Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daytime Emmy Score well in the ratings-- MARCIL signs for two years!

Lexi and Nathan

First of all, go to the slide show on SOD and see more red carpet photos. Early results show that the Emmys won their timeslot and was WAY WAY up from last year when it was on the CW. Up 83% according to TV By the Numbers.

In other news, Nelson Branco of Canada's TV GUIDE is saying that the rumors are going around again that OLTL may be canceled. SO WATCH!! It is such a great show...and the last one left in NYC. He also reports that Vanessa Marcil signed to GH FOR TWO YEARS!

Line of the Day:  (on OLTL) David to Matthew: "We're brothers, you have to watch out for me while I watch out for myself"!! LOL. Do you think Vickers has his own writer? This show had better NOT be canceled. I so love it.

GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY:  Luke was so good with Sonny!! Telling him about Rivera! HEH  It's a LukeSonRita day for all you vet Wubbers!! Oh for the days when they were on all the time. *sigh*

And who the hell does Kristina think she is!!????? Going in runining my Jolivia scene!!  It was pretty hysterical the way they have her talk/act. She's doing such a great BRATTY acting job. She's gotten better and better. And BTW, Johnny would never think that about Olivia.

This Dante/Jason thing is hilarious. Like I said, trying to be Eddy Murphy and Nick Nolte.
Still hating Lisa. Anyone like her?? Wait until she sleeps with Patrick! EEK!

Talked to Michael Park's Mama today..she is over the MOON with his win!! It's big news in this here neck o' the woods! He's our big celeb. She also mentioned how great all his fans are.

HOLLYWOOD PATROL: SANDRA BULLOCK'S divorced was finalized .  Glad it was quick. I hope she finds happiness with her new boy-- you know she will!!

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  1. By her new boy, I assume you mean her new baby boy? Or do you mean she's found someone else?