Thursday, October 25, 2012


Arial View of the Genesee River...See Jason anywhere?

Diane/Carly scene was nice...and I liked her with Diane! (she looked fabulous too) !! Todd tells Diane that Jason is Danny's father.  He wants Diane to tell her about Sam's baby truth. 

"Duke" Skulking on the docks? Yawn. A giant scarf fiber was left. LMAO 

Luke and Duke and LULU ... Duke wants to manage The Haunted Star (he was a manager of Duke's you know). BUT Lulu hires him as a bartender. 

AJ mention and BTW, Carly, AJ loved Michael too. 

AS PER DC Confidential: Skye and Nedly back for Edward's funeral! 


  1. I hope they do not destroy AJ this time around. I hated the way they destoryed AJ's character. AJ loved Michael and just wanted him to be safe, figuring life with the mob boss, could be dangerous. He didn;t deserve to be hung on a meat hook.

    How long is Sam going to be in denial? Everytime she opens a door she expects Jason to be on the other side.

    Love Diane, Todd finding a way to tell the truth without getting himself in trouble.

    The only reason that I don't want to see Duke work on the Haunted Star is that the more scenes on the boat, the more likely Starr is going to sing again.

    I hope that someone from the Ward family shows up at Edwards funeral.

  2. Metrocourt hotel: Wow!! Connie really wants Michael bad! ROFL! She is in HEAT! :) Well she ain't getting any from Johnny! :) Love how Starr slaps her ROFL! Connie gets a phone call! She is buying a car! And asks if the guy is cute ROFL! Love the Todd and Diane scenes!!! :)

    Haunted Star: Luke shows up whining more to Lulu about Duke! :) Come on Luke forget Anna! Go find Laura!!! Lulu tells her dad about her problem. Duke shows up wanting a job! ROFL! He says he has experience because he owned his own night club! Called Duke's! Poor Luke is confused when she hires him!!! ROFL! It's that old keep your friends close and your enemies closer! :) She has got that Spencer in her!!!! :) GO LULU! :)

    Oh and Karen, I was looking at the picture you put up of the Genesee River, I THINK I FOUND JASON! ROFL!

  3. andrea, it's been a hot minute LOL

  4. The only Ward left is Keesha (who I loved with Jason and then with AJ) it be nice if they brought her back. O I forgot about the last girl they made a Ward that was married to Ethan (whatever happen to her having a little sister?)

  5. sorry i beg to differ on the AJ loving Michael part.
    Michael was a doormat for AJ so that he could gain ELQ. That was his task. Get the kid in here, whatever it takes and you will have ELQ. Those were his orders from Edward and indeed the fool tried his luck.
    AJ never loved Michael unconditionally, he was a means to an end, PERIOD!

    Jason on the other hand announced to AJ himself & the Q's that Michael was not a bargaining chip let alone a business deal like AJ thinks he should be because he was too greedy for control of ELQ.
    He flat out told AJ that Michael was a human being and as such he should treat him like he matters, not as a convinience.
    The story about AJ loving michael? I'll never buy it!
    AJ was a slimy bastard selfish bastard.

    If michael had two unconditional loving fathers , they were Sonny and Jason. At least he was not a toy to them.

    Am so hoping Carly pulls a Tony Jones on Todd and shoots his ass.

  6. Kerinah: clearly you've not watched GH for a long time.

    To type '
    If michael had two unconditional loving fathers , they were Sonny and Jason. At least he was not a toy to them,' is laughable.

    Everyone in PC is Sonny's toy. Never once has Sonny done an unselfish thing for his children. He nearly killed Kristina the very way his first wife was killed.

    Compare the AJ and Sonny rap sheets.

    AJ has done arson, kidnapping his own child (away from the man who stole him under threat of death, on a meat hook), faked his own deat, and some other petty crimes.

    Sonny, is a Mob kingpin, a drug deealer, a rapist, a pedophile (raping underaged girls is legally pedophilia), a mass murderer, a liar, adulterer, a kidnapper, broke Frank Smith out of jail, a pornographer, and many other things implied- including using the mentally unfit Jason into a criminal life and getting Stone on to drugs in the first place, hence the AIDS).

    AJ is Michael's biological father, and Sonny helped Carly steal him.

    In what universe (even a soapy one) is AJ worse than Sonny?

    Also, to toss in Jason, he has committed every crime Sonny has save for the rape and pedophilia, plus he's been the actual triggerman for Sonny.

    And let's see about Carly: she shot Tony Jones in open court, ruined her mother's marriage, spent time in a loony bin, drugged AJ against his will and locked him up (kidnapping, legally- for which Ric paid her back), blackmail, theft, assault, and on- as well as UNFORGIVABLE stupidity in letting men like Jason and Sonny into her life

    By any reasonable standard, even though all 4 of these persons, in the real world, would not be desirable as parents, AJ is easily the LEAST noxious of the 4, with Carly a distant #2, and Sonny edging out Jason for worst for the simple fact that Jason has diminished mental capacity.

    I'm amazed at some of the comments by posters on GH boards who clearly have no clue as to the show's history.

  7. LaTanya: I agree that the only female Jason ever really had a real connection with was Keesha- but they got rid of her for the Jason Morgan character- the biggest waste of a potential great character- Jason Q- in the show's history.

  8. Stone contracted AIDS from a past girlfriend that was an IV drug user when he lived on the streets before Sonny took him in.

  9. OpenID 61e126c2-1f71-11e2-961e-000bcdcb8a73 said...

    Stone contracted AIDS from a past girlfriend that was an IV drug user when he lived on the streets before Sonny took him in.

    October 26, 2012 9:31 AM


    Correct, but after Stone's death it was revealed that the girlfriend had gotten hooked on drugs via Sonny's doing- i.e.- he was the man behind her pusher. This was why he took Stone in, over supposed 'guilt.'

    It was a classic claim that many reformed pushers and pimps use.

    But Sonny befriended Stone and felt guilt because he was guilty. In the two decades since Sonny has lost any sense of guilt over anything.

    The problem with Sonny vis-a-vis other classic GH villains- any Cassadine, Faison, Grant Putnam, Ryan Chamberlain, Kevin O'Connor, Mannt Ruiz, etc.- is that Sonny is EVIL TO THE CORE but has a BS ability with most folks, hence he feigns guilt, never owns up to anything, and NEVER changes. Jason is this way, to a lesser extent, and just as EVIL.

    The show presents them as good guys, but they are evil. Think of all the people they've killed- would the loved ones of those dead consider them any better than Faison or Ryan Chamberlain?

    Again- Sonny is a mass murderer, drug dealer, pimp, pedophile and rapist- and that's only from what the show has SHOWN us over the years. Oh, and kidnapper.

    The best way for them to go w/o Jason is to have him do a Jimmy Cagney like WHITE HEAT descent into madness, where he creates a bloodbath and is finally carted off to jail- or at least an insane asylum next to Heather. I'm sure MB wd love this as it would surely nab him another Emmy.

    All of AJ's sins were because he's 1) weak, 2) alcoholic, 3) tried to get a child back that was STOLEN from him.

    Sonny however, is just pure evil, and, because he does not revel in and admit it, like the other villains mentioned, he's even worse!

    Again, know your show and its history before silly comments like AJ being worse than Sonny are spewed.

  10. and don't forget that Sonny shot Robin. A woman that is supposedly like his sister, but he was so hell bent on getting revenge, that he didn't care that Robin was in the room...or her daughter.
    I really don't think that Michael would have got shot in the head if AJ was his father, but he would have other issues.

  11. Sonny and Jason are criminals. WHen Sonny came on, they showed him as really bad guy. The Guza decided that he wanted GH to be the afternoon version of the Sorpano's. And basically got rid of everyone else to show all mob all the time. He decimated the Q's for no reason.

    The problem with this story is that although Sonny and Jason were very popular with fans, the fans didn't want to see him be a rapiset and drug dealer, so TPTB played that part down. Sonny was "a good man" and Jason was the hitman with a heart of gold.

    Inorder to continue your story with the Mob boss and Hotman as "the heros/ good guys" EVERYONE else has to be portrayed as evil or inept. During Jason's reign he saved everyone, the PCPD was a bunch of Inept idiots. Jason was THE HERO.

    And any time the FBI was brought on, the agent fell in love with Sonny or was working for the even worse mob guys. Faith was made into a phychopath and Alchazar was made into the devil incarnate, because in order to keep your Mob boss and sidekick the good guys everyone else had to be portrayed as EVIL.

    They did this to AJ. AJ had his problems, he was an alchoholic and always felt inadequated with Jason, and wanted to prove himself, But it was not until Sonny and Jason took over the show did they destroy AJ's character. Sonny/Carly/and Jason STOLE Michael from AJ and the Q's. No question. There is no way any child would ever be better off being raised by the mob.

    I always thought the biggest mistake that the Guza years made was killing off AJ. He was a great character and has so much sstory potentail, with Sonny/Jason; ELQ/Tracy. Can you imagine what great storylines Jason could have had if after Jake was born Liz started to date AJ, And AJ got Jason's son?

    I hope AJ comes back and destroys Sonny. Payback is a bitch. And no one deserves it more than Sonny.

  12. I really, REALLY want Michael to bond with his biological father...

    or at the very least - I want Michael to understand that he was just a pawn for everyone in his life.

  13. Andrea: Right on!

    Also, because he does not own his life, Sonny is a coward. No one can say that of the other villains.

    I hope some new writer rewrites his history and shows Deke was what Taggart said he was and Sonny had a sick mother fetish and killed Deke cus he tried to rape his mother, and then the Oedipus complex took hold and Sonny became a male stripper for the gay porno scene before Scully Sr. found him and made him a wiseguy.

    The making of Luke Spencer- original Mob hitman and rapist was bad enough, but the hagiography of Sonny Corinthos took the show on a 20 year detour.

    Robert Scorpio or Sonny Corinthos: who do you think is the real hero type?

  14. If anyone has watched, Once upon a time, they know there are two sides to every story. Basically A.J AND Sonny have good qualities and bad. However they are alike. For instance:

    A.J was drunk and caused Jason to get a car accident. Sonny brought Michael to one of his warehouse, and accidently put in him in the line of fire and Michael got shot in the head.

    A.J. shot Alan, Sonny shot Dante.

    A.J. and Sonny both love Michael.

    For every "bad" character on the show there is some good/redeeming thing about them. Such as:
    Heather: Wanted to become a good mother and wanted another chance to raise a kid(ilegally though).
    Joe Jr: Loved his son, Trey and loved Tracy.
    Jerry: Will do no harm to Alexis, Josselyn and sometimes Jax.
    Are there characters that are mostly evil, yes (Franco, Helena, Manny) but 99.99% of the characters of the show have done things that are GOOD and BAD(Luke, Alexis, Sam, Liz, Monica, Tracy, Carly, Michael, Maxie, Jax, etc.)

  15. Also, why is GH keep wanting to copy the Godfather? They have simular names, Sonny, Michael, Connie,. Simular events, Sonny Corinthos' wife, Lily dying with her unborn child in car bomb, Michael Corleone's wife Apollinia died in a car bomb.

  16. Matthew: how long have you watched?

    You are comparing two radically different quantities.

    Example: when AJ shot Alan he was under great duress and thought Alan was plotting against him to keep him from his own son. He also showe remorse for it.

    When Sonny shot Dante he did not know he was his son, and had ZERO remorse for shooting a defenseless cop who was doing his job in busting a criminal. That Dante has forgiven him is RIDICULOUS.

    AJ's crime was under great duress. Sonny's was cold blooded attempted murder, and premeditated. AJ's was not.

    Sonny is also a rapist, pedophile, mass murderer, drug dealer and all around thug. AJ is a drunken wannabe CEO with problems.

    It's perfectly fine for you or Kerinah to 'like' the character; hell, I liked most of the show's serial killers- Grant and Kevin and Ryan, as well as Faison and Helena and Mikkos.

    But it is dishonest and illogical to try to ethically compare the two.

    And, because Sonny does not own his evil, ala Manny Ruiz or Helena, he's worse.

    Also, it was a bad decision to have the 'good' daughter of Scorpio befriend Sonny, but they did that to lend a patina of redeemability to Sonny the sleaze.