Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guza Speaks About "That Which Must Not Be Spoken"

Quickie! Read TVGuide's interview with Head Writer Bob Guza Jr. about Michael's prison story.  Even when he's trying to be "edgy" he falls HORRIFICALLY flat. Either do it, or don't..write it or don't...We're tired. That interview was INSULTING, btw.


Anonymous said...



(or is this a local saying? anyway...)

Dante cannot bring a book to Michael in prison. You are not allowed to bring anything to prisoners. Books need to be mailed FROM THE PUBLISHER (for example, You cant even send stamps to prisoners because they fear that illicit drugs will be coated on the back. They have to buy everything from commissary.

(Yes, I know all of this first hand)

And Dapper Dante should know this, being a cop.


Anonymous said...

It's plain and simple but Guza needs to be replaced. He tells stories half-assed and he rips off HBO original shows. If that's the stuff he wants to write, then he should contact HBO and write a freaking show like that already.

If he's gonna come up with a story, just tell it. Don't beat around the bush, don't drop it mid-way, don't send 2 characters to prison and get them out within a month or two with some amazing "get out of jail card."

I think pretty much anyone could write better than Guza. Even my 5 year old could tell a story better than this joke.

Anonymous said...

After reading that interview, why do I sense anothr aids story coming up?

skeebob said...

The fact that Guza points out in the interview that Michael is good looking shows the level of understanding he possesses about rape.

Nothing is wrong with stories being told slowly and deliberately. But we know Guza's m.o. too well. He starts out in one direction, then lurches suddenly into another that makes no sense with what has gone on before. He's making it up on whims, not plotting coherent long-term story. See: AJ's murder, the monkey virus, Mr. Craig is Jerry Jax, Logan and his story, the serial killer story, Epiphany's son's murder, Jason and Liz, Helena stealing the birth certificate, the Mayor's mistress murder, etc. His interview implies he knows where he's going with this story, but his history says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I agree I sense another AIDS story coming too. More than just the article, we are hearing about Stone alot (he was the same age as Michael), as well as Robing working so intently with the AIDS projects and going to Africa.

cillann said...

I don't care what happens to Michael or any one else in Port Charles as long as Guza is writing it.

Zak said...

skeebob is 100% right!

I haven't watched GH in months because of the things skeebob listed and I will not watch again until Guza is gone.

Rita Pita said...

Watching Thrusdays show and HATE that Dante said he and Brooke lynn both had absent fathers.. bull crap! Ned didn't choose to be absent.. the stupid writers had Lois take the baby back to bensonhurst which btw is not THAT far away. Hate that they can't even write one liners correctly. Would love to have Ned back. I am forwarding thru all Jason & Michael scenes. Suddenly it takes 10-12 minutes to watch an entire episode.

Anonymous said...

I think it's ok to reveal the story in layers. It is a soap. It's supposed to be drawn out story.

Mrs. Goose