Monday, October 8, 2012

"I Saw Venus"

Ellie was schooling Maxie on Venus and her not having Intercourse with Spin. ahaha.  Ellie is so BIG BANG. 

Jason and Steven, he's SHORT!! And Jason tells him that the DNA test is a match. Ergo, he knows his Mama is still a nutter. 

Todd talked to Mercedes and got Carly breakfast. Ah, nice.... She's in his black PJs? Or something?  Carly is going to FREAK OUT when she realizes what Todd did!

Sam trying to get any info out of Spinelli and he's dying lol. She about punched him!! 

Duke talks to Robin who's in a coma thanks to Ferncliff's electroshocks. He's coming to Port Charles. Now, the last time we saw ANNA and DUKE, he had a different face and he was dead on her floor. They've never said he's alive so it should be a giant ass'd shock. She saw him and said "That's not possible"! 

Anna and John were figuring out the entire Heather story..LOL and A BO MENTION!! WOOT! 

Heather knocks on Steven Lars' door.... and John goes to see Todd and Jason and Sam meet at HER door! 


Cosmoetica said...
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Cosmoetica said...

Great show today. Duke, Duke, Duke!

sonya said...

Steve's place: Jason wonders where Heather is. Jason won't tell Sam that her baby is alive! Steve tells him he should! Yeah Jason!!! Tell Sam baby Cheeto is alive you jerk! Jason leaves, and oh look Heather and baby Cheeto arrive! :)

Alexis's home: Sam wants the truth!!!! Spinny won't tell her! He keeps changing the subject! ROFL! And the noises he is making, it's like he has a hairball ROFL! Sam grabs him and wants to know the truth!!!!! Spinny runs out of there and then Jason shows up. He tells her the baby is alive! FINALLY JASON GEEZ!

The hospital: Ellie and Maxie have a conversation about Spinny, and Matt. Ellie calls Matt the wrench killer ROFL! Spinny shows up for his lunch date with Ellie! The actress who plays Maxie, Kirsten storms, it looks like she had her mole on her chin removed. :) I have been meaning to mention that.

Switzerland hospital: DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duke is talking to Robin! Altho WE don't see her face. He tells her he can't reunite her with her mother yet. Why Duke?!!?! Why can't you?! What is going on?!?!! Duke talks to that nurse that Luke and Anna talked to, about his past with Anna. I was hoping they would show flashbacks! They didn't. :( The nurse gives him a plane ticket! Duke tells the nurse that Anna loves him. So true. :)

Anna's office: McBain and Anna discuss Heather and Tea. Anna gets dizzy. McBain asks when was the last time she ate! It was yesterday! He tells her to go home and take a shower, go to sleep and eat.

Anna's home: Anna is at the door, and woah her door is ajar!!!! HER DOOR IS AJAR!!!!!!!!! She has her gun ready and goes in! She points it! IT'S DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow that was a fast flight!!!! Anna is in shock seeing him!

Todd's hotel room: Carly wakes up. They have breakfast and he keeps complimenting her and flirting with her. He says he wants to wash her back or front ROFL! Todd is so sweet to her!!!! :) Todd knows what Carly likes for breakfast. Carly says he has to work on his stalking. He says he has been ROFL! After she leaves, McBain shows up! He says he knows what Todd did!!!! :)

Oh and Karen? That video about Johnathan Paget you just put up, At the time was devastating! I watched it again a year ago,(I think it was a year) and again I was devastated. I can go back and watch the video, and yell out, YOU ARE NOT DUKE YOU JERK! GO TO HELL! :)

Deb K said...

sonya will you be so kind as to respond to my fb message?

LSV422 said...

Loved today's show - could watch a whole hour of Anna and McBain. How did Duke get to Anna's from Switzerland in 10 minutes? He couldn't even get there from Ferncliff that fast. Those things drive me crazy, but love seeing Duke.

Avalonn said...

How did Duke travel so fast? I call it SOTT, Soap Opera Time Travel. We nickname everything and couples I figure we need to nickname this super fast travel. We see it a lot!

MatchboxGinny said...

Loving the Ellie character. Fantastic scenes with Maxie! LMAO!

Carly/Todd = CODD!! Love them!!

Agree with Avalonn about SOTT! Hated how Duke just magically appeared in Port Chuck from Switz.

Can't wait for the baby story to wrap up and Jason to be dead. Still can't believe the writers are really going to saddle the character of Sam with a baby. It just doesn't fit, but then again, they've watered that character down so much she's almost unrecognizable at times. Hopefully John McBain will fix that ;-)

sonya said...

Avalonn said...How did Duke travel so fast? I call it SOTT, Soap Opera Time Travel.
Hahaha yes!!! Sott. Love that. :)

We nickname everything and couples
ROFL! We do!! :)

AntJoan said...

Yes, how did Duke get to PC from Swiz in 10 mins., while Anna took 2 months?