lisa has grown on me but putting her with someone 1/2 her size doesn't work. Then again its better than her being with Patrick. Robvin could come back and turn to Steve, now that may work. Or Jason.

Anonymous said...


Are Lulu and Dante living together? She is always calling it "home", but did I miss the day she moved out of her apt with Maxie? I know the spoilers talked about next level etc but..just wondering?