Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Write Your Own Blog

On a Scale of 1 to 5 (1 being asleep and 5 being excitement plus)  what would you give today's show?

Fill Ins:

Sam's grief was ________________________________________________________

Sonny will probably ________________________________without Jason.

The best scene was :

The worst scene was: 

Character I want to see naked:

Character I want to see set on fire: 


Where do you think Jason is? 


  1. My TiVo didn't record today's episode. I found out near the end of the show. The description of the episode is the same as yesterday so the TiVo treated it as a repeat and didn't record it. Not sure if other dvrs will have the same problem. I hope not.

  2. Sam looked for Jason's body in a wet suit. (She looked fab) she found the phoenix he was holding. Joe Jr. Died.... Everyone is at Jake's ... Trey tried to cry.

  3. I saw that yesterday, that my directv was showing it was the same episode, so I got lucky and just recorded today. Otherwise I would have to wait til it is on Soap Net this evening. I wonder why they had it showing as the same episode as yesterday?

  4. Someone asked yesterday if Lulu's condition is real yes it is real


  5. On a Scale of 1 to 5 (1 being asleep and 5 being excitement plus) what would you give today's show?
    Hmmmm 4. :)

    Sam's grief was: Not there. She doesn't believe Jason is gone.

    Sonny will probably: die without Jason!!! _

    The best scene was: Sonny holding little Cheeto. Awwww! :)

    The worst scene was: JOE JR IS DEAD!!!!!!!!! BAH!

    Character I want to see naked: Joe Jr. :) But he is dead. :( No wait!! He is just sleeping!!! :)

    Character I want to see set on fire: Lulu!!! Because she keeps saying the dream of having a baby is dead! I just want to shake her! CUT IT OUT LULU!!!


    Where do you think Jason is?

    Oh Jason is probably somewhere far far away. Someone probably fished him out. Jason probably has amnesia!!!

  6. On a Scale of 1 to 5 (1 being asleep and 5 being excitement plus) what would you give today's show?


    Fill Ins:

    Sam's grief was non-existent. Not saying that as a negative statement. Probably shock and anger.

    Sonny will probably actually have to kill people by himself without Jason.

    The best scene was : Trey and Dad

    The worst scene was: Anything with Kristina

    Character I want to see naked: Trey

    Character I want to see set on fire: Kristine


    Where do you think Jason is? Living in a pineapple under the sea

  7. My DVR didn't record either
    I'll have to wait for soap net tonight.

  8. I give the show today a 3. Not bad, but could have been better. Very slow moving.

    Sam- there was no grief.

    Although the current is strong enough to move a man but a small object is sitting right there?

    Sonny will be a goner without Jason. Couldn't get away from the baby fast enough. He never even watched his OWN children.

    Best scene. Anything with Tracy. She was great.

    Worst scenes Felicia, trying to force Maxie down Spinelli's throat. Maxie broke his heart repeatedly. She does not deserve him. Mac has it right. The faces she was making were way overacted.

    I could see Sean naked, topless was nice today but I could see more of him.

    No one annoyed me enough today to set them on fire.

    Jason is happy man free from Port Charles and the mob. He is riding his motorcycle through the Midwest...

  9. I thought today was a 4. How many times has Jason been shot and left for dead?? No wonder why Sam was so calm.
    Besides, she is bored with Jason. She looking for some McNostrils!

  10. 1. 3.5 It was good, but there have been more exciting shows.

    Sam's grief was in the denial stage. She doesn't believe Jason is dead.

    Sonny will go bonkers without Jason and join ConKate in the looney bin.

    Best Scene: Tracy not knowing how to grieve for Joe Jr.

    Worst Scene: Felicia being totally rude to Ellie at the Floating Rib when she was not so subtly trying to push Maxie and Spin back together.

    i want to see Dante naked.

    Don't want to set anyone on fire...today. Tomorrow could be different.

    Jason has washed up onto the Island of the Not Quite Dead (where ALL MIA soap characters reside until their inevitable return)

  11. Does Dante know Trey is his cousin? He wasn't very nice to him today and I was trying to remember if anyone bothered to tell Olivia or Dante about their cousin Kate's new son....

  12. Sam's grief was in denial.

    Sonny will probably have to find another bromance without Jason.

    The best scene was : Lulu rolling her eyes at Maxie when she ran over to talk to Spinelli at the Rib.

    The worst scene was: a toss up between Starr singing Hush Little Baby or Kristina reacting like an emotionless drone while Trey is falling to pieces. One was a hoary cliche, the other an example of the tabula rasa school of non-acting.

    Character I want to see naked: Mac

    Character I want to see set on fire: Felicia. He's all mine you hussy. And that voice! Ugh.


    Where do you think Jason is? Washed up on Spoon Island -- or bobbing around in Irondequoit Bay. :D

  13. Show was a 3.

    Sam isn't grieving yet. Who could blame her? Jason has been shot what at least 20 times. I kept rewinding the promo for tomorrow where both Carly and Sam both say, "but it's Jason, he always comes back."

    Sonny will probably have to do his own dirty work without Jason.

    Best scene: Tracy's confusion over Joe

    Worst scene: Kristina with Star and Michael

    Character I want to see naked: Jax, if he ever comes back

    Character I want to set on fire: No one today

    Where is Jason? He is probably in Switzerland with Robin by now.

  14. They need to give Felecia some real scenes. KW can act when given good stuff - go back and youtube the whole heart transplant, death of BJ stuff if you missed it the first time around. The scene she has with Bobbi when she finds out it was BJ that died KILLS every time. She earned a lot of leeway from me for that scene because she was so good.
    She and Anna were good friends back in the day. MORE SCENES WITH THEM TOGETHER PLEASE

  15. Jason is trapped with James Franco in that Francophrenia craptastic documentary!

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  17. Another bad move, killing off Scully. When a character connects, like he apparently did to most viewers, you go with it.

    One of GH's problems over the years, and certainly since the 90s, is NOT giving fans what they want: forcing Jasam on viewers when most viewers could not stand the pairing, and there was zero chemistry. Kelly Monaco has even admitted that she preferred working with Greg Vaughn in love scenes because Burton would never 'commit' to the scene.

    Now they are dumbing down Anna- the best female character in the show's history, with the Duke conundrum.

    One of the regular posters mentioned how she hated the reuse of thesame out to get Sonny storylines, and the bad girl gets raped to goodness scenes get to me, as do- ala the Scully thing- the accuse a guy of rape, then never let the answer be known trope. There was much to be mined between Connie and Scully, but the writers blew it.

    Now we'll get weeks of Sonny angst and rage. Can he go next? Even worse, Carly will be rampagign and drowning her grief over Jason and betrayal from Johnny. The only upside is that she'll be doing lots of sex scenes with Roger Howarth, so she'll be mildly worth watching.

    And maybe they can usher Monaco out with McBain?

  18. I sgree, Killing of Joe Jr. was a mistake. I thought he was a good character and actor, and there seemed to be a lot of story left to be told for him, with Connie, Trey and Sonny - and don't forget about Tracy.

    Everything about Jason this last month seemed very rushed and not well thought out. Cleary the writers had other intentions with the baby story and with Joe/Sonny, but just shoved everything in and changed stuff around before Steve left. And Joe Scully was a casualty of those rushed decisions.

  19. Show was a 3.

    Sam's grief not there yet - in denial. When it comes crashing down she will still be unemotional, as is KM's ability.

    Sonny will find another henchman.

    Best scene - Mac and Shawn shirtless! This also answers the naked question.

    Worst scene - the actor playing Trey failing dismally to actually act and with the fabulous Jane Elliot no less. Also, sorry Cosmo, Kristina had one expression from the first scene at the apt. to the scene at the Quartermaines. She and Trey needed to be gone rather than Joe Scully - he was a keeper.

    I also agree that Anna Devane is the best female character in GH history. I would give Laura a close second because Genie F. is such a great actress. And Tracy Q third.

    Jason could never be dead because when SB runs out of work he will be back - been there, done that.

  20. On a Scale of 1 to 5 (1 being asleep and 5 being excitement plus) what would you give today's show? 4

    Fill Ins:

    Sam's grief was
    Not there, and hopefully will be consoled by McBain sometime in the very near future ;)

    Sonny will probably DIE without Jason.

    The best scene was : Sam running out of the apartment and not giving a Sonny a chance about watching lil Cheeto

    The worst scene was: Starr singing =/

    Character I want to see naked: Dante

    Character I want to see set on fire:
    DUKE!!! For holding my Robin captive.


    Where do you think Jason is? in a whales mouth

  21. Yes, my TiVo didn't record it either, I was soooo disappointed, couldn't figure out why that happened, thanks, 277, for clearing that up.