Monday, February 9, 2015

More of a Mess

So, Fluke declares he's  LUCAS LORENZO SPENCER--aka the Tony Show. Whatever.
I'm sure they'll just change it. Oh, and Luke is now going on and on about how stupid the town is and how bad it was to think he was a hero..yada yada.
Helena says that Fluke Dug Up Bill...ergo, Fluke knew it was a corpse he was talking to-- which was BILL but he saw him as Luke. 

We got a bit of mocking there. No, a LOT of mocking. Luke is saying how stupid we all are for liking Luke.  I know you all don't like him. I didn't like him much in the past few years. Back in the day I loved him and I loved the whole Rape story aftermath. Sue. Me. I guess in 79 we were just stupid
Now they mention it may be "mindcontrol"... But how could Helena do that if she was killed by Luke, then on ice for like a year? Has he been mind controlled since meeting Julian? WTF.

Tracy goes to the jail. Says to Helena to "STOP mind controlling Luke" . Helena wants Full Immunity to "give Luke back".  
HELENA can NOT HAVE mind controlled FLUKE for 10 years!!! IF it happened it happened last year, meaning the entire 6 months prior was BULLSHIT! 

Whatever. This is getting intolerable. 

Nik tells Spencer that Great-Grandmother is in jail.  Spencer says she scares him but he likes her too. 

Sonny gets off.. I'm sure he'll get a puppy next. 

Liz yells at Jake. Will she remember that Lucky was mind controlled.
Kiki hugs Morgan. Boo hoo.

Patrick and Sam are in bed. Having coffee.



  1. I never, never, ever thought I would say this. But Luke has got to go. All I saw today was TG's ego. It made me sick.
    Karen, I am so with you. I loved Luke back in the day. I loved the story when Luke and Laura were on the run from Frank Smith. I was totally into that story line.
    In recent years, I have been watching the show on and off, and have slowly lost any respect or affection for the character. Now? Hate him. Make him go away. Now it seems like it is all a Tony Geary ego-stroking exercise, today in particular. (It felt to me like he wasn't talking just to the folks of Port Charles: it was his and Ron's screw you to the viewers. We are all fools.) Well, screw them. Back in 1979, there wasn't much choice on tv. Now there's hundreds of channels, Netflix, Amazon, etc. There are books to read. Heck, there's lots of other things to do at 2 p.m. So keep thumbing your nose at the viewers. We do have a lot of choices.

  2. This is so bad I hate myself for watching it. Sort of like a train wreck I can't look away. And Sonny all humble and contrite. He'll probably want custody of the baby now. What a douche!

  3. I cant help but wonder how things would be different if Laura and Lucky were in town and part of this storyline.

    Maybe that is the big casting announcement? That Genie is returning to end this farce once and for all?

    To me, this is all so hollow without Laura. Especially if this is supposed to be TG's swan song and exit off the canvas.

  4. Yep, a HUGE screw-you to viewers I felt like. "Oh Luke...saving damsels in distress"....yada yada

  5. How do you do a Luke storyline with out Laura? It would be nice to have Lucky too, but Laura not being there is a glaring hole.

    This story was totally changed back in November, because everyone had it figured out. Now Helena brainwashed Luke? please. Enough already.

    Ron and Frank have made a mockery of GH history and proves that he does not give a wit about his audience. This Luke storyline does not make me want to tune in to watch GH it makes me want to shut it off.

  6. I'm not so sure she's brainwashing him. I'm not sure about anything.
    And that's half the problem...the fun is figuring it out. When you can't even begin to follow a mess, it's done

  7. I'm not so sure she's brainwashing him. I'm not sure about anything.
    And that's half the problem...the fun is figuring it out. When you can't even begin to follow a mess, it's done

  8. Is it still a possibility that the bones aren't Bill's but Pat's or someone else's? And that this "Lucas Lorenzo Spencer" is a brainwashed Bill? And the real Luke is alive somewhere? or was something said today that clearly states This Is The Only Luke? Because, huge thanks to Karen, you posted all those videos and that clearly indicate a real Luke and a fake Luke. I think this story's not over yet...

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Could this still be Bill messed with by Helena to think he's Luke and the real Luke is still locked away. This was somewhat intriguing in the first 6, I'm personally sick of it. From what I've read, most of us are sick of it. It's time to wrap this up NOW.

  9. I am new to this but I have been reading here for a long time. I wonder what part of the jail Jake is in. I have been watching GH since day 1. My favorite TG and Laura moment was when he was on the balcony and spotted Laura. But no longer a fan of TG and I am tired of the mess they have made of GH

  10. I'll say it: we're back to Guza levels of crappiness. So disappointed in Cartini's self-destruction especially since they rallied the show so well in their first year. Really really put off by this convoluted storyline - they should have let Geary retire when Genie came back the last time and let him leave with her AND JJ's Lucky all at the same time.
    Then, they should have spent the Geary money on securing TRISTAN ROGERS FOR AN EXTENDED CONTRACT. They actually wrote really well for Scorpio the last time he was on and maybe they could have done some interesting things with him and Anna long term.
    Ah well, back to your regularly scheduled program.


  11. The Fluke storyline is a mess and they seem to be changing their story hourly, but how I wish we had an entire show full of scenes with Tony Geary, Jane Elliott and Connie Towers!

  12. Good morning Port Chuckles!!!

    GH hallway: Sonny is pardoned!!!

    Michael's thoughts: OH COME ON!!!

    Carly's thoughts: YIPPIE!!!!! Now Sonny and I can have sex!

    Sonny is very happy.

    Sonny's thoughts: Son of a bitch!

    Michael isn't forgiving Sonny right away! YES! :)

    Morgue: What's the matter Tracy? Are the bones smelly, or do you not like seeing the bones? Tracy and Lulu think Helena has brainwashed Luke! I WISH!!!!


    Jake Doe's jail cell: Oh oh Jake Doe is getting reprimanded by Liz! Awww Liz are you going to "break up" with him?! Oh! Magical word is brainwashing! Liz is behind you 100% :)

    Fluke and Helena's jail cells: I am so confused! My head is spinning! Well Fluke/Luke wins the line of the day!


    ROFL! I wonder if Tony Geary enjoyed saying that line! :) I wonder if the bowing and tear were adlibbed. Oh there is Tracy confronting Helena about the brainwashing. Like Helena is really going to admit it! ROFL!

    Wyndemere: Awwww! Nik and Spencer scene! So sweet!!!!! Love their talks.

    McSilas's home: Morgan and Starki blah blah blah. Just kiss again already! Awww baby A.L. is awake and crying! Awww she is looking at both Morgan and Starki! Oh there is Sonny!

    Sam's home:

    Baby Phoenix: Mommy!!!!!! I have missed you!

    Sam: Oh my beautiful baby!!! I have missed you too. Mommy loves you!

    Baby Phoenix: I love you too mommy!!

    Sam: Here you can be with your brother.

    Baby Dragon: PHOENIX!!!

    Baby Phoenix: DRAGON!!!!

    Oh so Sam and Patrick had sex again. They are all playful. Patrick wanted to be confused, so Sam got him confused. :) Oh more sex! More shower!

  13. Since it's so early in sweeps month I'm inclined to think that this is not really the end of the story, and this may not really be Luke. But then again who knows. It's so convoluted it could go either way.

    The "Sonny is pardoned" scene was SO corny. The dialogue was really bad writing. It was so hokey. It was a wonder any of the actors could keep a straight face. I don't even want to look at Sonny right now. PC is better off with him out of jail? He provides an economic boon? Awful.

    I noticed GH is not on my cable's Guide for Friday. Instead there is something called Funniest Celebrity Sports Wipeouts or something like that. I was wondering why there was no GH that day.

  14. Maybe they are going to go with a mental break of some kind. Maybe when Luke killed Helena he slipped a groove, felt extremely let down that now his nemesis is dead that he went loco. I don't know. I seriously don't know how they are going to *fix* this.

  15. OK, after watching yesterday, I still think it's totally possible for this to be brain-washed Bill or a clone or something. There wasn't anything definitive. Cartini are notorious for twisty turvy, convoluted stories that you can't get straight until all is revealed. Not denying they may have changed directions mid stream, but if they're good enough to bring up the name of a sister no one has mentioned in 20+ yrs, then they are well aware that this is the "Tale of Two Lukes" and therefore there has to be a second Luke. I don't believe they would just ignore their own writing from less than a year ago when they're willing to throw in seemingly important scenes about Pat Spencer.

  16. Does anyone remember when Helena hacked into the police database so they wouldn't recognize Jake as Jason? Maybe she did the same thing with whomever these prints belong to. Like - if they were Bill Eckert she changed the prints to match Luke?

  17. Panda, our listings in Winnipeg Canada show Friday's episode as Valentine's Day in Port Charles on both the ABC channel we get and on CITI-TV (Canadian channel).
    Hope you don't miss it.

  18. I think the real Luke was switched out of the basement and he is somewhere. Maybe Fluke is a Cassady be science lab creation?

  19. I also loved Luke and Laura back in the day,on the run from Frank Smith, etc. Yesterday I was actually embarressed for TG. That was awful. And don't get me started on Sonny's pardon


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